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MS in Data Science in USA Without GRE: Universities & Requirements

Updated on 02 February, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

If you want to pursue an MS in data science, you need to meet certain requirements such as scores of GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), language proficiency test scores, academic transcripts, and others. While you will need to present proof of fulfilling the criteria during admission, you can still bypass a few requirements in some universities. 

Let us for now look at how you can complete your MS in data science in the USA without GRE

MS in data science is an 18 or 24-month course offered by numerous universities in the USA. It is one of the most cutting-edge programs in the USA, offering knowledge of aspects like data mining, statistics, software development, machine learning, data optimization, business intelligence, and big data analytics. Students learn how to analyze data and use insights for decision-making and problem-solving as a part of the course.

Benefits of Pursuing Data Science in USA 

● The country is one of the world’s biggest technology hubs, home to the biggest IT giants and recruiters in data science. 

● Studying at the leading global universities for data science while enjoying cutting-edge research infrastructure and equipment and a widespread and intensive curriculum. 

● As per reports, thousands of new data science jobs are expected to be created over the next decade, with growing demand for skilled professionals in the field. 

● Data scientists and others in this sector are some of the highest-paid professionals in the USA. 

Universities for Doing MS in Data Science in USA without GRE 

●      University of North Carolina Wilmington- The University offers a Master of Data Science course. Admission decisions are based on varying criteria, and GRE is not mandatory. However, individual applicants may have to demonstrate proficiency in specific academic areas. 

●      Tufts University-Boston- The MS in Data Science is a one-year program, and admission requirements include an undergraduate degree in STEM (science, computer science, mathematics, engineering, etc.). Those without STEM UG degrees may start with the Certificate in Data Science program. GRE is not required for undergraduates applying to this course. It is also waived for part-time applicants holding five years of working experience (have to be permanent US residents or citizens). 

●      Johns Hopkins University-Baltimore- The university offers specialized data science programs for aspiring graduates and online study options and on-site learning with cutting-edge facilities at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. The university requires a GPA of three on a four-point scale, while GRE is not mandatory. Work experience is also considered. 

●      Brown University-Providence-The postgraduate program in data science emphasizes various aspects, including big data management and algorithms. The GRE General Examination score is not needed for admissions. 

●      Yale University: It offers a widespread training program emphasizing Bayes theory, decision theory, and concepts like stochastic processes, nonparametric statistics, and machine learning. GRE general scores are required for those coming from non-English speaking nations and TOEFL scores. However, the GRE subject test score is unnecessary for the master’s course.

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Getting Admission into Data Science in USA

As mentioned above, there are varying criteria that applicants need to fulfill for getting into leading universities for data science without GRE. 

Some of the criteria (cumulatively) include the following: 

● Minimum GPA score as stipulated by the university. 

● Undergraduate degree in a STEM field or a relevant academic discipline. 

● Some universities may require work experience. 

● IELTS/TOEFL scores may also be needed. 

● Personal Statement or SOP (Statement of Purpose). 

● LORs (Letters of Recommendation). 

● Background in programming/linear algebra or statistics as required by some universities. 

● CV/Resume. 

These are some of the basic requirements for gaining admission into these universities. You should carefully check the application deadlines and apply well in advance with all your supporting documents and the completed application form. If your application is approved, you will have to appear for a personal interview in some cases. 

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