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Describe an Expensive Activity that You Enjoy Doing Occasionally: IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 12 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

The ‘describe an expensive activity that you enjoy doing occasionally IELTS essay’ needs you, to be honest, and speak & write a personal experience. Instead of going for flowery language and catchphrases, focus on communicating well and maintaining a suitable essay structure. Your thoughts should flow logically across paragraphs while being easy to understand for the examiner. Here are a couple of samples that will help you practice this vital IELTS cue cards question.

Describe an Expensive Activity that You Enjoy Doing Occasionally: Sample 1

Roman poet Horace used the immortal phrase, Carpe Diem, to tell humankind to seize the day and make the most of their time. This is also the philosophy that shapes my approach to life. While priorities and practicalities cannot be put on the back burner, there is nothing stopping me from some good old indulgence every once in a while. My occasional indulgence is a trip to a premier salon for a haircut, shave and shampoo session. Throw in a few head massages and a quarterly facial, and I have a recipe for a splendid experience. It is therapeutic, helping me relax and de-stress without an iota of guilt. Yes, it is expensive; but to me, it is money well spent. 

I try and schedule my monthly visit for the third/fourth week. This is when I have mostly gained control over my work and social commitments. I can then allocate an afternoon or leisurely post-breakfast session on a Saturday for my indulgence. I am known to the owner of the salon, being a frequent patron, and call him in advance to reserve my appointment. My visit starts with a relaxing shampoo and an invigorating haircut, followed by a crisp shave. I sometimes choose the Gold/Silver facials and head massages for ultimate relaxation and comfort. It is not just about soaking in these pleasures but also about some me-time. I enjoy thinking about where I am headed, my work and personal targets, and everything else lined up for the week/month while I am pampered by a skilled team of professionals at the salon.

This occasional indulgence accounts for 10% of my monthly earnings. Yet, it refreshes me and boosts my productivity. I savor the experience while tuning into my thoughts as well. I would not miss it for the world.

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Describe an Expensive Activity that You Enjoy Doing Occasionally: Sample 2

The occasional indulgence is not just a means of diversion, relaxation, de-stressing, or pleasure. It is a necessity in today’s stressful times when we are swamped by the rat race from all quarters. I work busy hours six days a week at my firm. I have a stressful job and an even more demanding social life. Yet, I make time to dine at my favorite restaurant in the city at least twice each month. 

Being a 5-star restaurant, every visit is a costly affair. However, I relish the supreme comfort and luxury on offer, feasting on the dishes prepared by the Michelin-star Chef, relaxing amidst a verdant and tranquil ambiance, and taking my pick from an extensive wine list alongside. I take my spouse along for the experience twice a month. She loves it as much as I do, although she is partial to the seafood platter here. Sometimes, the restaurant hosts live performances by top musical acts and bands. It makes for a merry experience, particularly over the weekends. While I am not averse to trying new dine-destinations, this one has my heart. The food is cooked to perfection, while the presentation is more akin to an art exhibition than a typical dining experience. The staff is friendly and welcoming; they also know how to give every diner some much-needed space for relaxation, enjoyment, and introspection in that order. 

My monthly indulgence costs twice as much as several necessities, yet, it refreshes me in a way that I find hard to express in words. We work hard for a better life, and it is these little things that contribute to our well-being. They make life worth living too. Hence, I wish to conclude by stating that every human being should have an indulgence, no matter how small.

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