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Flawed Beauty the Problem with Toughened Glass

Updated on 25 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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The reading section in IELTS requires the thorough practice of multiple passages. One of them is flawed beauty, the problem with toughened glass. Here is a guide to the questions and answers for your practice and understanding. This exercise will help you get a feel of the actual passages that come up in the examination and prepare accordingly. 


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Questions 1-4

Look at the following individuals and the statements given below. 

You have to match every individual with the proper statement. 

You have to write the right letter between A-H in boxes 1-4 on the answer sheet. 

Guidelines/Tip to answer these questions: You only have to write the correct letter, which is a single word, in the relevant boxes. You should carefully analyze the statements made by each character in the passage in order to match them here. 

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is favored by architects because it is much stronger than ordinary glass, and the fragments are not as 5 (Answer-F or sharp, since the passage talks about how the fragments are not as razor-sharp shards and are instead tiny cubes when the glass shatters). However, it has one disadvantage: it can shatter 6 (unexpectedly or I, which is relevant if you look at the Bishops Walk incident mentioned at the beginning). This fault is a result of the manufacturing process. Ordinary glass is first heated, then cooled very 7 (quickly or C, you will find this in the fifth paragraph, where it talks about how it is heated and then cooled at a particular temperature). The outer layer 8 (contracts or K and this is also in the fifth paragraph, where the procedure is mentionedbefore the inner layer, and the tension between the two layers which is created because of this, makes the glass stronger. However, if the glass contains nickel sulphide impurities, crystals of nickel sulphide are formed. These are unstable, and can expand suddenly, particularly if the weather is 9 (E or warm, as you will find in the sixth, seventh, and eighth paragraphs, where it talks about the process and how sunlight exposure speeds up the process of expansion). If this happens, the pane of glass may break. The frequency with which such problems occur is 10 (L or disputed, as you will find in paragraph nine, where it talks about how such data is hard to find)

Questions 11-13

Do the following statements agree with the information contained in the passage? 

In boxes, 11-13 on your sheet, write TRUE if the statement is in agreement with the information and FALSE if it is not. You can also write NOT GIVEN if there is no information on the same in the passage. 

11. Little doubt was expressed about the reason for the Bishops Walk accident

Explanation: The passage contains this information- “When fragments were analyzed by experts at the giant glass manufacturer Pilkington, which had made the pane, they found that minute crystals of nickel sulfide trapped inside the glass had almost certainly caused the failure.” 

12. Toughened glass has the same appearance as ordinary glass. . 

Explanation: Nothing of this sort is contained in the passage. 

13. There is plenty of documented evidence available about the incidence of nickel sulphide failure

Explanation: It is false since the passage contrarily states how negative publicity was suppressed regarding these failures. 

Answer Table: 

1. G8. K
2. A9. E
3. H10. L
4. C11. True 
5. F12. Not Given 
6. I13. False 
7. C 

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Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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