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Biological Control Of Pests Reading Answers

Updated on 22 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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Cracking IELTS is no easy feat. You need to practice, practice and practice to get the desired band scores. To help you with the reading test section, here is an IELTS reading passage sample, ‘Biological control of pests’, with answers and explanations.

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Questions 1-4

Pick the correct answer: A, B, C, or D.

State the letter in boxes 1-4 on your answer sheet.

1.  The use of pesticides has contributed to

A) Different ecological classifications by agroecologists.

B) The aversion to environmental disasters around the world.

C) Ecological imbalance around the world.

D) Increase of ecologies that farmers can utilize.

2.  The Food and Agriculture Organisation has counted more than 300 agricultural pests which

A) No longer respond to most pesticides in use

B) Spread diseases in a wide range of crops.

C) Are easy to control through the use of pesticides.

D) Are used as a replacement for insecticides under the bio-control practice.

3.  Cotton farmers in Central America began to use pesticides

A) As a response to reduced varieties of new pests.

B) To ensure better cotton production.

C) Due to the government's intensive advertising campaign.

D) Due to the noticeable changes in weather and climate.

4.  By the mid-1960s, cotton farmers in Central America found that pesticides

A) We're leading to a 50% increase in new and harmful pests.

B) Were harming 50% of the crops that required protection.

C) Were eradicating 50% of pests infesting the crops.

D) Were leading to 50% more expenditures on crop production.

Questions 5-6

Are the following statements in accordance with the writer's claims in Reading Passage 2?

Write your answers in boxes 5-6 on your answer sheet,

if it's a

YES, i.e., you agree that the statement is on the lines of the writer's intent

No, i.e., if you believe that the statement does not match the author's view

NOT GIVEN, i.e., if there is not enough context given in the passage to support the statement

5.  Disease-spreading pests respond more quickly to pesticides than agricultural pests do.

6.  Several pests are now born with innate immunity to some pesticides.

7.  Synthetic chemicals are used under the biological control of pests to try to rewire the genetics of the pests' offspring.

8.  Bio-control is not dangerous under specific circumstances

Questions 9-13

You must complete the following sentences with correct words, choosing from option A-I below.

State the correct letter from A-I in boxes 9-13 on your answer paper.

A. Forage grass

B. Parthenium weed

C.  Rice fields

D. Brazilian beetles

E.  Coconut groves

F.  Grass-scale pests

G. Fruit trees

H. Larval parasites

I.   Water hyacinth

9.  Disapene scale insects feed on:

10.  Neodumetia sangawani ate: 

11.  Salvinia molesta plagues:

12.  An Argentinian weevil may be successful in wiping out:

13.  Leaf-mining hispides blighted:

Answer Table:

Question numberAnswerExplanation

According to the biological control of pests reading answer IELTS sample, the answer is in line 3, first paragraph, where the author mentions how pesticides have been counter-productive and have caused ecological imbalances around the world.


As per the reading passage ‘biological control of pests,' you can locate the answer on lines 1-2, second paragraph, where the author talks explicitly about FAO and their notable study of 300 pests that have grown immunity against the most-used pesticides.


You will find the answer to this question in lines 1-3, paragraph 4, of the biological control of pests reading answers IELTS sample. The passage clearly states that farmers in Central America turned to chemical-intensive options and pesticides to ensure better crop yield of cotton.


The reading sample of the IELTS sample about the biological control of pests answers this question neatly in lines 2-3, paragraph 5. It clearly states that the usage of pesticides accounted for 50% of expenditures in crop production.

5.Not Given

This statement cannot be found conclusively anywhere in the biological control of pests reading answer IELTS sample.


You can find this answer clearly stated in lines 4-5 of paragraph 3 in the reading sample of IELTS, ‘biological control of pests.’


Nowhere in the reading sample of IELTS, ‘biological control of pests,’ will you find any mention of using synthetic chemicals as part of the biological control of pests.


You can find the answer mentioned in lines 5-6 of paragraph seventh in the reading sample of IELTS, ‘biological control of pests.’


You can find the answer in the reading sample of IELTS, ‘biological control of pests,’ one the last line of paragraph ninth.


This answer can be found on line 4 of paragraph 11 in the reading sample of IELTS, ‘biological control of pests.’


The answer is given on lines 7-8 of paragraph 11 in the reading sample of IELTS, ‘biological control of pests.’


The answer is on lines 3-4 of paragraph ninth given in the reading sample of IELTS, ‘biological control of pests.’


The answer is stated on line 1 of paragraph 11th of the reading sample of IELTS, ‘biological control of pests.’

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