Master’s in project management in Australia

Masters in Project Management in Australia

Project Management is about achieving specific objectives by applying processes, skills, methods, and fixed-time and budget experiences. A project manager’s final deliverable is tied to time, unlike the ongoing process of simple management. International students find Australian universities an attractive destination for pursuing master’s in project management for their abundant opportunities to flourish in a promising career.

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Is it Worth Studying for a Master’s in Project Management in Australia?

The Australian standard of education is second to none. In addition, Project Managers are in great demand in the Australian job market, drawing the third highest salary in the world after the USA and Switzerland. Let us take a closer look at why a master’s in project management in Australia is worthwhile. 

  • Australian universities offer MS in Project Management as full-time programs for 1 and 2 years.
  • According to the Project Management Institute studies, Australia opened approximately 3.75 lakh project management roles by 2020.
  • The Project Management graph is rising in Australia as a dynamic business discipline, and the projected professional role in 2022 is nearly 1.27 lakh. 
  • Project Managers in Australia command a median salary of AUD 139037 (INR 74 lakh), considered among the top three earners for the role internationally. 

A Look at the Top Universities for Master’s in Project Management in Australia

Australia has emerged as an exciting destination for higher studies abroad and is popular among English-speaking international students. Apart from the breathtaking natural attributes in the island nation, its education infrastructure is top-notch for its quality and acclaimed postgraduate programs. 

As an international student, you can choose from the best master’s in project management in Australia, from top QS-ranked universities. So, let us check them out in the grid below the best university for project management in Australia based on the university’s international QS rank. The subject ranking is based on the Business and Management parameter. 

QS  2022 Rankings for top Australian Universities offering Project Management
University Name  Global Ranking Subject Ranking
1 Australian National University 27 34
2 University of Sydney  38 32
3 Monash University  58 46
4 University of Queensland  47 63
5 University of Technology Sydney  133 166
6 University of Adelaide 108 218
7 University of Wollongong  193 232
8 Curtin University  194 265
9 RMIT University  206 223
10 Queensland University of Technology  213 202

How Much Will it Cost to Study MS in Project Management in Australia?

For international students landing on alien shores, the cost of the desired program weighs heavily in their minds. Australia offers a friendly environment despite its high living standards at a reasonable cost.  The Australian government encourages international talents in their universities with generous contributions for many scholarships to offset the overall expenses. 

However, you must work out the finances for the Master’s in Project Management in Australia before embarking on the journey to commence the course. You can break the total cost into three components – tuition fees, initial expenses, and the living cost for the program’s duration, varying between 1 and 2 years. 

Tuition Fees

The vital cost component of your program varies across universities depending on their standing, infrastructure, facilities, and the chosen course credit units. Accordingly, the indicative tuition fees across the top Australian universities are compiled below- 

Indicative 2022 Tuition Fee for Master of Project Management in Australia
S.No University Name  Duration  Total Fees (AUD) Total Fees (INR)
1 Australian National University 2 years 95700 51.67 lakh 
2 University of Sydney  1.5 years  69000 37.26 lakh
3 Monash University  1.5 years 63216 34.14 lakh
4 University of Queensland  1.5 years 34611 18.69 lakh
5 University of Technology Sydney  1.5 years  49608 26.78 lakh
6 University of Adelaide 2 years 84000 45.36 lakh
7 University of Wollongong  2 years 47088 25.42 lakh
8 Curtin University  1.5 years 91250 49.28 lakh
9 RMIT University  2 years  76800 41.47 lakh
10 Queensland University of Technology  1.5 years 51750 27.95 lakh

Initial Expenses

You incur various expenses starting from the application process to the air ticket for arrival at the university of your chosen program. These are the mandatory costs, and there may be other miscellaneous expenses not listed here. 

Incurred Expenses  Amount 
GMAT Registration Fees AUD 250 (INR 13,500)
Student Visa  Registration Fee  AUD 650-700 (INR 37,300)
IELTS Fee AUD 350-400 (INR 23,000)
TOEFL fee AUD 300 (INR 16,000)
Air Travel Ticket  AUD 600-1800 (INR 32-96,000)
Health Cover Overseas Student (2 years) AUD 1260 (INR 67,000)

Living expenses in Australia

When you arrive in Australia to join the program, you must factor in a set of expenses. The essential components are a suitable accommodation with multiple-choice, boarding, transport, and leisure expenses. However, your overall cost depends on the type of accommodation you choose, your spending habits. In addition, the city of residence impacts it substantially. 

Prospective Expenses Amount (approx.)
Homestay  (per week) AUD 240 – 350 (INR 13000-18500)
Hostel and  Guesthouse (per week)  AUD 100 – 150 (INR 5300-8000)
On-Campus accommodation (per week) AUD 120 – 300 (INR 6400-16000)
Independent Rental  (per week)  AUD 200 – 440 (INR 11000-23500)
Shared Rentals  (per week) AUD 100 – 200 (INR 5300-11000)
Groceries and  Food  (per week)  AUD 350 – 400 (INR 18500-21000)
Public Transport (per week) AUD 100 – 120 (INR 5300-6300)
Entertainment (per week) AUD 150 – 200 (INR 8000-10500)

What are the Program Highlights for Master’s in Project Management in Australia?

The full-time program spans 1.5 years to 2 years regardless of the university. Accordingly, the course structure is designed. Though there are options for pursuing the program part-time, many universities offer only the full-time program to international students. Let us check the program highlights.

  • The program imparts hands-on skills in project management and advanced management skills. 
  • You can choose from online, face-to-face, or a combination of the two.
  • The course progresses from the core units in foundation to core units in the competency level. Finally, you study the electives and capstone units. 
  • You must complete a total of 72 credit points. 
  • The capstone unit comprises a compulsory project in your specialized area of study. The project aims to advance your theoretical and practical knowledge in the specialized area of project management. 

Admission Process for the Masters in Project Management Australia

You must initiate the admission process at the university’s portal. Most universities provide a dedicated online module at the portal for international students as it differs from the domestic students. But before visiting the portal, you must be aware of the following. 


The universities have designed eligibility norms to meet the curriculum’s stringent standards and requirements. The three factors determining entry eligibility are an undergraduate degree with a minimum percentage score, GMAT, and work experience. It is thus essential that you check the criteria for the chosen university.

Eligibility Criteria for Master of Project Management  in Australia 
Sl University Name  UG Qualification  Deadline 
1 Australian National University 63% or 550 GMAT score + 3 years experience 22 December
2 University of Sydney  65% 31 January 
3 Monash University  60% +  6 months experience Multiple 
4 University of Queensland  4.5 GPA + 2 years experience 31 May
5 University of Technology Sydney  UG degree + 6 months experience NA
6 University of Adelaide 4.0 GPA  1 December
7 University of Wollongong  50%  9 January 
8 Curtin University  Not specified  5 February
9 RMIT University  UG + 8 years experience 28 July 
10 Queensland University of Technology  Relevant degree NA

English Competency

International students from non-English speaking nations must hold a valid scorecard from IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson, or CI Advanced. The minimum qualifying grades vary across universities, and it helps if you explore the range before applying. For example, the following are the minimum marks required for the University of Queensland.

  • IELTS: 6.5 overall
  • TOEFL: 79 overall 
  • Pearson: 58 overall.
  • CI advanced: 176 overall. 

Documents required

Since the application process is online, you must upload the relevant documents and the completed form. The additional documents other than the mandatory are listed below. 

  • A current CV
  • Proof of work experience
  • GMAT Score
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Reference/ Recommendation Letters

What are the Job Prospects after a Master’s in Project Management in Australia?

After you graduate with a master’s in project management in Australia, your career path determines your career goals. Project management professionals are in great demand in the Australian job market. According to the Job Outlook Australia, some of the project management jobs in Australia are in construction, ICT, health, and welfare services. The other option open is to enroll in doctoral studies. Some of the roles and their indicative average salaries are tabulated below.

Job Profile  Average Salary per Annum 
Project Management Director  190000 102.00 lakh
Portfolio Manager  178000 96.20 lakh
Program Manager  167000 90.18 lakh
Project Manager  146000 78.84 lakh
Project Management Specialist 150000 98.00 lakh
Project Management Consultant  180000 97.20 lakh

How do you obtain a Student Visa for a Master’s in Project Management Australia?

Obtaining a student visa is the prerequisite to pursuing higher studies in Australia, and the Master in Project Management is no exception. From July 2016, a student visa in the subclass 500 lets you stay in the country for the program’s duration, usually up to 5 years. So, let us find out what you must do. 


  • You must be enrolled in an Australian university.
  • You must possess an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • If you are under 18, you must submit evidence for a welfare arrangement. 

Documents Required:

  • Offer letter from the university.
  • Passport.
  • Pay Visa application fee.
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement.
  • Academic and experience certificates.
  • English competency scorecard.
  • Financial statement to prove the ability to sustain for the duration of the program.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Recent Passport size photographs.

You can submit the Visa application online.  Your request is approved after attending the interview at the Australian embassy in the student’s home country. 

Do you get a scholarship to study Master in Project Management in Australia?

You get multiple scholarships options to mitigate the expenses for the Master in Project Management Australia program. As an international student, you are entitled to two scholarship plans:

  • Australian Award: Government-sponsored scholarship exclusively for international students.  
  • University Specific: These are self-funded scholarships awarded to deserving students enrolled with them. The tabulated list is indicative.

Scholarship  University  Amount (AUD)
ANU Graduate Scholarship Australian National  50% waiver for tuition fee
Ashok Khurana Scholarship  Adelaide  AUD 30000 PA
Sydney Equity Scholarship Sydney Up to AUD 60000
International Tuition Scholarship Sydney Technology 100% waiver for tuition fee
Meng Fei Scholarship  Curtin  25% waiver for 1st-year tuition fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Project Management in demand in Australia?

Today, project management is one of Australia’s most sought-after professions for the demand far outstrips supply. The field has gained exponentially in the technology-driven emerging ecosystem, relying on automation, big data, and AI, pushing organizations to stretch beyond limits. Australia’s demand for project managers extends across government and private sectors and is financially rewarding.

How much do Project Managers get paid in Australia?

Project management professionals are in great demand in the Australian job market. Accordingly, the project manager’s average salary is AUD 121664 (INR 65 lakh) per annum and better than other management professionals in similar rank.

Will a master’s in project management help you get PR in Australia?

The Australian PR Visa is granted to individual professionals seeking placement after completing their master’s program and is point-based. Accordingly, after the master’s in project management, you can explore the country’s job market for suitable roles. Construction Project Manager appears in the Priority Migration Skilled Occupations List to boost your PR Visa, taking precedence over others.

What are project management job prospects in Australia?

Master’s in project management in Australia is valued for the job opportunities in various profiles available nationally and internationally. The job profile of a project manager is lucrative, with openings in industries involved in manufacturing, construction, mining, automobile, finance, and environment, to name a few.

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