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IELTS Score Validity: Check Out Validity Period of 2024 IELTS Certificates

Updated on 26 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

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International English Language Testing System, also known as IELTS, is one of the most popular English proficiency tests among non-native speakers who want to study, work or migrate to countries where English is the native language. The IELTS examination focuses on a candidate’s capabilities to use and comprehend English in real-life situations. The IELTS scores are valid for a period of two years. Read on to find out more information on how long is the IELTS score valid.

Aspirants who appear for the online examination usually obtain their results within a period of 5-7 days. In the offline mode of the IELTS test, it may extend to 13 days post the test. Universities throughout the world perceive the IELTS score as a vital indicator of proficiency in the English language. Therefore, a better understanding of the IELTS exam becomes imperative. The examination comprises four sections, namely reading, listening, speaking, and writing and each one is marked on the basis of individual band scores. These scores help in the analysis of the ability of the aspirant within the 1-9 band scale. The highest band is 9 and this indicates an ‘expert’ user. The lower the score, the worse one’s proficiency as per indications. One should keep in mind that different English-speaking countries have different IELTS exam score requirements and that includes different sectional and overall IELTS score requirements.

IELTS Score Validity for Multiple Countries 

The IELTS score validity for General and Academic is two years across the globe. The IELTS result validity for Canada is two years. In the case of immigration, aspirants have to provide test validity within only a year of submitting their applications. 

The IELTS examination is accepted across a whopping 3,400+ institutions in the United States and around 12,000 institutions across the globe. The examination is held across various testing centers in the country and validity remains for two years. 

Earlier, the IELTS score validity for most of the countries is two years with some exceptions like Australia which has a special extension under General Skilled Migrants. 

The score validity of the IELTS for UK is the same as in other countries. If the candidate is submitting an application for a Tier 1 visa or a general visa, then getting a 7.0 score in all four segments is highly required. 

Candidates who wish to apply for the institutions/organizations/immigration departments or Multinational companies in English-speaking countries for work, study, or migration are required to get the desired scores in their IELTS exams. Not only this, the IELTS score validity becomes quintessential and it should not surpass the two-year term for successful procurement of a visa. In almost all the cases, the two-year validity of IELTS exams from the date of result holds true. It is crucial for the candidate to gain clarity on the validity of IELTS scores for the countries they wish to apply for.

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Validity of IELTS Score for Canada

Generally, the IELTS test for Canada is valid for two years. You can submit the IELTS test report form (TRF) anytime after the IELTS exam within the eligibility period.

Validity of IELTS Score for the UK

The IELTS score validity for the United Kingdom is the same as other countries i.e., two years. Also, if you are unsatisfied with the scores attained in the IELTS tests you can submit EOR or Enquiry on results within six weeks from the date of release of results.

Validity of IELTS Score for Australia

Usually, the IELTS results are validi for two years. However, the IELTS score validity has been extended to three years for Skilled Migration applications along with the many changes that were incorporated in the GSM (General Skilled Migration) visa program.

Validity of IELTS Score For Germany

The validity of the IELTS score for Germany is two years right from the date of the announcement of the results. 

To know more about the other countries and their IELTS score validity, refer to the table below:



Validity of IELTS Score



A minimum of two years 



A minimum of two years 


New Zealand

A minimum of two years 



A minimum of two years 

Validity of IELTS Certificates 

The certificate validation is worked out from the time of getting results. The validity of the IELTS certificate will be perceived as invalid once it surpasses the duration of two years in most cases. Aspirants may retake the examination if the certificate surpasses the overall validity period. The score is perceived as essential by more than 12,000 entities globally including universities, government organizations, professional organizations, MNCs, and immigration departments. IELTS is crucial for educational endorsements throughout Australia, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, and Canada. In Australia and the UK, it is accepted in close to hundreds of colleges. 

The test majorly evaluates or assesses the ability of aspirants to convey vital aptitudes in the English language, namely reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The volume of testing has only increased over a sizable period. As per reports, over 3 million people take IELTS annually. here's wishing you all the best for getting a good IELTS score and securing admission to the best institutions abroad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the validity of the IELTS score?

The IELTS score is valid for two years after which it is perceived as invalid by many countries, institutions, or immigration offices. The scores reflect your ability to comprehend the English language well enough to work or study in an English-speaking country or environment. The tenure of two years is taken for the validity of the IELTS scores as with time the knowledge one encompasses around the English language proficiency starts to fade out. It should also be noted here that the validity is counted from the date at which the results are published. So, one should start their visa process right after they get their results. The results for the online IELTS exam are obtained within five to seven days from the date of testing. For the offline exam, it may take as long as 13 days.

How many times can you sit for the IELTS exam?

There is no set limit to the number of times a candidate can take the IELTS exams. It is conducted 4 times a month and in total, 48 times a year. One can easily book a slot from the three slots in a day.

How can I check IELTS validity?

Usually, an IELTS score is valid for two years from the date of publishing the result.

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Does the IELTS certificate expire?

Yes, the IELTS certificate comes with an expiry. The validity of the IELTS certificate is two years post that the result is perceived as null by the authorities or the universities in question.

Is IELTS valid from the test date or the result date?

The validity of IELTS scores is considered from the date at which the IELTS exam result got published and is made available to the candidate. The IELTS score card validity is two years for most of the countries that accept the scores.

How to extend the life of your IELTS results?

There is no way that you can extend the life of your IELTS results. You will need to appear for the IELTS exam again once your IELTS score validity expires. But if you are a healthcare professional then you can include a simple trick which is to complete the whole VisaScreen Process immediately after qualifying for the IELTS exam. VisaScreen accords to federal requirements set by the US for the visa issuance and is valid for a term of five years overriding the two-year validity of IELTS alone and providing you with three additional years to get your EB3 visa issued.

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