A guide to write letter of recommendation for Masters

Letter of recommendation for Masters

A letter of recommendation (LOR) for Masters is undoubtedly essential to study overseas. Studying abroad is an extensive procedure and after finalizing the universities for applications, you will have to arrange all necessary documents. LORs, SOPs, and Resumes are key components of the application documents that will be dispatched to all universities with your application form. LORs are vital for an applicant’s profile and add sizable weightage to the application as well. 

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Letter of Recommendation for Masters- Sample 

Here is a sample letter of recommendation for Masters that you can use as a template. This sample recommendation letter for graduate students will help you understand the tone and tenor to be followed for the LOR. This letter of recommendation from professor for Masters Degree is only to be used as a reference without copying anything. 

LOR Sample

With considerable pleasure, I am writing this reference letter in support of Name of Candidate who is applying for the Masters of Science program at your esteemed University. I have had a deep acquaintance with Name of Candidate in my capacity as his/her Professor for more than three years now during which, I taught him/her courses of Friction, Gravity and Heat Transfer along with Renewable Energy Sources in the first, third, second and fourth semesters respectively. As per my observations, I would like to state that he/she is highly attentive and sincere while possessing a positive approach towards learning and academics. 

Throughout his/her course of study, Name of Candidate has displayed considerable interest in technology and practical aided techniques of learning. We engaged in numerous research and course linked discussions in which he/she confidently discussed his/her higher education aspirations and goals. For his/her project, he/she selected the important and complex topic of Augmenting Solar Energy Capacity with Asset Light Installations. Besides this, he/she has also gained experience and knowledge in multiple concepts which are highly essential for future generations. 

Besides his/her academic record, Name of Candidate’s participation at Vibrant Minds 19, a state-level project contest for students of Physics held at our college, clearly showcases his/her deep interest in scientific research and the practical applications sector. As an individual who is always ready to take responsibility, he/she executes all his/her duties with sincerity and dedication. 

Throughout the year, Name of Candidate was an active participant in all our discussions while he/she has always supported his/her peers. I am certain that Name of Candidate is going to continue his/her great and creative work in the future while standing out as an individual at your institution. 

I have the deepest professional and personal respect for him/her and sincerely believe that Name of Candidate will offer his/her unique passion, creativity, energy and optimistic outlook towards your class and institution as a whole. Thus, he/she has my highest endorsement for admission into his/her chosen course at your University. If you have any queries about this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me I will gladly attempt to help. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Recommender’s Full Name 


College, City 

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This is one of the numerous LOR samples for Masters that you will find online. Choose a template carefully, based upon your specific area of study and other parameters. 

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Sample Recommendation Letter for Graduate Students- Vital Tips 

When it comes to pulling off a successful letter of recommendation for Masters programs, some handy tips will be hugely necessary. 

1. Get the recommender to talk about diverse accomplishments

If you have to furnish 2 or 3 recommendation letters, you should get recommenders to mention various aspects of your achievements, personality, and academic and extra-curricular accomplishments. One letter may emphasize your skills as a researcher while another letter may focus on your classroom performance. 

2. Provide relevant information to the recommender

Even if the recommender knows you very well, chances are that they will not have records of all your academic achievements, extracurricular achievements, and test scores. Help them out by providing all relevant information, including your CV, lists of your academic GPAs and achievements, volunteer/extracurricular activities and the date by which the letter should be submitted by them. 

3. Letters should be example-based

Recommenders should not just make a list of your skills and achievements. They should also give examples of how and when you stepped up, impressed them and used your unique capabilities or attributes. Simply stating that an applicant has good research attributes will not work unless there is an example included in a research project or discussion. 

4. The letter should showcase your improvement over time

Admission officers have already witnessed innumerable applications. A letter that is solely praising you will sound unrealistic and not fully authentic. It is hence important that the recommender also talks about how you improved over a period of time and capitalized on your strengths while taking care of your weaknesses. 

5. The letter should not have an overtly dry tone

The recommendation letter is undoubtedly a formal document. Yet, formality should not be equated with a dry tone while writing. Admissions committees usually appreciate personalized yet formal recommendation letters. Hence, a strong letter will speak about the candidate while avoiding any particular clichés that can apply for any student applying to the institution. 

6. Remember that admissions committees will easily detect whether your LOR has been written by the same individual or whether it has been plagiarized. Hence, you should not copy any content or LOR format blindly and send it to the universities in your applications.

7. Even if you are writing the LOR by yourself, ensure that instances and qualities are genuine and differ in every LOR since each recommender will have varying associations and experiences with you as a student. 

8. The style and content of every LOR should be different without hindering the format. 

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