What Is the Validity of IELTS Score | The Complete Guide

What Is the Validity of IELTS Score | The Complete Guide

Updated on 18 January, 2022

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International English Language Testing System also known as IELTS is the one of the most popular English proficiency tests among non-native speakers who want to study,work or migrate in countries where English is the native language. Introduced in the year 1989, the testing method of IELTS examination focuses on a candidate’s capabilities to use and comprehend English in real-life situations. The IELTS score validity is for a period of two years. 

Aspirants who appear for the online examination usually obtain their results within a period of 5-7 days. In the offline mode of IELTS test, it may require about 13 days post the test. Universities throughout the world perceive the IELTS score as a vital indicator of proficiency in the English language. A better understanding of the same is hence necessary. The examination comes with four sections, namely reading, listening, speaking and writing and each one is marked on the basis of individual band scores. These scores help in analysis of the ability of the aspirant within the 1-9 band scale. The highest score is 9 and this indicates an ‘expert’ user. The lower the score, the worse one’s proficiency as per indications. 


IELTS Score Validity for Multiple Countries 

The IELTS score validity differs from one country to another. The validity for Canada is two years. In case of immigration, aspirants have to provide test validity within only a year of submitting their applications. 

The IELTS examination is accepted across a whopping 3,400+ institutions in the United States. The examination is held across various testing centers in the country and validity remains for two years. 

The IELTS score validity was earlier two years for GSM or Australian General Skilled Migration applicants. However, it has now been increased to three years as part of new GSM visa program modifications. 

The score validity of the IELTS for the UK is two years after the date of testing. If the candidate is not happy with his/her score, then he/she may proceed with an inquiry for the results or the EOR service within 6 weeks from the date of release. If the candidate is submitting an application for a Tier 1 visa or a general visa, then getting a 7.0 score in all four segments is highly required.

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Validity of IELTS Certificates 

The certificate validation is worked out from the time of getting results. The certificate will not be perceived as invalid once it surpasses the duration of two years. Aspirants may retake the examination if the certificate surpasses the overall validity period. The score is perceived as essential by more than 10,000 entities globally including universities, government organizations, professional organizations, MNCs and immigration departments. IELTS is crucial for educational endorsements throughout Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand and Canada. In Australia and the UK, it is accepted in close to 100% of colleges. 

The test majorly quantifies the ability of aspirants to convey vital aptitudes in the English language, namely perusing, tuning in, composing and talking. The volume of testing has only increased over a sizable time period. It touched a record figure of 3.5 million in 2018, as per reports. Getting a good score is imperative for securing admission at the best institutions abroad.

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