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SAT Scholarship for Indian Students: Eligibility & Scores Required

Updated on 15 April, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

SAT Scholarship for Indian Students

Globalization presents several opportunities for students to receive premier education. These days, you can avail of numerous scholarships and fulfill your dream of earning a degree from a leading global university. 

The SAT scholarship for Indian students presents one such opportunity. With the US student grants crossing the $138 billion mark (Over ₹10 trillion), this is the best time to work for an SAT scholarship.

Who is Eligible for SAT Scholarships to Study Abroad?

The College Board India Scholars Program offers the SAT scholarship for Indian students. This scholarship helps students receive education from renowned institutes worldwide. 

Hence, you can enroll in universities like the World University of Design, Bennett University, Texas Tech University, etc.

To appear and score high on the SAT, you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria: 

● Your SAT score should be above 1300 (Out of 1600).

● The yearly family income should be less than ₹8 Lakh.

● Foreign universities can accept students scoring in the range of 400-1600.

Scholarships based on SAT scores are meant for deserving students from the financially weaker sections. 

Hence, universities accepting SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores have strict eligibility guidelines. There are no age criteria to appear for SAT.  

The SAT exam is a means to land undergraduate admission to top universities. However, if you opt for Indian universities, the SAT score should be above 1300. 

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List of Foreign Universities Offering SAT Scholarship for Indian Students

Studying abroad opens an extensive range of opportunities in terms of learning and career. SAT is a perfect exam to explore scholarships in the following countries. 

● The United States of America

● The United Kingdom

● Australia

● Germany

● Canada

This section contains all the details you should note for finalizing your preferred university.

US Universities Offering SAT Scholarships

These renowned US universities offer scholarships based on SAT scores to international students.

Clemson University

Since 1889, Clemson University has been one of the top US educational institutes. This South Carolina public school offers undergraduate or bachelor's programs in several areas of study.

Business administration and management, Accounting, Engineering, Economics, Political Science, and Industrial Design are prominent programs.

For in-state residents, Clemson University offers a Resident Merit Scholarship. However, Indian students will receive the out-of-state tuition scholarship as per the following SAT score.

● SAT score (Minimum) – 1240

● Scholarship amount – Varies every year 

Colorado State University

This American university has automatic scholarships for non-resident students. It is a flagship institute located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Business administration and management, human development and family studies, Psychology, and Mechanical engineering are well-known undergraduate programs. 

Depending on your SAT score, the scholarship amount of Colorado State University varies.

● SAT score range – 1070 to 1290

● Scholarship amount – Average $8,000 (₹5,91,040) to $10,000 (₹7,38,800) (Above SAT score 1260)

Note: In addition to the SAT scholarship for Indian students to study abroad, this university also considers GPA.  

The University of Tennessee

Founded in 1794, this university is one of the oldest educational institutes in America. It is in Knoxville and offers high-class education.

Marketing, Business Administration, Engineering, Biological, and Biomedical Sciences are some well-known undergraduate programs. 

Here are the details of this university's scholarships based on SAT scores.

● SAT score range – 1330 to 1490

● Scholarship amount – Average $7,500 (₹5,54,100) to $15,000 (₹11,08,200) 

Note: SATs scholarship code - 1843 

University of Mississippi

This educational institute is the highest-ranked university in Mississippi. Also, it appears in the list of top 100 public universities in the USA.

Digital Communication and Media, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing are some of the well-known bachelor's programs at the University of Mississippi.  

This institute offers the Luckyday Scholarship for meritorious students. For availing of this reward, you need to score in the following SAT range.

● SAT score range – 1200 to 1490

● Scholarship amount – Average $1,500 (₹1,10,820) to $8,550 (₹6,31,674)

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UK Universities Offering SAT Scholarship

These renowned UK universities offer scholarships to Indian and foreign students based on SAT scores.

Durham University

Durham University ranks fifth in the Guardian University Guide. Since 1832, this research-oriented institute has offered outstanding infrastructure and work placement assistance.

You can explore streams like Computer Science, Criminology, Accounting and Finance, Law, and many more with adequate SAT scores.

At this time, Durham University offers 18 SAT scholarships for undergraduate applicants. Hence, the exact amount depends on your stream of study.

● SAT Score (Average) – 1300

● Scholarship amount – Varies as per application

King's College London

The King's College, London, is a prime university that offers educational scholarships for international students.

This college considers SAT scores and GPA for admission. Healthcare, Law, and Social Sciences are a major draw. 

Here is a look at the SAT scholarship details:

● SAT Score (Average) – 1220

● Scholarship amount – Average $10,000 (₹7,38,690) to $18,000 (₹13,29,642)

However, you cannot claim this scholarship if you receive government or third-party aid. 

Aston University

Founded in 1895, Aston University is a public research university located in Birmingham, England. The campus is termed the ninth most sustainable university in the UK. 

Hence, you can expect quality education at this institute. Undergraduate streams like Applied Chemistry, Accounting and Finance, Biochemistry, and Business Management are well-known globally.

Aston University offers the Ferguson Scholarship for postgraduate aspirants from India. However, the reward of the scholarship varies from stream to stream for undergraduate students.

● SAT score (Average) – 1200

● Scholarship amount – Varies as per application 

Check Out Our : SAT Score Calculator

Australian Universities Offering SAT Scholarship

You can apply to Australian universities by appearing for the exam using the correct SAT scholarship code. 

Australian National University

In Canberra, Australia, the ANU consists of seven research and teaching colleges. This university came into existence in 1946 and offered several areas of study.

Humanities and Social Science remain the top streams at the ANU. However, you can explore other domains like Engineering, Science, Business Administration, and several Master's programs.

You can avail ANU Global Diversity scholarship, ANU Excellence Scholarship, ANU Science Olympiad scholarship, and many more at this prestigious university.

● SAT score (Average) – 1250

● Scholarship amount – Average $5,000 (₹2,65,617) to $18,750 (₹9,96,065) 

Note: Scholarships depend on your area of study and vary per duration. You can find various scholarships at ANU website. 

University of New South Wales

Since 1949, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has attracted international students from over 125 countries. 

This Australian university is famous for Law, Science, Arts, Social Sciences, and Engineering. However, the university also offers medicine and business courses.

UNSW offers scholarships for Indian students based on SAT score

● SAT score (Average) – 1370

● Scholarship Amount - $10,000 (₹5,31,234) per year (IFCS)

Note: The above amount falls under the India Future of Change Scholarship program of UNSW. You can explore other types of international scholarships too.

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German and Canadian Universities Offering SAT Scholarship 

Apart from the US, UK, and Australia, you can apply to German and Canadian universities. Here is a list of universities with average SAT score requirements for the scholarship

German Universities Offering Scholarships Based on SAT Scores 

Table: SAT scores of famous German Universities

Name of UniversityAverage SAT Score Requirement
KIT-Carl Benz School of Engineering College1200
Jacobs University, Bremen1200
Bard College, Berlin1330
Lancaster University, Leipzig1320 – 1350


Canadian Universities Offering Scholarships Based on SAT Scores

Table: SAT scores of famous Canadian Universities

Name of UniversityAverage SAT Score Requirement
McMaster University1200
University of Toronto1400 (approx.)
University of Waterloo1200
University of Ottawa1000


SAT Scholarships List

Here's a quick look at the US scholarships based on SAT scores. 

● Matt Logies Memorial Scholarship

● CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program

● Pacific Gas and Electric Company Asian ERG Scholarship

● Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program

● Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

● Elks National Foundation Scholarship Program

You can even avail of UK scholarship schemes as mentioned below.

● Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

● British Council Great Scholarships for Indian students

● Felix Scholarship (For postgraduate education)

● The Global Study Awards

● Rhodes Scholarships 

SAT Structure

SAT evaluates a student's language and mathematical skills. It comprises three sections.

● Evidence-based reading and writing (100 minutes)

● Mathematics (80 minutes)

● Essay (50 minutes) (Optional)

Both the mandatory sections have an SAT score range of 200 – 800. The first section covers reading, writing, and language tests. The mathematical section covers problem-solving with and without a calculator.

The validity of SAT scores is five years. 

Note: The essay is optional and with an SAT score range of 2-8. 

Scholarships Based on SAT Scores – Things to Consider

SAT has given an ideal opportunity for Indian students to avail vital university grants. However, you should keep specific points in mind before appearing for SAT. 

1) Scholarships Vary 

Every Indian and foreign university has different terms for scholarships. Hence, your reward will differ as per their rules.

Some scholarship schemes are inactive after a particular period. Hence, there is no universal SAT scholarship for Indian students to study abroad.  

2) SAT Scores isn't the Only Criterion

Let's consider you score high on SAT. However, you need to maintain a consistent GPA or grades in your curriculum.

In addition, some universities require other exams mentioned below.



Your high school transcript, teacher recommendations, SOP (statement of purpose) are other essential factors.  

3) Stay Up-to-Date With Scholarship Schemes

Depending on the global conditions, countries formulate a custom scholarship scheme. 

Therefore, you should always check the scholarship schemes page for detailed information. This way, you can receive updated details about the SAT scholarship for Indian students. 

4) Score High

There are two general categories of scholarships — guaranteed and merit. The former rewards students automatically. Whereas the latter are tough to win and require high academic scores.

It is recommended to keep your score above 1250.

You can even explore third-party or private international scholarships by virtue of a high score. If you apply for Indian institutes, the score needs to be above 1300.


How do I apply for SAT scholarship to study abroad?

A. If you are eligible for the India Scholars Program, you need to apply on the university portal. Students in the low-income criteria can receive a 90% SAT registration discount and a full income scholarship.

In such a case, you become SAT India's top performer and can visit your short-listed university website during the admission dates.


What is the SAT score required for a scholarship?

A. To find a place in the SAT India top performers list, you need to score above 1300. Importantly, you will receive a 100% college tuition scholarship if your family belongs to a low-income group.

This scholarship applies to universities that are members of the India Global Alliance. Your SAT score can vary depending on the location and university rules to study abroad.


What are the eligibility criteria for availing fee waivers for SAT?

A. To avail of a fee waiver for SAT, you need to be a resident of India, be studying in class 11th or 12th, and have an annual family income of under ₹8 lakhs.

Hence, a combination of these three factors is sufficient to avail fee waiver and try for a SATs scholarship.


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