Study in Australia- Know all about colleges, cost, visa process

Study in Australia

Australia is a popular hub of education for international students. The country has many top-ranked global universities that offer a variety of degrees and academic experiences. Studying in Australia for Indian students has always been a dream. The education system there has advanced technologies and a practical learning system. It helps students learn in industry-relevant ways and build an impressive career after completing their studies. Unsurprisingly, Australia has seen double-digit growth in the number of international students in recent years, becoming the second most popular destination for study only after the US.

Australia is admired in the academic circles for its world-class infrastructure and industrially relevant education. It readies learners for future career opportunities.

But Australia has high living standards. This makes it difficult for students to manage their expenses related to accommodation, food, transport, health, etc. To solve this problem, upGrad Abroad has introduced unique and affordable learning programs which allow students to study online for the first year and then transfer to the campus in Australia for the next years.  Learners get the dual benefit – on-campus studies at top universities, at affordable prices.

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Some of the top reasons why to study in Australia

1) Best-in-class education system: The universities in Australia are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. This makes students future-ready and enables them for professional challenges. It also helps them succeed in the global race. Australian educators have re-engineered their approach to teaching to inspire the thought process of students and to help them excel in their fields. Your experience of studying at Australian universities will make you an attractive employee to companies at home and all over the world.

2) Multiple study streams: Australian universities offer world-class education in multiple fields including arts & humanities, engineering & technology, clinical, pre-clinical & health, life sciences, physical sciences,  social sciences, and a lot more. By excelling in these areas, Australia has been a top contributor to global research. This makes the country’s education system an excellent choice for international students.

3) Strong international alumni network: Over the years, more than 2.5 million students have graduated from Australian universities. This has built a strong alumni network spread out all over the world.

4) Achieve great heights in career: Australian universities are recognized globally and studying there is a great way to boost career prospects. Among many other benefits, they have premium training facilities and lecturers who have decades of experience in their fields.

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Requirements to study in Australia after graduation

Academic requirements

The eligibility may vary depending upon their education or VET (vocational education and training).

Here are some of the important requirements to study in Australia for Indian students after 12th, graduation, and for higher studies.

Note: If the academic documents are not in English, students need to translate them into English and carry them along with original certificates.

Like in India, most Australian universities consider the three-year graduation format (B.A., B.Com. and B.Sc.) for admission in postgraduate courses. Some colleges/universities may require an honours degree or 4-year graduation degree. Students need to submit their documents accordingly.

English proficiency test requirements

Some universities consider scores of IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, PTE, and other English language tests to check capabilities to understand the course. Students need to meet English test requirements to get a visa.

Visa requirements

The student visa depends upon the course of choice. They need to meet  requirements like:

1) Health and fitness requirements

2) Proof of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

3) Scores of English language proficiency test

4) Fulfilling the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement.

5) Proof of receipts like course fees, air-fares, and living costs

6) Certificate of electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE)

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Costs related to study in Australia

Students should understand that tuition fees in Australia vary depending on the degree, level of studies, and university. Tuition fees may vary from 20,000 – 45,000 AUD/year (Rs 11 – 25 lakh) for bachelor’s degrees and 22,000 – 50,000 AUD/year (Rs 12 – 28 lakh) for master’s and Ph.D. degrees. 

Similarly, living costs in Australia also vary according to locations, accommodation type, food, and other social activities. Students also need to spend on transportation, study material, health insurance, etc. Keep this in mind then when you were applying for a student visa. You will need to prove that you have sufficient financial resources to study in Australia.

There are plenty of reasons to study in Australia like diverse culture, great career opportunities, top universities, practical learning, and more. Unfortunately, the biggest drawback is high costs. Many students drop the idea of studying in Australian universities because they cannot afford the high costs. 

Considering the current pandemic situation and the high living & tuition costs, upGrad abroad is helping learners fulfill their wish to study in Australia without IELTS or any other English language tests. We at upGrad are offering excellent online courses from top Australian universities at affordable rates. In short, a pocket-friendly gateway to international learning!

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Why choose upGrad Abroad?

With a commitment to providing quality education at affordable prices, upGrad has launched study abroad programs. These programs enable students to study one year online from home and then on-campus for the following years. With this, learners can save a lot on living costs or other additional expenses. Our programs cost around 1/10th of the regular on-campus studies and learners can save up to 80% of their tuition fees. We have partnered with excellent Australian institutions like James cook University, the University of Tasmania, and the University of Canberra, to provide high-quality education at very low prices. We will also help you in preparing for the visa application, choosing the right university, and more.

Some of the best courses to study in Australia offered by upGrad Abroad:

1) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

2) Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Benefits of studying virtually with upGrad Abroad

1) The flexibility of our online programs allows students to follow their lessons at their own pace, according to their schedule. They can also watch their video lessons at any time of the day while managing their jobs and work. With this, students learn at their own pace, mastering their program before moving on to the next phases.

2) The virtual programs let you manage your time and complete the assignments without worrying about missing or skipping classes. We help our students manage their time effectively. We urge students to follow a schedule for attending regular lectures and meeting assignment deadlines. This helps in the proper utilization of course time.

3) You can also clear your doubts by virtually interacting with some of the best mentors in the world, that too, from the comfort of your home.

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Study Abroad in Australia: Scholarships

The Australian government’s annual investment in international scholarships is more than $200,000,000. There is a wide range of scholarships provided by Australian universities and colleges for the benefit of meritorious students from different parts of the world. There are other public and private establishments in Australia that provide many other grants, scholarships, and bursaries to help international students fund their studies. If you are planning to pursue your higher studies in Australia for which you require financial aid, you can apply for any of these scholarships, but before you do so, you must check the eligibility criteria and the application deadline. 

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Scholarship Application Criteria for Studying in Australia  

Generally, the foremost criterion for most Australian scholarships for international students is a good academic score. But other factors can influence these criteria like your subject choice, level, destination, etc. For some scholarships, extracurricular activities and volunteering can also be regarded as important factors and can help one get an advantageous position. Some scholarships might also ask you to declare your scores in an English language proficiency test like IELTS, which all universities in Australia generally accept.

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What do Scholarships for international students in Australia usually cover

Generally, most scholarships for international students cover the tuition fees required to study in Australia. However, some scholarships also cover living and/or traveling expenses. At times, certain research programs offer students 100% scholarship, which covers both tuition fees and living expenses. But you must remember that the scholarship amount and the type of reward vary as per your university. Many students apply for scholarships which results in a cut-throat competition. Therefore,  you must apply well in advance. You should start the scholarship procedure a year before the preferred intake begins. 

Listed below are a few popular scholarships that Indian students can apply in Australia-

1) Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP), funded by the Australian government and covers students’ tuition fees and health insurance for up to 3 years. It supports students’ Research Master’s and Research Doctorate degrees. The value of this scholarship is $28,587 or INR 21,69,339 per annum made fortnightly.

The upcoming deadline for Round 2 of this scholarship is 15th April 2022.

2)  Australia Awards Scholarship, which is funded by the Department of Education, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT). This scholarship aims to fund the education of students from developing regions and give them the opportunity to pursue their undergraduate/postgraduate program at the participating universities in Australia and TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institutions. This scholarship includes full tuition fees, airfare, living costs, OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), and other expenses. The scholarship entails that the scholars return to India once they have completed their studies.

3) Destination Australia scholarship aims to encourage international students to pursue their studies in Australia to develop regionally tertiary education providers and offer students a learning experience. The scholarship amounts to $15,000 or INR 1138290 yearly to study at the campus from 2021. Funding can be availed for up to four years, depending on the student’s qualification. The Destination Australia scholarship is funded by the Department of education and aligns with the National Strategy for International Education 2025.

4) John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) gives scientists from partner countries, who are engaged in research projects at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), an opportunity to obtain PG qualifications at Australian tertiary institutions. Ph.D. and Master’s scholarships are also provided through the JAF to agricultural researchers annually and are administered through the Australia Award system. Applications for JAF will open in February 2022 for the 2023 intake. 

Apart from these four scholarships, many scholarships are provided by most Australian universities and colleges. You can visit the official website of these universities and get all the information in detail. 

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Jobs after Study in Australia

If you are looking for jobs after studying in Australia for Indian students, you will need the Subclass 485 Visa. The Australian government offers this visa to international students through which they are allowed to study, live, and work in Australia for up to 4 years after completing their studies. To apply for a working visa, international students will have to present their scores in standardized exams. As an Indian student who has gained education in Australia, the 485 visas will allow you to stay in India to gain work experience. Depending on the qualifications, you can work for up to 18, 24, or 48 months. You are also free to choose any type of job and work for as many hours as possible. You must also remember that you meet the under 50 age criteria to qualify for the post-study work visa. You must hold a Subclass 500 student for at least six months and must have recently qualified in a CRICOS-registered program. You will be required to apply for the same during your stay in Australia. You must meet the obligatory and regulatory requirements for studying in Australia, including proficiency in English, health insurance, character certification, etc. The requirements for your visa might vary according to the stream you are applying for. The Subclass 485 Visa is issued in two streams: Graduate Work Stream and Post-Study Work Stream. However, it must be remembered that international students enrolled in an ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) course will not be eligible for a Post-Study Work visa.

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A few tips are listed below to help you find jobs in Australia successfully- 

  • Developing your English language skills is essential if you want to get an advantage over other candidates.
  • Use various resources at your institute such as the Career and Employment Advising cell, to help you find jobs. You can also approach recruitment agencies or go through the local newspaper’s employment section.
  • Approach and consult with friends or acquaintances who are already working.

Study in Australia – FAQs

How to study in Australia for free or at a low cost?

With upGrad Abroad, you can avail courses from some of the best Australian universities from your home. Our specially designed programs eliminate the costs of travel, accommodation, study material, etc., for the first year. We will help you transfer to the campus for the later years of the course. This way, you can get a globally recognized degree at a minimal cost. International students can also get a scholarship or engage in part-time jobs to reduce costs. There are fully paid scholarships available in Australia through which students can study for free.

What are your reasons for choosing to study in Australia rather than in your home country?

Deciding to study abroad is a big move. However, there are many reasons for which students want to study abroad, especially, in Australia. The International University of Australia offers a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the right course. There are other perks as well. After graduating from an Australian university, students can easily enter the world of global work opportunities.

How much study gap is acceptable in Australia?

Australian universities accept a study gap of one year. However, the universities will ask for the proper reason for the gap and students should be able to justify it. Some universities also accept a gap of up to 5 years but applicants have to furnish valid reasons and proof, like work experience, studies, etc. Work experience is also preferred sometimes.

How do people afford to study in Australia?

If you wish to study abroad in Australia, you must realize that the cost of living is higher than what it is in India. In such a scenario, it might be difficult for Indian students to afford to study in Australia, but options can always make things accessible. Apart from scholarships, you can add to your budget by engaging in a part-time job while pursuing your course.

Is Australia costly for Indian students?

Yes, Australia is quite costly for Indian students. To cut down the expenses of study in Australia you can adopt various means. You can apply for scholarships as a grant will lessen the burden of tuition fees from your shoulders. Two, you can get yourself a part-time job to help you afford a comfortable lifestyle in Australia. Three, you can study abroad virtually which will significantly lower your expenses as you can cut costs on travel, accommodation, food, etc. With upGrad, you can get your degree from the best Australian universities while sitting in the comfort of your home and this way you also save a lot on your study abroad expenses.

How can a student survive in Australia?

Part-time jobs are the best way for students to supplement their finances while studying abroad in Australia. Part-time jobs will help you manage your tuition fees and allow you to find better accommodation and maintain your personal expenses. You can go for on-campus and off-campus jobs to earn extra money. Before opting for any of the part-time jobs, you should be well-versed with the regulations on students working in Australia.

Why do you want to study in Australia?

Australia is one of the world’s most famous and prestigious study destinations. Every year thousands of students from India migrate to Australia to pursue their higher studies because Australia harbors some of the best universities in the world. The value of a degree from a recognized Australian University is very high, and it improves your employment prospects by manifolds. By studying in Australia, you get more exposure and build connections with the best teachers and students from across the globe.

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