How much does an MBA in Australia cost?

The increasing number of queries on MBA fees in Australia stands as a testament to the popularity of the country as a management education destination for Indian and other international students alike. Australia has close links with major South-East Asian markets along with top-notch recruiters and a wide range of reputed business schools as well. Thousands of international students pursue management education every year in Australia. The country’s natural beauty, huge coastline, excellent infrastructure, contemporary cities and welcoming approach towards visitors are major plus points that contribute towards it being a great place to study and work. 

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MBA in Australia cost- Why study here? 

The MBA in Australia cost is not discouraging for students and the country has some of the world’s most livable cities with lucrative business opportunities. Students can also take up part-time work alongside their courses to cover living costs. 

Owing to its highly strategic location and placement, Australia represents a true amalgamation of eastern and western cultures. You will find cutting-edge management courses that focus on doing business successfully in the Asia-Pacific region. To cite an instance, Perth lies in the same time zone as Hong Kong and Singapore, making it a prime meeting point of all these regions as far as doing business is concerned. MBA courses taught in the country enable a deeper understanding of business environments and key markets in the Asia-Pacific. As per several studies and reports, Australia is at number five in the list of the most lucrative global locations for MBA graduates earning salaries after completing their courses. Employees with MBAs may expect to earn a handsome base salary of US$98,400 and average bonuses may stand at around US$17,800. Graduates may look forward to compensation packages hovering around US$116,200. This will naturally make up for the initial MBA in Australia cost incurred by students. 

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MBA fees in Australia across various universities

MBA fees in Australia may vary from one educational institution to another. MBA in Australia is offered by 50-60 leading institutions. The average MBA fees in Australia for international students will be around USD$40,000-63,000. Yet, expenses may be reduced if you can prove your eligibility for a scholarship for studying in Australia. Approximately, the MBA in Australia cost in Indian rupees will be INR 45 lakh. There are several government scholarships which may reduce your tuition fees to zero, making Australian higher education more cost-effective. Platforms like upGrad Abroad also contribute towards reducing MBA course fees in Australia, offering more flexible and convenient programs with sizable cost savings. You will also get end to end assistance with admissions, visa applications and a lot more.

It is not just about taking into account the MBA in Australia fees for Indian students. You should work out the average cost of an MBA in Australia only after including living, food, accommodation, transportation, related educational costs, and other expenditure.

You should also know that a minimum of 55-65% is required at the bachelor’s level and the IELTS score should be meeting the institution’s criteria. A few years, mostly two-three years of past employment experience is often a primary requisite for obtaining admission into an MBA program at a leading Australian business school. Some institutions like Monash University, LaTrobe University, Deakin University and Macquarie University take students into their courses without requiring GMAT scores. With growing demand for professionals at managerial levels, graduates completing MBAs from Australia may expect average packages of roughly USD$98,400 or approximately INR 72.2 lakh. Accounting and finance sector often pays the highest to MBA graduates and average annual pay for them stands at around USD$61,229.

With regard to MBA fees in Australia, here is a list of institutions offering these programs, their affiliated or parent universities and full-time fees for students. This will help you decide on where to apply:

Institution Parent University Full-time MBA Fees
Melbourne Business School University of Melbourne 62,198 USD
AGSM Business School University of New South Wales 60,043 USD
Monash Business School Monash University 61,156 USD
Macquarie Graduate School of Management Macquarie University 54,993 USD
UWA Business School University of Western Australia 41,488 USD
UQ Business School  University of Queensland 56,157 USD
ANU College of Business & Economics Australian National University 49,911 USD
Deakin Business School Deakin University 43,514 USD
RMIT University School of Business RMIT University 59,393 USD
La Trobe Business School La Trobe University 41,451 USD

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Here is a university-wise list that you can also consider

University Name  Fees 
University of Sydney Business School – Global Executive MBA $106,500
University of New South Wales (AGSM) – MBA Full Time $100,750
University of Melbourne (MBS) – MBA $126,000
University of New South Wales (AGSM) – MBA (Executive) $86,925
Macquarie University (MGSM) – MBA $80,000
University of Sydney Business School – MBA (Full-time) $87,820
University of Western Australia – MBA Full Time Intensive $125,000
Curtin University – MBA (Advanced) $89,700
Monash University – MBA (B6016) $88,000
University of Technology Sydney – MBA $85,536
University of Adelaide – MBA $72,750
QUT Business School – MBA $57,600
University of New South Wales (AGSM) – MBAX $56,520
Bond University – MBA $68,380

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As you can see, pursuing an MBA course in Australia will be highly rewarding in terms of the unmatched academic experience, deep understanding of the entire Asia-Pacific region, lucrative future salaries and the vast lineup of globally acclaimed management universities and institutions. The costs are not prohibitive, and students may take up part-time work alongside their courses for lowering the financial burden. At the same time, Australia offers some of the world’s most beautiful and livable cities in tandem with nature-friendly lifestyles, plenty of leisurely activities, a welcoming ambiance and more.

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