Master Degree in Data Science
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Master Degree in Data Science

Batch Start Date - 31st May 2022

Key Benefits of the Program

  • INR20 Lakhs

    Significant savings of upto INR 20 Lakhs compared to studying full degree in Germany

  • Upto18 Months

    Eligible for PGWP/Post Study Work/OPT visa application after graduation

  • INR45 Lakhs

    Average salary in Germany after completion of the course

Program Structure and Fees

Master in Data Science (120 ECTS) is a 2 years course where in the first year you will be studying online with IU Germany. Tuition fees for year one of course is INR 3.5 Lakhs (inclusive of taxes). For 2nd year you will be going to Germany and study on-campus in IU Germany. Tuition fees for IU Germany is approximately 6,988 Euros. You will also have to deposit 11,172 Euros in a German bank account as proof of funds for living and food expenses. Note- During Year 1  enrollment you can also opt for LSBU Degree at an additional cost of INR 1,33,000 (inclusive of taxes).
  1. Country


    Course Name

    • Master Degree in Data Science


    • You need to have a graduation degree from any govt. a recognized institution with a minimum of 50% marks
    • 1 year of work experience after the completion of your graduation
    • The medium of instruction of Graduation should be in English
    • You will need to have taken courses Statistics - Probability and Descriptive Statistics and Introduction to Computer Science in the bachelors degree or demonstrate equivalent knowledge such as through work experience or you need to complete these courses with IU prior to start of your Data Science course.

    Tuition Fees

    ~ INR 3,50,000

    Cost of Living


    Mode of Teaching



    1 year

  2. Country


    Course Name

    • Master Degree in Data Science


    • The applicant should successfully complete the online course modules.

    Tuition Fees

    ~ EUR 6,988

    Cost of Living

    ~ EUR 11208

    Mode of Teaching



    1 year

Other Benefits

  • Get an option of Dual Degree from London South Bank University (QS Ranking 800 -1000)*
  • 94% of IU Graduate receive confirmed job offers within 6 months of graduation
  • Earn while you learn - Only 12 - 15 hours study time required per week
  • Alumni status by IU Germany and London South Bank University
  • No IELTS required to study in Germany for upGrad learners
  • Study in Europe's most Resilient Economy
  • 13 electives options
  • WES Recognised
About IU Germany

Established in 1998 and with more than 17 campuses in Germany, IU International University of Applied Sciences (earlier known as IUBH) is an outstanding University in Germany. University prides itself on more than 3500 recruiting partners as well as on the fact that 94% of its graduates have received job offers within 6 months of graduation.With

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About Germany

A growing number of international students prefer to study in Germany and this is quite natural, considering the country’s vibrant culture, low tuition costs and high standards of educat

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Career Opportunities

Data Science

  • Data Architect

    EUR 54,958 Annually

  • Python Engineer

    EUR 55,505 Annually

  • Data Scientist

    EUR 55,492 Annually

  • Statistical Analysis

    EUR 55,493 Annually

  • Machine Learning Engineer

    EUR 55,959 Annually

  • Data Engineer

    EUR 56,431 Annually

  • Data Analyst

    EUR 45,609 Annually


IU GermanyMaster Degree in Data Science


IU GermanyMaster Degree in Data Science


    Frequently Asked Questions

    About the Program

    What is the Master in Data Science with upGrad?

    The Master in Data Science is an engaging, yet rigorous 24-month online/offline program designed specifically for professionals to develop practical knowledge and skills related to computer science. The degree is awarded by IU Germany.

    What type of learning experience should I expect?

    The content will be a mix of interactive lectures from industry leaders as well as world-renowned faculty. Additionally, the program comprises live lectures or hangout sessions dedicated to solving your academic queries and reinforcing learning. Once you reach Germany, you will be part of a class of 30 students and get face to face learning from Professors. Also, in the final semester of the course, you will be writing a Thesis and participate in Colloquium.

    What is the weekly time commitment expected from me?

    The online program schedule is designed to ensure that you can successfully study alongside your job. Devoting 12-15 hours every week should be enough to graduate from the program. However, the more time you devote, the greater will be your learning from the program. The program in Germany will be full time and you can work part-time up to 20 hours per week. The minimum wage in Germany is ~10 Euros per hour.

    Is any certification granted at the end of the program?

    Post successful completion of the course, you will get a Master in Data Science Degree from IU, Germany.

    Which topics are going to be covered as part of the program?

    The program will be delivered on a new technology platform to create a superior learning experience for participants. With this program, IU, Germany seeks to develop the next generation of leaders. The topics that are going to be covered Data Science, Advanced Mathematics, Seminar: Data Science and Society, Advanced Statistics, Use Case and Evaluation, Project: Data Science Use Case, Programming with Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data Technologies, Cyber Security and Data Protection, Case Study: Model Engineering, Software Engineering for Data Intensive Sciences, Master Thesis & Colloquium.

    Refund Policy/Financials

    Is there any deferral or refund policy for this program?

    1. You can claim a refund for the amount paid towards the Program at any time, before the Program Start Date, by visiting and submitting your refund form via the "My Application" section under your profile. Processing fee of Rs. 20,000/- will be levied. If less than Rs. 20,000/- have been paid in total, the student shall not be eligible for any refund in such case.
    2. Student shall not be eligible for any refund under any circumstances if any such refund requests are raised post Program Start Date and the student will continue to pay the EMI for the loan (if applicable) and such loan cannot be cancelled. This is also applicable for those students who could not complete their payment and could not be enrolled in the Program opted for. However, the student can raise a request for Pre-Program deferral as per the policy defined below for the same.
    3. In case of a refund, students will be solely responsible for any cancellation of the loan, including but not limited to applicable loan cancellation charges levied on the total cancelled loan amount.
    4. Student must pay the full fee within 7 days of payment of Caution Money or Program Start Date, whichever is earlier, otherwise the admission letter will be rescinded.
    5. Request for refund must be sent via e-mail in the prescribed refund request form. The refund will be processed within 30 working days of commencement of the Program after being duly approved by the Academic Committee.

    Deferral Policy: (Pre- Signing of IU contract)
    1. If a student, due to unavoidable circumstances is unable to commence with the cohort and requests for a deferral before signing the IU contract, we provide the opportunity for the student to defer to another batch.
    2. However, the student will be required to pay 50% of the total course fee amount (inclusive of taxes) before the deferral can be approved. Till this is completed, the student will be assumed to be continuing in the same cohort.
    3. A student can request for deferral only once and to either of the scheduled cohorts to start in the next 1 year from the batch start date of the initial batch the student enrolled for.
    4. The student has time till the current cohort launch date to make the payment of the 50% program fee, post which the deferral request will expire. Once the deferral window expires and the student now asks for a refund, The above-mentioned applicable refund policy will apply.
    5. The fee applicable to the deferred student will be as per the prevailing fee for the batch student has opted to defer to (No additional deferral fee is required to be paid).

    Deferral Policy: (Post Signing of IU contract)
    Deferral is not allowed post-signing of IU contract.
    Further, post program commencement, you shall not be eligible to change the program and/or pause the Program.

    Which banks allow using 0% Credit card EMI or Credit card EMI?

    No cost EMI is available on credit cards from all major banks (American Express, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, RBL Bank, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, Yes Bank).

    Will I have to pay any extra amount for the EMI transaction?

    If you are availing 0% credit card EMI, upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions. Your bank may levy GST or other taxes on the interest component of the EMI.

    Are there any fees or down payment?

    Certain banks charge nominal processing fees between INR 99 - 500 on 0% Credit Card EMI transaction. If charged will be billed in the first repayment installment.

    Can I use my International credit card for 0% credit EMI or Credit Card EMI?

    Only the Indian bank Credit cards can be used. But you can pay the amount using the Credit card option in one shot/part payments and later you can convert into EMI from your respective bank. The tenures and interest charges will depend on your bank. upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions, this will be purely between you and your bank.

    Are there any charges in case I opt for cancellation/refund from the course after paying balance with no cost EMI?

    Yes, there will be additional charges to the extent of interest paid by the upGrad to the bank, you will be refunded only Principal amount, i.e. the amount actually deducted/blocked from your card. This deduction will be in addition to the amount mentioned in the refund policy shared with your offer letter.

    How can I opt for Credit card EMI if my bank is not listed in the 0% Credit card EMI or Credit card EMI?

    You can pay the amount using the Credit card option in one shot/part payments and later you can convert into EMI from your respective bank. The tenures and interest charged will depend on your bank. upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions.

    About IU

    Can you give more details on IU Germany?

    IU Germany was established in 1998 and is a university of applied sciences. They have 17 campuses in Germany with 40 examination centers. International students can opt for either Berlin campus or Bad Honnef campus.

    Why should I study in IU Germany?

    IU Germany prides itself on small class sizes. Typical class size at IU Germany is of 30 students. IU also has a well established career center which helps students in getting jobs. 94% of IU graduates receive job offer within 6 months of completion of course.

    When can I start studying?

    We guarantee IU online students maximum flexibility, so you can choose your own starting date in your application. On that day, we will send you the access data you need to begin.
    We have multiple intakes per year, you can apply at any time. However, our on-campus programs have fixed starting times. See the course pages for more.


    What are the job opportunities in Germany?

    Germany has the lowest unemployment rate across Europe of 5%. As per German industry bodies, there are more than 1 Lakh vacancies for IT jobs in Germany. As the average age of Germany is 44.5, they are looking for skilled immigrants to take up jobs in Germany.

    What are the part-time working rules in Germany?

    As a student, you can work 20 hours per week or 120 full days part-time during the year. Typical wage in Germany is around 10 Euros per hour.

    What are the living costs per year in Germany?

    To prove you have sufficient financial resources to support yourself in Germany, you have to deposit 11172 Euro in a blocked German bank account before you apply for Visa. This amount can be withdrawn once you reach Germany to support your monthly expenses. Your actual expenses may vary depending on your lifestyle in Germany.

    What are the post-study work visa rules in Germany?

    Germany allows for the application of up to 18 months of a post-study work visa after completing a degree from Germany.

    Time Commitment

    What is the time commitment expected for the program?

    At least 12-15 hours per week of time commitment is expected to be able to graduate from the online program. The on-campus program in Germany is full time and will have an appropriate workload.

    How will my doubts/questions be addressed in an online program?

    Peer-to-peer discussion forum where you can post your queries and your peers/faculty/teaching assistants answer your queries within a day. Regular Q&A sessions with faculty to get clarification on conceptual doubts.

    Assessment Structure

    What is the assessment structure at IU, Germany?

    Typical assessments for an online component will be quizzes and proctored exams. Students are expected to give quizzes after every chapter they have studied from course books and live lectures. Students are allowed unlimited attempts for quizzes. On completion of all the unit quizzes, students will have to attempt a proctored exam which can be scheduled as early as 2 hours from the time of booking. These proctored exams are a mix of multiple-choice questions, short answers and long answers. To successfully get credit for a course, students will have to score overall 50% marks in a proctored exam. Learners will get 2 more attempts for a proctored exam if they do not complete it successfully in the first attempt. 

     - Which is described in the study and examination regulations of the study course. They cannot be offset by achievements in other subjects. The total credit points of the study course are determined by the curriculum overview.

     - A credit point corresponds to a credit point in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and is associated with a workload of 30 hours.

    upGrad does not grant credit; credits are granted, accepted or transferred at the sole discretion of an educational institution. upGrad does not make any representations regarding the recognition or equivalence of the credits or credentials awarded, unless otherwise expressly stated.

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