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GMAT Exam Fees in India: How Much is the Fees for GMAT Exam

Updated on 10 November, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a standard entrance examination students take to get admission in top-ranked business schools. Graduate Management Admission Council conducts it. It is a compulsory entrance test required by global management schools to grant admissions to MBA programs. It is a 3 hours 7 minutes examination with four test sections, analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning.

Current GMAT Exam Fees in India

The GMAT exam fee in India is US$275, which is approximately ₹21,000. To avoid multiple attempts, it is strongly advised that students prepare thoroughly for the test.

GMAT Exam Cancellation Fees

Candidates cannot cancel or modify the GMAT examination within 24 hours of the examination.  That is why students need to choose and book the test slot carefully. 

Cancellation time frame

Refund amount

More than 60 days before the appointment

US$100 refund

15-60 days before appointment

US$75 refund

14 days and less before appointment

US$50 refund


GMAT Exam Rescheduling Fees

Students can reschedule their test date by paying the additional fees as below:

Reschedule time frame

Rescheduling fees

More than 60 days before the appointment


15-60 days before appointment


14 days and less before appointment



GMAT Fee Waivers

  • Not everyone can afford the cost of attending a business school. The students who come from financially underprivileged backgrounds can avail the option of the GMAT fee waiver to lessen their burden.
  • Anyone can apply for the option of the GMAT fee waiver. The applicants, on the other hand, are unable to apply for this waiver directly. Instead, GMAC leaves it up to the business schools to allow exam fee waivers for their students.
  • GMAC gives schools the option of deciding which applicants are eligible for a fee waiver or reduction. In a 12-month period, schools are allowed to apply for 10 fee waivers.
  • GMAC permits institutions to choose their own criteria for determining a student's financial need. This implies that anyone seeking a fee waiver will have to demonstrate their financial need to the school.
  • The GMAT fee waiver can be applied through the candidate’s undergraduate school or through the MBA program they have applied for. But, before anyone applies for a fee waiver through any of these sources, they need to confirm with their school’s financial aid department if they offer a GMAT fee waiver.
  • The school will not only determine if a candidate is eligible for a test fee waiver but also how much of a fee waiver or reduction they are eligible for. They will have to provide the school with their financial need statement, justifying their economic condition and why they cannot afford the GMAT test fee.

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GMAT Exam Fees Payment Information

Credit and Debit Cards

  • When paying for the GMAT exam and/or any additional product or service with a credit or debit card, candidates should only consider VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Network Cards.
  • If the credit or debit card is declined, an appointment will be automatically canceled. Only a candidate is responsible for scheduling another test appointment with a valid payment.
  • If anyone uses a stolen or fraudulent credit or debit card, the registration will be canceled. Any of the candidate’s previous scores may be canceled and Graduate Management Admission Council may notify both schools and law enforcement authorities.
  • A candidate may be barred from taking further examinations or requesting more score reports if they incorrectly challenge or dispute the fee with the credit card company.

Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders, and Personal Checks

When paying for the GMAT exam by cashier check, money order, or personal check, one should consider the following:

  • The payment must be sent to Pearson VUE-GMAT in US dollars, drawn on a US bank, and for the entire sum, including any relevant taxes.
  • The current date should be listed.
  • Have the appropriate signature (s).
  • Have the bank's name and its location pre-printed on the check's face.

If the check is returned due to insufficient funds, Pearson VUE may deduct a service fee from the candidate’s account electronically and their appointment will be canceled. Candidates are responsible for scheduling another test appointment with a valid payment.

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GMAT Exam Fee : FAQs

Q. Can I get a discount on my GMAT fees?

Yes, GMAC offers discounts and GMAT fee waivers for economically backward candidates. It helps many financially weak students to take the GMAT examination for free or at a discounted rate.

Q. How can I apply for a GMAT test fee waiver?

Students can apply for a GMAT fee waiver through the undergraduate school or MBA program they have applied for. Before applying, they should confirm whether the b- school offers a fee waiver program or not.

Q. What is the GMAT exam fee in India?

The GMAT exam fee in India is US$275, which is approximately ₹21,076. However, the cost may vary due to changes in foreign currency rates (Rupee-Dollar Value).

Q. How to pay the GMAT exam fees?

If a candidate chooses to register for the GMAT exam online, the most frequent method of payment is by credit or debit card. When paying for the GMAT exam online, candidates should keep the following things in mind:

  1. GMAC accepts only Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover Network Cards.
  2. If any of the cards are denied, the appointment will be instantly canceled, and the candidates will be required to arrange another test window with a valid payment.
  3. The registration will be canceled if anyone uses any fraudulent card. Besides, a candidate's previous GMAT scores, if any, may be canceled. GMAC will also notify law enforcement and business schools about the same.

If a candidate has mailed a registration form (paper form), they can pay the GMAT test fee through a cashier’s check, money order, or a personal check. When paying the GMAT exam fee by check or money order, candidates should consider the following points:

  1. The payment must be made in US dollars and must be payable to Pearson VUE-GMAT.
  2. They must not list the postdate, but the current date.
  3. The check should have the candidate’s appropriate signature.

Q. How much does it cost to send GMAT score reports?

The service of sending official score reports to up to five institutes that are selected by a candidate at the test center prior to the start of their GMAT test, is covered under the GMAT exam registration fee. However, if a candidate chooses to send additional score reports, the cost is US$35 per recipient.

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