Masters in Germany cost: Top colleges, eligibility and fee

MS in germany cost

Wondering about the approximate Masters in Germany cost? Germany is one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad, boasting Europe’s one of the strongest and most powerful economies while offering ample employment opportunities for international aspirants. International students often show huge interest in pursuing MS courses from the country, mostly because of the research-based work prospects they offer. Other key reasons behind choosing Germany for MS courses are the globally ranked and reputed universities here, the quality of education that they provide and the comparatively affordable cost of MS in Germany for Indian students. The average cost may range between INR 2,76,700 and INR 9,34,800 annually and includes tuition charges, costs of living and other uncategorized expenditure. Expenses like visa processing, entrance test fees and other costs should also be considered. 

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Masters in Germany cost-An estimate

The Masters in Germany cost estimates are given below for a better understanding: 

1. IELTS/TOEFL (one-time)- INR 12,000-14,500

2. Airfare (one-time)- INR 26,700-36,300

3. Visa application charges- INR 4,786 (one-time)

4. Yearly health insurance- INR 40,756.95 

5. Application fees (one-time)- Up to INR 12,000 

6. Tuition fees (annual)- INR 24,288-INR 25 lakh 

7. Books and other material- Up to INR 1 lakh 

8. Accommodation (annual)- INR 33,000-7 lakh 

9. Food and beverages (annual)- INR 22,000-26,000

These are rough estimates, covering the minimum and maximum thresholds of Masters fees in Germany

Pre-arrival master’s fees in Germany

The costs mentioned above as master’s fees in Germany may be classified into two categories, namely accrued expense while present in India and those that apply when studying physically in Germany. The primary initial costs include registration charges for standardized tests including graduate assessment and language proficiency tests. 

On that note, here are some important aspects worth keeping in mind: 

1. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

This is a universally recognized English proficiency test with registration fees of roughly INR 14,500. Scores of the English language test are valid for two years and post expiration, those who have not obtained admission, will have to take it afresh. Registration should be done a minimum of 7 days prior to the examination date and results are sent over email. Costs linked to this test are also a part of the MS in Germany cost and include late registration fees of INR 2,900, rescheduling test charges of INR 4,400 and additional scorecards (more than 4) which will cost INR 1,500. 


The International English Language Testing System or IELTS fees is also included in the cost of doing MS in Germany. Students are charged INR 12,000 for registration and results remain valid for two years. Additional costs include INR 1,000 for DHL post, INR 400 for ordinary post and INR 250 per university for electronic scorecard. 


Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required not just for German institutions but all throughout Europe. GMAT registration charges are roughly INR 18,500 and aspirants may send the scorecard to 5 chosen universities. Subsequent test score dispatch requests will cost INR 800 per college. 

4. GRE

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) have specific fees although it is not mandatory in most universities in Germany. Yet, if it is a requirement for any particular university, then aspirants have to take the same. The GRE score may be accepted by several universities in place of GMAT. GRE remains valid for a period of 5 years. The two tests are Subject and General. Registration charges for general tests are INR 14,600 while they are INR 10,600 for subject tests. 

Other accepted tests include Duolingo, PTE, CAEL, and others. The Duolingo test costs INR 3,700 while PTE costs INR 13,300 and CAEL costs INR 11,000. 

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Application and other costs

The Masters in Germany cost also includes cost of application, German study permit and evidence of financial resources for studying MS in the country. The application cost is not standardized. It will vary on the basis of several factors including the study level, study mode and institution. This fee may vary between approximately INR 1,854-7,416 or USD$25-100. Some German institutions have free application facilities for international students. 

Visa application fees or German study permits cost between INR 5,280-6,600 approximately. All applicants at universities in Germany should demonstrate their abilities to meet tuition and living costs for their selected program. They should have deposit confirmation of INR 9.07 lakh at a blocked account in a German bank. This blocked amount will be covering all costs of the program including the student’s monthly expenditure. The monthly costs are estimated at roughly INR 75,768 as of 2021, covering tuition/semester fees, household costs, utilities, rent, transport, clothing, entertainment, food, books, insurance, and other costs. 

Instantly after landing in Germany, students must get permanent accommodation. For the same, they will need to apply for a student residence permit in the country. The application cost varies between INR 4,928-8,800 for first-timers and INR 4,312-8,448 for extensions of student residence permits. 

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Masters’ fees in Germany at leading universities

Cost of MS will naturally vary across leading universities in Germany. Here is a list of top universities and their approximate tuition fees in addition to expected living costs for students alongside:


Tuition Fee (INR) Cost of Living (INR)
University of Freiburg 1,32,000 70,400
University of Wuerzburg Free + semester contribution fee of 12,144 61,600
The Humboldt University of Berlin Free + university registration fee of approximately 26,400 80,080 – 132,000
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Free + 11,387 for student service 86,064 – 119,944
Free University of Berlin – [FU-BERLIN] Free 52,800 – 61600
The University of Bonn Free + administration fee of 26,400 each semester 52,800 – 70,400
RWTH Aachen University – [RWTH] Free + 26,345 social contribution fee 96,360
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – [KIT] 1,32,000 70,400
Heidelberg University 7,98,258 – 25,45,171 17,25,258 – 35,71,174
University of Muenster Free + fee of 26,488 every semester 64,240 – 70,400
Technical University Dresden – [TUD] Free + 24,288 for semester ticket 70,400 – 88,000

If students are applying for courses through platforms like upGrad Abroad, they can save considerably on study costs while getting end-to-end support and assistance with admissions, language proficiency tests and visa applications. For instance, upGrad Abroad offers specialized MS programs in Germany including master’s degrees in Data Science, International Management and Cyber Security. Students can expect to save up to INR 20 lakh with these. For the 1st year, students will be studying online at reputed institutions like IIIT Bengaluru and IMT Ghaziabad while attending classes on-campus at IU Germany in their 2nd year. 

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