All about how to study in Germany for free for Indian Students!

study in Germany for free for Indian Students

With more than 426 higher education universities, Germany is always been a desired study hub for Indian as well as international students. German universities offer excellent high-tech education, a wide range of courses with no or very less tuition fees, and affordable cost of living. As Germany offers excellent prospects to work in the global job market besides providing the most advance courses, finest infrastructures and facilities, a massive number of Indian students are looking forward to pursue their higher education from Germany. Study in Germany for free for Indian Students has become even more popular in recent years for the use of innovative technology by German universities to establish students as the finest professionals in the world. 

Therefore, with an aim of searching high-quality education and promising job opportunities, every year, a significant number of Indian students enter the competitive world of Germany. The country offers a diverse range of courses for study so that students can choose the international programs according to their area of interest allowing them to specialize in their field.

Germany is undoubtedly one of the best higher education destinations in the world offering best curriculum for postgraduate, graduate, and undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students. With charming settings, quality of life and lucrative job offers, the country inspires students to opt for it to study and get a fruitful post-study life. The number of international students keeps rising and especially a huge number of Indians come to Germany with the hope of making a successful career. German universities are ranked globally for their top-class quality education.  Research-based teaching, countless up-to-date facilities, vibrant student group make Germany one of the most sought-after destinations with international students. However, before applying to study in German Universities, the candidate should know the requirements to study in Germany for Indian students.

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Main reasons for choosing German universities by Indian students

Affordable tuition fees:

Germany offers the most cost-effective tuition fees which is far more affordable than most of the countries and therefore growing numbers of Indian students are looking for higher education in Germany at the best prices.

Countless study courses:

Germany offers a wide variety of study courses so the students can choose their preferred one for the specialization from the best universities, and which is why students from all professional and creative aspirations and background comes to Germany for higher education.

Practical study approach:

German universities provide exceptional academic teaching with a practice-oriented approach. These universities have collaborated with organizations so that students can gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Safest country to live:

Germany is one of the safest countries in the world where you can live a quality life without any fear of insecurity. German offers political and economic stability, so you can be rest assured about living a peaceful student life with best of opportunities.

Low cost of living:

With smart financial management and some little tweaks in lifestyle, an Indian student can easily manage to stay in Germany at an affordable cost. When students plan to move to another country, rent is the major factor that affects them. However, Germany has many residential areas where students can rent a flat and at low cost. To ease their financial hardship, students can share their room and can save a lot of money. Even the cost of transport, goods and services is quite cost-effective too.

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Guidelines for studying MS in Germany for Indian students

Depending upon the programs you choose, Germany conducts different qualifying exams so you can apply for any exam to do a master’s in your interested subject. These exams are conducted for studying MS in Germany. These exams check the aptitude test and a language test. Some universities require these scores for taking admission to a master’s degree. However, with upGrad Abroad, you can take direct entry into a master’s program from top universities without sitting for IELTS or TOEFL. For the first year, you can study online from your residence, and then for next year, these programs will help you transfer to the campus for completing rest of the course.

Scholarship to study in Germany for Indian students

Germany offers the cheapest courses in Europe besides offering several scholarships for Indian students. Here is a list of scholarships funded by government and private authorities:

1. DAAD Scholarships

2. Erasmus+

3. Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International Students

4. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships

5. Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship

6. Mawista Scholarship

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Study cost in Germany for Indian students

German universities have built a prominence in the academic and scientific field, so students have unrestricted access to the job market in the whole European region. As German universities offer education at low or affordable prices, students need to pay only very nominal semester fees.

If you want to study at top German universities, and the costs of German universities dissuade your from pursuing your dream of studying in Germany, here’s a good news for you.  To solve all your worries related to affordability about studying abroad, upGrad has launched the “upGrad Abroad” program. With this program, you can get a globally recognized degree from top German universities to kick start your global career with upGrad Abroad. With a commitment to provide high-quality education at affordable prices, our programs enable learners to study online for the first year and then we will help students to move to on-campus studies in Germany. Our program was carefully designed by keeping the cost and pandemic in mind. As the first year can be pursued online, it will save significantly on your tuition fee and it will bring down the cost to around 1/10 of offline campus study.

UpGrad abroad offers dual accreditation from IIIT Banglore and the University of Applied Sciences, Germany. This way, our learners have an edge in the international job market.

Our upGrad abroad courses are available at very cost-effective rates, so students can save up to 80% of their tuition fees. Our courses are innovative and unique so a student can study virtually, raise their doubts, and complete their first year of study from their homes without compromising with quality education and your international career. UpGrad Abroad has worldwide prominence as the best learning institute in South Asia with best teaching and educational expertise.

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