All you need to know about MS in Australia Costs

MS in Australia cost

Home to over 40 leading universities, Australia  is fast becoming one of the most preferred global study abroad destinations. With more than 22,000 courses to pick from, there are around 700,000 international student pursuing higher education in Australia. Among many other programs why international students prefer Australia, MS in Australia is a popular one. 

MS in Australia is  one or two-year degree and after completion of which students are eligible for one-year post-study work visa. Completion of MS degree may require 1-2 years and MS in Australia costs ranges between AUD 20,000-50,000. During the year 2018, 95,156 students were enrolled for Master’s programs as per the Department of Education, Australia, indicating the popularity of these courses. More than 75% of students chose Management, Engineering and Information Technology as their preferred courses. 

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MS in Australia Cost- Why You Should Study Here 

Australia offers a conducive environment for high-quality education, training and research, being the third most popular destination for studying abroad. The MS in Australia costs are comparatively affordable along with the lower MS fees in Australia, students can expect a superlative educational framework in the country based upon the British Educational System for Higher Education. MS is offered as a professional Master’s program or research program in the country. 

International students doing MS in Australia are also allowed to work for up to 20 hours every week during a particular semester. Universities in Australia offer excellent opportunities for gaining more experience while completing the course. There is a great support system for students provided by ESOS Act (Education Services for Overseas Students) in Australia. This helps in safeguarding rights of international students in the country. The Government of Australia also deploys close to 300 million AUD for providing 3,000 scholarships to students across 55 countries. 

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MS Fees at Top Institutions in Australia 

The average cost of Masters in Australia ranges between 20,000-50,000 AUD as per estimates. Here’s taking a closer look at the approximate Masters in Australia cost at leading institutions and universities in Australia.


2020 Ranking QS Ranking (2020) International Student Percentage (2019 Batch) Popular Course Program Fees (AUD)
University of Melbourne 32 38 46% MS in Computer Science 91,700
Australian National University 50 29 44% Masters of Computing 91,200
University of Sydney 60 42 39% MS in Mechanical Engineering 69,000
University of Queensland 66 47 34% MS in Computer Science 69,000
UNSW Sydney 71 43 41% MS in Mechanical Engineering 98,000
Monash University 75 58 39% MS in Information Technology 67,000
University of Adelaide 120 106 29% MS in Civil & Structural Engineering 59,000
Queensland University of Technology 179 224 16% MS Information Technology 69,400

Here’s looking at a course-wise structure in Australia:


Average Duration Popular Universities Average Program Fees (AUD)
MBA in Australia 1-2 years Melbourne B-School 45,000-93,000
AGSM B-School
Monash B-School
LaTrobe B-School
RMIT B-School
MS in Computer Science & IT 1.5-2 years Monash University 38,000-91,000
University of New South Wales
University of Melbourne
University of Queensland
Masters in Engineering 1.5-2 years University of New South Wales 18,000-50,000
Monash University
University of Queensland
MS Environmental Sciences 1-2 years University of Queensland 30,000-70,000
University of Western Australia
University of New South Wales
MS Finance 1-2 years University of Sydney 70,000-106,000
University of Melbourne
MS Nursing 1.5-2 years UTS 60,000-80,000
University of Sydney
Monash University
Deakin University

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