describe a difficult decision that you once made.

Describe a Difficult Decision that You Once Made : Cue Card Samples

Updated on 18 October, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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Candidates appearing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam need to prepare on the given cue topic. While framing the answer, you should focus on addressing all parts of the question clearly and concisely. One of the most asked cue topics revolves around the description of a tough decision you made in the past. Based on your personal experience, you can share one incident with proper details. You can start by highlighting your experience with a tough decision and then explain why you pick one side.

Describe a difficult decision that you made once: Sample 1

I believe I have come across a few difficult decisions in my life. However, if I had to select the hardest one, I would choose the process of college selection.  Growing up, I always wanted to study in one of India’s top engineering schools- IIT. I spent the entire high school duration preparing well for the entrance exams. However, the result was disappointing as I did not score enough to secure admission to my choice of institution. Now, I was facing the dilemma of selecting the next best option for my further education.  

I wanted to spend the next four years of my life in a nurturing environment where I could secure my career prospects. It could either be a private or a government institution. The former option promised a holistic college life and overall career development but cost more than I could afford. The latter option was inexpensive but not as enriching due to the lack of practical training and extracurriculars. It seemed like a battle between the expenditure and my personal and professional growth.

After consulting with my parents and teachers, I was able to make the right decision. I decided to enroll in a private institution and directed all my efforts toward academics. My family supported my decision and helped me apply for an educational loan in the nearby bank. Finally, I packed my bags for college and began my journey of becoming a successful engineer.

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Describe a difficult decision that you once made: Sample 2

Question: What factors do you check while making an important decision? Explain with an example. 

Decision-making is not just a mere skill that goes on the resumes, but it is what carves our path. Hence, it is highly crucial to analyze all the options closely and weigh all the pros and cons.  

To speak of one of my life instances, I was recently faced with a tough decision while finalizing a job offer. After graduating as an engineer, I had the choice of joining the IT sector or entering the marketing world. 

The IT sector seemed like a safe option due to multiple reasons. Firstly, it offers job security and constant promotions, and secondly, you can always learn about new technology and get a significant pay raise. However, the work in this field did not interest me. 

On the other hand, the marketing sector offered a lesser salary and required more working hours. To make things harder, I was unsure about being successful in this field after studying science in school and college. However, I felt drawn to this field due to the creativity and work flexibility. 

So, after adequately analyzing my situation, listing down all pros and cons, and consulting with my parents, I decided. I chose to work in marketing as it was something I always wanted to pursue. Additionally, this field allowed me to expand my skill set and upgrade my work quality. 

Today, I can safely say that I made the right decision, and it is always better to look for future opportunities than to focus on the present scenario.

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