Which Stream Is Best for MBA – How to Choose MBA Streams?

Which stream is best for MBA - How to choose?

There are various kinds of specializations in MBA courses. Knowing which stream is best for MBA is essential for shaping your future professional journey. The choice can only be made once you are clear about your strengths and career objectives. Here are some of the popular MBA streams that you should take a closer look at. 

Which Stream is Best for MBA – Top Choices 

MBA is one of the most sought-after course choices among graduates from all fields. Let us look at some of the most prominent MBA specializations. 

MBA in Finance

An MBA in Finance prepares aspirants for several tasks like costing, capital management, budgeting, international finance, and many more. Financial management can be a rewarding career for those who have a knack for figures. Calculations, charts, statistics, reports, and graphs are par for the course in this field. 

Top Job Profiles

Credit risk managers, asset managers, investment bankers, stockbrokers, corporate finance professionals, insurance and risk managers, consultants, financial analysts, and more.  

Average Salary (Per Annum): 

INR 15, 00, 000 onwards. 

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MBA in Marketing

Marketing is a highly competitive yet fascinating discipline that helps garner insights related to advertising, branding, consumer behaviour, and more. Students with good communication and promotional capabilities should consider this stream. 

Top Job Profiles

Marketing manager, market research analyst, brand manager, sales manager, corporate sales manager, asset manager. 

Average Salary (Per Annum): 

INR 20.50 lakhs and upwards. 

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MBA in Human Resource Management

The stream covers mergers and acquisitions, global leadership, labor markets, diversity, and more. If you are someone with good people skills, confidence, and a knack for solving problems, then you may give it a shot. HR managers are the ones who handle employees, ultimately influencing company revenues and growth directly. They also play crucial roles in motivating employees to perform. You should ideally love helping others, interacting with colleagues, and training people too. If it sounds like you, then it will be a great fit.

Top Job Profiles

HR Assistant, Training and Development Coordinator, Technical Recruiter, Human Resources Manager, Employee Relations Manager, etc. 

Average Salary (Per Annum): 

INR 15,50,000. 

MBA in Operations

This is one stream that enables a better understanding of shop floor or production management. You will learn about the maintenance of processes, workflows, vendor relationships, and more. Engineering graduates often choose Operations MBAs since they get an edge over other aspirants. 

They understand the optimization of procedures and product design and development a little better. With the growth of the e-commerce sector, there are innumerable opportunities in this segment. Industries like shipping, automobiles, real estate, and FMCG also require skilled operations managers. This job involves substantial fieldwork while you will have to manage and solve various types of problems. Data set forecasting and Excel are handy skills along with good communication skills. 

Top Job Profiles

Operations Analyst, Management Consultant, Manufacturing Manager, Operations Manager, Retail Manager, Construction Manager, etc. 

Average Salary (Per Annum): 

INR 14, 50, 000. 

MBA in International Business

Doing an MBA in International Business will give aspirants an intensive glimpse of organizational aspects necessary for global operations. This also includes specialized subjects like import-export, finance, global marketing, and more. This is a specialized degree from the first day itself. 

Top Job Profiles 

Business Development Manager, International Business Analyst, Equity Analyst, and Management Consultant. 

Average Salary (Per Annum): 

INR 25, 00, 000. 

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MBA in Information Technology

This MBA stream is highly specific, tailored to prepare prospective managers for using, administering, managing, designing, and implementing communications and information technologies. IT graduates will have major tasks to implement, including software and hardware design for numerous business issues. 

Top Job Profiles

Strategy and Planning Manager, Business Development Manager, Project Manager, Information System Manager, Product, and Corporate Marketing.  

Average Salary (Per Annum): 

INR 17, 50, 000. 

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MBA in Supply Chain Management

This discipline includes warehousing, inventory management, and transportation of several materials as per company/client requirements. Graduates in any field may apply for this specialization. Logistics management is another sub-division of the field and involves tracking, implementation, and planning of movement for goods and services. It also includes planning storage between the origin and consumption points. Several companies require operations or logistics managers to manage this entire cycle, giving rise to a demand for this course. 

Top Job Profiles

Supply Chain Analyst, Logistics and Distribution Manager, Production Planner, Supply Chain Manager, Expeditor. 

Average Salary (Per Annum): 

INR 6,50, 000 and upwards. 

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MBA in Healthcare Management 

An MBA in Healthcare Management will include developing skill sets for catering to the needs of patients and stakeholders in the healthcare sector. It may include hospital administration, medical practice management, and insurance management as well. 

Top Job Profiles

Healthcare Finance Manager, Pharmaceutical Project Manager, IT Manager, Marketing Manager, Health Insurance Manager. 

Average Salary (Per Annum): 

INR 18, 00, 000. 

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MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Love traveling, exploring new places, and taking people along? Tourism and Hospitality Management may just be your ideal stream. The booming hotel industry and increase in global tourism have led to increased demand for qualified and skilled managers in this stream. There are virtually unlimited growth opportunities in this field. 

Top Job Profiles

Resort Manager, Hotel Manager, Travel Agent, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Group Travel Facilitator, Ground Staff, Ramp Manager, Cargo Manager, Air Steward/Hostess, Human Resource Manager, etc. 

Average Salary (Per Annum): 

INR 13, 50, 000. 

Now that you have an idea of the most popular MBA streams, think of your career goals and skills before applying. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which stream to choose after 10th for MBA?

Students who want to pursue MBA, usually opt for Commerce in their 12th. However, students who choose Arts or Science as their streams can also pursue a master’s course in business administration.
You can choose any MBA specialization after your bachelor’s as per your interest. The most popular ones are Finance, Operations Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship among others.

Which MBA is best for IT professionals?

MBA in Business Analytics, Consultancy, International Business, Operations and Supply Chain Management are some of the best specializations available for IT professionals. They expect high-salaried jobs after completing their PG in business administration. Work experience will also help in landing a good job opportunity.

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