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GRE at Home: How to Register?

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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gre at home

The GRE at home is a comfortable and convenient method of sitting for the examination at home itself. The GRE test at home is available in every region where the test is offered. The GRE at home experience is quite similar to the examination at a testing center and you will have to complete the same on your home computer, monitored by a proctor online via ProctorU.

Application on GRE at Home 

Wondering how to prepare for GRE at home? There are several GRE at-home requirements that you should meet in this regard. You have to apply or register for the examination by logging into your ETS account and then clicking on Register. On the page for Find Test Centers and Dates, choose Test at Home. Then follow the on-screen instructions for confirming your testing date and time along with your time zone. 

You have to then pay for the test and will get the confirmation email for registration via ETS. The email will also have a link for beginning the test on the scheduled date. If you were thinking, till when is GRE at home available, then you can be assured that it is available throughout the day for seven days a week. There is no such GRE at home’s last date for registration that you need to worry about. 

Requirements for GRE at Home

You should meet all the requirements outlined below. If the room and computer do not adhere to the same, you cannot take the examination and will not receive a free rescheduled date or a refund. 

Computer Requirements

  • You can take the test on a laptop/desktop. Tablets, mobile devices, and Chromebooks are not allowed. 
  • There should be a licensed OS (operating system). Test-mode or unlicensed OS versions are not allowed. 
  • For PCs, the applicable guideline is Windows OS with Versions 10/8. 
  • For Macs, it should be OS X 10.5 or more. The recommended version is 10.3 High Sierra. 
  • You should use the Firefox or Chrome browser for the test. 
  • Dual screens or multi-monitor set-ups are not allowed. 

Browser and Other Technical Requirements

  • Download and then install your ETS Secure Test Browser. Run the file after the download and close the browser once you view this message- Success! You have installed the ETS secure test browser
  • Download the Windows/Mac versions depending on your computer. 
  • Run ProctorU from the computer. Fix any pertinent issues if the equipment check fails. Live representatives are also available for assistance in this regard. 
  • Security-based applications and firewalls may hinder the functioning of the software program. If you face this problem, you should reconfigure or disable the application before your examination. 
  • You may use an external/internal speaker for listening to the proctor. 
  • You cannot use earphones or headsets. 
  • You can use any external or internal microphone which is not part of any headset for communication. 
  • The computer may have a webcam or an in-built camera. 
  • It should display a 360-degree layout/view of your testing room including the tabletop or surface before the examination.

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Testing Room Requirements

  • You should be the only person in the room. 
  • No other individual should enter the room during your test. 
  • You cannot sit for the test in any public space like a park, restaurant, or café. 
  • You should close all the doors before starting your examination. 
  • Your computer and keyboard should be on a tabletop or desk. 
  • You should set up your chair and table in a way where the door can be seen by the proctor. 
  • There should not be any other items except for the computer and tabletop surface. No mobile phones and study materials are allowed. 
  • You should sit on a chair and give your examination; you are not allowed to lie down or sit on your bed or couch. 
  • Food and beverages are not permitted at the time of the test. 

Clothing Guidelines

  • Your ears should be visible to the proctor without being covered by any headgear or hair. 
  • You should dress suitably for the examination. Keep in mind that the proctor will be monitoring your examination. At the same time, institutions receiving your scores will also get your photograph. 
  • Avoid jewelry, clips, cufflinks, headbands, and similar accessories. 
  • Face masks are not to be worn at the time of checking in or any other portion of the home test.

Taking Notes- Guidelines to Follow

  • You cannot use normal paper for taking your notes. 
  • You can only use a desktop whiteboard with an erasable marker. 
  • You cannot use pens and pencils. 
  • You should show your proctor that your notes have been erased after the test.

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Testing Day Tips: GRE at Home

  • Click Start Your Test in the ETS confirmation mail. You will get 12 minutes after the scheduled time slot to start check-in. Failing to do so means a canceled test and no refund. 
  • Choose Start Session and complete all the steps including displaying your ID to your proctor. The account and ID names should match. 
  • The proctor will ask for computer screen access for tracking. 
  • He/she will ask you to make use of a mirror/cell phone for showing your screen. 
  • He/she will ask you to use the camera to display the room in a 360-degree layout, inclusive of the tabletop surface. 
  • The ETS Test Browser will be launched by the proctor while entering the ID and password for the test. 
  • This procedure will require around twenty minutes. 
  • Ensure that you are visible to the proctor on the camera. 
  • You can speak into the microphone to communicate with the Proctor. You can also use the LogMeIn chat option. He/she may take 30-60 seconds to respond. 
  • Disable all remote-access/screen-sharing applications at the time of the test. 
  • There are six examination sections with a break of ten minutes after the third one. There are breaks of one minute each between the other parts. You can leave your place during the 10-minute break although you should come back in time. 

You will get the option of canceling/reporting your scores after the test. You can view the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning scores if you choose the reporting option. The Analytical Writing score is not visible immediately. You can choose up to four recipients for your scores. The GRE at home fees is $213 for India while the rescheduling fees are $50.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GRE at home valid?

Yes GRE at home is valid, just like the regular version of the test at a testing center. Your scores will have a validity period of five years in total. GRE tests at home are acceptable at global universities.

Is a passport required for GRE at home?

You will have to furnish any valid ID proof for your GRE test at home. This has to be issued by the government. It can be your passport or any other government ID.

How to reschedule the GRE test at home?

You can reschedule your test via your ETS account online. You can also call 1-443-751-4820/1-800-473-2255 for rescheduling your test via phone. If you are rescheduling via phone (Prometric Services), be ready to give your full name and confirmation number for the appointment.

How to register for GRE at home?

You can log in to your ETS account online and then choose Register. You will find the page for Find Test Centers and Dates. Here, choose Test at Home. Follow the steps given on the screen for marking your time zone, time of the examination, and the date of the examination. Pay for your test online and you will get the ETS confirmation email thereafter.

How long is the GRE test at home?

The total examination requires 3 hours and 45 minutes. There are short breaks during the examination as well. There is a break of 10 minutes after the first three sections (out of six in total). At the same time, the other sections have one-minute breaks each. The initial check-in and verification procedure will take around 20 minutes for GRE home tests.

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