how to download ielts scorecard

How to download IELTS Scorecard - Tips to follow

Updated on 24 January, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Want to know how to download IELTS scorecard? This is a procedure that is not as complicated as you think! Downloading the IELTS scorecard is often necessary when you have any sudden requirements for the same or wish to simply get it in a hassle-free manner without venturing here and there. Here are some tips that you can take a closer look at. 

Step by Step Guide for downloading IELTS Scorecard 

  1. Login at with the email ID that you have provided on your application form and the password from the registration email that you received. 
  2. Now, click Download Results on the left-hand side menu. 
  3. Choose the timeline for the results that you wish to get. This is in the form of a range of dates. This should always include the date on which you took the test. Keep this aspect firmly in mind while navigating the steps. 
  4. Choose the format in which you want to download your results, i.e. CSV or XML. The photographs of candidates are only provided in the XML format, which should be kept in mind. 

You should click on Submit for viewing the list of all the testing results sent to your institution within this specified range of dates.

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IELTS E-Downloads- Things to Remember

There are some things that you should keep in mind with regard to IELTS E-Downloads. They include: 

  • For accessing new results of IELTS submitted to the institution, you should ensure that you regularly log in to the IELTS system. The scores in IELTS are not updated in the system automatically. 
  • It is a good idea to make use of a wide and vast date range for showing all the new results each time that you log in to the IELTS system. This should be done irrespective of whether you have actually downloaded the dates earlier. Candidates may request for submission of results to the institution at any time between the two-year period of validity for their results. 
  • Results of IELTS are usually released 13 days after the date of the test while the results require around 24-48 hours post the release of the result to be shown on the official website. 
  • Candidates should request for their results to be sent to the institution via the testing center directly. If the results of any specific candidate are not shown in the file for e-download, there should be confirmation of the candidate listing the organization on the application for IELTS or submission of the request by the candidate via the testing center. 
  • There has been the development of an interface for enabling the importing of IELTS scores into the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 8.9 and 8.0 versions. The interface helps users readily download PeopleSoft projects for application onto PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. 
  • The scores in IELTS may then be imported in a similar manner as other testing scores. 
  • The photograph of the candidate is only available in the XML format and will not be transferred within any CSV download. The XML file photograph will be shown in the form of data that is encoded and will need a decoding algorithm for being viewed in the form of an image.

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File Format Details

Here are the definitions and details of the XML file format- 

XML FieldsFormat
Start DateCCYY – MM –DD  e.g. 2001-12-28
Organisation ID (attribute)Integer – maximum 10 digits
Download ID (attribute)Integer – maximum 10 digits
End DateCCYY – MM –DD
Part No (attribute)Integer – maximum 10 digits
Candidate NumberInteger – maximum 6 digits
Candidate.CentreNumberString – 5 characters
Candidate.TestDate“CCYY – MM –DD”  
Candidate.ModuleType“A” or “G”
Candidate.GenderM, F or U
Candidate.FirstNameString – maximum 50 characters
Candidate.FamilyNameString – maximum 50 characters
Candidate.Score.ListeningTestDecimal – maximum 999.9
Candidate.DateOfBirthCCYY – MM –DD
Candidate.PhotoBase64 encoded binary image – unbounded size but probably
around 8K in size per candidate.
Candidate.Score.ReadingTestDecimal – maximum 999.9
Candidate.TRFNumberString – maximum 20 chars
Candidate.Score.SpeakingTestDecimal – maximum 999.9
Candidate.Score.WritingTestDecimal – maximum 999.9
Candidate.Score.OverallDecimal – maximum 999.9

Here is the definition of the CSV file format- 

CSV FieldFormat
PartNoInteger – maximum 10 digits
CentreNumberString – 5 characters
DownloadID Integer – maximum 10 digits
StartDateDD/MM/CCYY e.g. 28/09/2008
CandidateIDString – maximum 20 characters
CandidateNumberInteger – maximum 6 digits
ModuleType“A” or “G”
FamilyNameString – maximum 50 characters
WritingTestDecimal – max 999.9
SpeakingTestDecimal – maximum 999.9
ReadingTestDecimal – maximum 999.9
FirstNameString – maximum 50 characters
GenderM, F or U
ListeningTestDecimal – maximum 999.9
TRFNumberString – maximum 20 chars
OverallDecimal – maximum 999.9

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