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Masters of Architecture in Australia – Everything One Needs to Know!

Updated on 21 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Architecture is the highest design form combining art and functional expressive elements. It serves practical and aesthetic ends in manufactured structures encompassing buildings, communities, open spaces, and constructions in harmony with the environment. Thus, architecture enriches life’s well-being spiritually and economically, creating a legacy embracing culture and traditions. This article will hold an in-depth discussion on Masters of Architecture in Australia.


Is it worth studying Master of Architecture in Australia? 

Australia is the second most popular destination after the USA for pursuing higher studies hosting eight of the top hundred universities internationally. Australia is known for its unique ecosystem projecting breathtaking landscapes, golden beaches, Kangaroos, and Koalas, but it is also a land of excellent education infrastructure.  No wonder international students make a beeline for a Masters in Architecture in Australia for its post-study opportunities to build a lucrative career.

Pursuing a master’s degree from institutes accredited to the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia is all you need to be a global achiever. So let us find if it is worth studying.

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Master of Architecture in Australia.

The island nation offers quality education patronized by the Australian Government, contributing upwards of AUD 300 million in scholarships annually for attracting international talent.

A full-time 2-years Masters in Architecture in Australia costs AUD 54800 to AUD 135720, which translates to INR 29.25 Lac to 72.44 Lac (1 AUD is 53.38 INR as of 06/01/2022). 

According to ArchDaily, seven among the top hundred Architecture firms are based in Australia, providing the ideal launching pad for an Architect and Architectural Designer career. 

Australia is ranked 4th among the top seven countries for architecture placements offering a median AUD 85000 annual starting salary (INR 45.37 Lac).

Which are the top Universities for Masters in Architecture in Australia?

Australia is among the top study destinations abroad for Indian students pursuing a master’s degree in globally acknowledged institutes accredited by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia. Accordingly, the QS ranked top ten universities offering Masters in Architecture in Australia have been listed below:

QS  World University Rankings for MS in Architecture Institutes in Australia 
SLUniversity Name Ranking (WUR)Subject Ranking
1University of Melbourne 3723
2University of Sydney 3821
3RMIT University 20628
4University of New South Wales 4333
5Curtin University 19451-100
6Monash University 5851-100
7University of Queensland 4751-100
8University of Adelaide108101-150
9University of Western Australia 93101-150
10Deakin University 283151-200
WUR = World University Ranking 

The best universities for Masters in Architecture in Australia offer programs spanning 2 or 3 years. Of the more than 80 institutes offering Architecture, four are among the top 50 QS-ranked universities. In addition, these architecture schools receive about 700 international enrolments every year. 

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How much does it cost to study MS in Architecture in Australia?

The quality of life in major Australian cities makes them the most livable places on earth despite their ethnic diversity. Students congregating from across the world are assured of world-class education infrastructure, excellent medical and healthcare facilities, technology-driven advanced transport network, and reasonably affordable living standards. Let us look at all the costs an international student must meet. 

Tuition Fees: 

They comprise the major cost component of studying in the best universities for Masters in Architecture in Australia. Most universities calculate the tuition fees based on the enrolled program’s cost per unit of credit. Therefore, your tuition fees are subject to annual review and increase.

Indicative 2022 Tuition Fee for Master of Architecture in Australia 

SlUniversity Name Duration Total Fees (AUD)Total Fees (INR)
1University of Melbourne 2/3 years 14032474.91 Lakh
2University of Sydney 2 years8400044.84 Lakh
3RMIT University 2 years 8256044.07 Lakh 
4University of New South Wales 2 years 8592045.87 Lakh
5Curtin University 2 years6570035.07 Lakh
6Monash University 2/3 years82000-12300065.66 Lakh Max 
7University of Queensland 2 years8128043.39 Lakh 
8University of Adelaide2 years 7400039.50 Lakh
9University of Western Australia 2 years13090069.88 Lakh
10Deakin University 2 years 5480029.25 Lakh

1 AUD = 53.38 INR as on 06/01/2022

Additional Cost:

These are only indicative and may vary according to your university. The following are what you spend while pursuing the Masters in Architecture in Australia at the University of Sydney.

Master of Architecture 
Item Indicative Cost (AUD)
Model-making materials for each studio 150 – 500
Participation in the graduate studio 50 – 75

Pre-arrival Expenses:

Before you embark on the journey to Australia for higher studies, you must factor in the essential expenses. The indicative list of costs is tabulated below.

Expense Type Amount in AUD
Application Fees125-300
VISA Fee 575
IELTS Fee340
TOEFL fee300
Air Travel 200 – 750
Health Insurance 2150

Living Cost:

After arrival at the Australian University to live during the program, you must choose suitable accommodation. In addition, you must factor the other expenses for the overall living cost. Let us explore further:

Expense Item Amount in AUD / week 
Homestay 450 – 1200
Student Hall 450 – 1100
Rented Apartment 750 – 1700
Groceries and stationeries 300 – 350 
Gas and electricity 25 – 50
Transportation 100 – 120
Entertainment 150 – 200

Thus, your estimated living expenses as an international student will be anything between AUD 2225 and AUD 4720 per week (INR 1.19 Lac and INR 2.52 Lac). However, your spending habits and circumstances shall impact the overall living cost. 

What is the Master of Architecture Program Highlights?

The Master of Architecture in Australia equips you with skills to pursue a career in Architecture. The critical program highlights are:

  • Develop skills to lead cross-discipline projects and manage an architectural practice.
  • Create environmentally sustainable constructions by absorbing emerging technologies and materials. 
  • Grounding in studios to cover future designs imbibing technology, aesthetics, pragmatism, environment, and social issues to construct creative buildings. 
  • The start-year intake is in February and Mid-year in August. The standard application closing dates are:
  1. 1st Semester: 15 January
  2. 2nd Semester: 15 July 
  • The program is available for a full-time 2 and 3 years, depending on your qualification.
2 Years Program3 Years Program
Undergraduate degree in ArchitectureNon-Architecture undergraduate degree
Intake in 1st and 2nd Semesters Intake only in 1st Semester

The applicant must have:


  • WAM of 65%+ 
  • Design portfolio and personal statement

The applicant must have:


  • WAM of 65%+ 
  • 1 design studio and 1 history subject
  • Design portfolio and personal statement
Part-time available Part-time available after 1st year
WAM = Weighted Average Marks 

Fields of study

You are equipped with critical thinking skills to indulge in creative innovations in architectural change encompassing aesthetics and functional building structures. You cover four semesters of 100 points each in core and elective subjects during the two-year program. The best universities for Masters in Architecture in Australia follow a similar pattern, except for those that offer three years programs. Here you cover six semesters in the program with 300 points at stake in core and elective subjects. 

Masters in Architecture in Australia Admission Process:

Application Process

The prospective student must follow the sequential steps described below to apply for a suitable course.

  1. Choose the university and the course for study.
  2. Follow the university specified timelines for application and other deadlines varying across universities.
  3. English proficiency test score must match the university requirement.
  4. You must upload all the essential documents while applying to the chosen university.
  5. You can apply for the Australian Student Visa after receiving the university’s acceptance letter. 

Eligibility Criteria

The best universities for Masters in Architecture in Australia have defined eligibility criteria for enrolment applicable across all nationalities. Let us check them out:

  • The full-time four-year bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Design or equivalent.
  • International students with full-time three-year bachelor’s degree with honors in Architectural studies. 
  • Students from some specific countries have an additional one-year postgraduate degree in Architecture.
  • Applicants must have scored at least 5.0 GPA or WAM of 65% in the undergraduate course. 
  • A personal statement and design portfolio from the undergraduate level in the digital format. 
  • If you possess a bachelor’s degree with non-architecture subjects, you can still apply provided you pursue an extended year of studies. 
  • A valid IELTS, TOEFL, PTE (Academic), and Cambridge (Advanced) scorecard for English proficiency from non-native English-speaking students. However, you must check with individual universities for minimum scores. 

Documents Required

  • Completed Application Form.
  • Certificates and testimonials for educational qualification.
  • Recent CV containing comprehensive details. 
  • A digital design portfolio.
  • A personal statement outlining the reasons to pursue the M. Arch program.
  • English proficiency scorecard. 
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What are the job prospects after the Masters in Architecture in Australia?

Architecture jobs in Australia and overseas are open after registering on the program’s completion. You have three career options – private sector, government departments, and independent practice pursuing residential, commercial, and institutional projects. In addition, you can diversify into careers in designing furniture, industry, interiors, and landscape. In addition, you can also fancy the opportunities in urban planning, conservation, heritage management, and facility management, to name a few. 

Suggested Job Profiles

  • Architect
  • Architectural Drafter
  • Architectural Designer
  • Architectural Manager

Entry Level Pay

AUD 65000 to 84000 per annum (INR 34.70 to 44.84 Lac per annum).

You are qualified to profoundly impact people’s lives worldwide through your engagement with clients and other stakeholders as an architect aligned to the environment and community. 

What about the Australian Visa process?

As an international student pursuing a Master of Architecture in Australia, you need a student visa. In addition, you need the following documents to apply, but only after you have received the university acceptance letter. 

  • University offer letter
  • Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Financial sponsorship or support evidence for the program duration.
  • Proof of Genuine Temporary Entrant
  • Valid scorecard for English competency. 

You have to finally appear at the student visa interview conducted by the home country’s Australian Embassy. 

Explore the Scholarships Offered

International students patronize the Master of Architecture in Australia for a rewarding career in the creative profession, but many find funding the program daunting. The Australian Government contributes generously to attracting global talent to impact the local economy. Some of the representative scholarships available to the international students are tabulated below:

Scholarship University Amount (AUD)
Australia Awards All 30000
UNSW Program University of NSW8442 PA
Future of Change University of NSW

8442 PA

International Scientia University of NSW33729
Curtin International Curtin University 25% fee (1st Year)
International Fee Waiver University of Queensland 50% fee 

PA = Per Annum 

The above scholarships are only indicative, and the student must explore all the options at the university office and bursaries. Then, find a suitable scholarship, including merit-based, to mitigate your study expenses.

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Is Australia good for M. Arch?

The globally acclaimed M. Arch qualification from the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia accredited institutes opens avenues for employment in global firms based in the country. Moreover, the starting salaries are higher than the national average to launch a worthwhile career in architecture.

Is Australia good for Architecture students?

Australian universities offering programs in architecture hold the top QS ranking, and the qualification is globally accepted. Architecture students from Australia are thus global achievers with a range of opportunities beckoning them within and abroad.

Is Architecture in demand in Australia?

Australia is a cultural melting pot and the ideal platform for creative pursuits like architecture. Professionals are in demand for designing and constructing aesthetic structures, landscaping, and interiors comprising architecture jobs in Australia.

How do architects work in Australia?

Australia’s infrastructure is driven by architects involved in every aspect of a project, starting from conception right through maintenance. Thus, the project phases where the architect works are vision, initiation, design, development, construction, and post-construction during the warranty.

How much does an Architect make in Australia?

The average annual salary of an architect in Australia is AUD 91021. Some of the biggest recruiters are the Australian Government, the US Department of Defense, Accenture, Cognizant, and Virtusa.

How to get a job as an Architect in Australia?

After completing the Masters in Architecture in Australia or its equivalent, you must get accredited. In addition, you must pass the Architectural Practice Examination for competency to get registered with the state or territory’s Architect’s Registration Board before engaging as an Architect.

Is Masters in Architecture from Australia recognized abroad?

The master’s in architecture in Australia is recognized by the Australian Institute of Architects and the Commonwealth Association of Architects and accepted globally.

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