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GRE to GMAT Score Conversion

Updated on 14 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

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gre score conversion to gmat

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) are standardized graduate admission tests that ensure students are prepared for advanced levels of education. While some higher education institutes may require both tests, others may accept the converted score if you have taken any of them, i.e., if you have the GRE scores, you can convert them to the GMAT scores. Wondering how? Let us find out how this GRE to GMAT score conversion takes place. 

GRE & GMAT: Exam Sections

Before delving deeper into the GMAT to GRE score conversion, you should have a detailed understanding of the sections of both examinations. The GRE is taken by students worldwide who want to undertake a master's course specializing in a master's degree in business, MBA, Juris Doctor (JD), or other doctoral programs. The GMAT is a popular examination for admissions into management programs worldwide. 
The GRE has three sections, namely Quantitative ability (130-170), Analytical Writing (0-6 in increments of 0.5), and Verbal Ability (130-170). The GMAT Focus Edition (effective from February 1, 2024) has three sections, namely Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Data Insights. 

GRE Score to GMAT Conversion Formula

The formula for GRE score conversion to GMAT scores is as follows:

GMAT Total Score = 6.30 *GRE Verbal Reasoning Score + 10.62 * GRE Quantitative Reasoning Score – 2080.75. 

GRE to GMAT Score Conversion Chart

Here is a chart that you can follow: 

GRE Verbal Reasoning ScoreGRE Quant. Reasoning ScoreGRE ScoreGMAT ScoreGMAT Verbal Scaled ScoreGMAT Quant. Scaled Score

Comparison of Raw and Scaled Scores

Educational Testing Service (ETS) has already created an option for converting GRE scores to their GMAT equivalents. You will find it here- https://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/abot/mba/comparison_tool

This will help you convert the scores accordingly. Percentile scores are the ones given for the GMAT and GRE score reports. They indicate the percentage of candidates with lower scores than those specified. The percentile scores are the ones to which the raw scores will correspond. 

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Average GRE & GMAT Scores at Leading Business Schools 

Here is a list for your perusal: 

Business SchoolGMAT Score

GRE VerbalGRE Quant
Stanford GSB738165165
Wharton School of Business733162162
Chicago Booth School of Business730161163
Kellogg School of Management727162165
Harvard Business School730163164
MIT Sloan School of Management690-760157-168158-169
Yale School of Management730166165

If you are planning to take the GRE or GMAT exams in 2024, understanding the GRE to GMAT score conversion is vital as it will help you better evaluate which exam you should take while applying for your desired study programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between scores and percentile?

The score is what you get in an examination or subject. The percentile indicates the percentage of the values under specific ones, i.e., the number of people you are ahead of.  If someone gets 90 out of 100 in a subject, this is their score. If your percentile is 90, this means 90 out of every 100 people have lower ranks than you.

Which exam should I opt for-GRE or the GMAT?

Both GMAT and GRE are accepted by leading institutions worldwide. Some institutions prefer GMAT scores, although it only applies to admissions into business schools. It cannot replace GRE, which is also used at business schools.

Do Business schools convert GRE scores into GMAT scores?

Some business schools convert GRE scores to GMAT scores in order to work out equivalent figures and objectively assess applications. This helps in ensuring more scope for candidates without forcing them to take only one test.

What is the good GRE score to get admitted to Top B-schools?

In most cases, a score above 325 (cumulatively in Quant and Verbal) is regarded as sufficient to get admission into leading business schools. For instance, Stanford requires 330 (average), while Chicago Booth needs 324. Wharton requires 324, Harvard requires 327, and Kellogg requires 327.

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PTE Exam Pattern

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upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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