Study in UK- Universities, Jobs and Exams to Study

Thousands of international students choose to study in the UK every year, owing to its conducive academic climate. Studying in the UK for Indian students is rewarding as the country has many globally ranked UK universities and top-class academic infrastructure. At the same time, studying in the UK for international students also offers a pathway into the lucrative European employment market. 

Facts about UK

Before learning more about higher studies in the UK for Indian students, here are some crucial facts worth knowing: 


The UK has an estimated population of 68,713,521 people as of 30th October, 2022. 


English is the official language. 


The currency of the country is the pound sterling. 


London is the capital of the UK. 

Number of International Students

The UK has an estimated 452,225 students. 

Number of Universities

There are 160+ universities in the country. 


As of Q2 2022, the GDP of the UK stood at 560 billion British pounds. 

Average Study Costs

Want to know how to apply for MS in the UK from India? Plan for your study costs in the country beforehand. Master’s courses require anywhere around £35000, while Bachelor’s programs may require anything between £8,000-£30,000. 

Exams to Study in UK 

  • GMAT
  • GRE

Student Visas-A Brief Guide

You will have to provide the following for your UK study visa: 

  • Passport
  • CAS
  • ATAS certificate if required
  • Proof of funds
  • Tuberculosis test results
  • Proof of relationship with parent/guardian, if under 18
  • Proof of legal/parental consent, if under 18
  • Written consent from financial sponsor if sponsorship is availed¬†

Part-Time Jobs in UK

Foreign students may work part-time up to 20 hours each week. They can work for up to 40 hours per week during breaks and holidays. You can find part-time jobs on campus at the library, cafeterias, receptions, computer laboratories, gymnasiums, and other departments. Off-campus options include receptionist, office boy, contact center maintenance, waitress/waiter, data entry, and more. 

Post-Study Work Permit for UK

Upon successful completion of a full-time program in the UK, you can stay in the country for two years with a graduate visa. You should be in the country while applying, with a Student or Tier 4 (General) student visa. 

In-Demand Jobs in UK with Average Salaries

  • Neurosurgeon- ¬£94,434 per year
  • Cardiologist- ¬£79,421 per year
  • Research Scientist- ¬£35,387 per year
  • Software Engineer- ¬£46,140 per year
  • Mechanical Engineer- ¬£34,805 per year
  • Project Manager- ¬£43,833 per year¬†
  • SEO Manager- ¬£38,051 per year¬†
  • Operations Manager- ¬£41,981 per year¬†

Higher Education System in UK

The UK has a higher education system comprising masters, bachelors, and doctoral programs. You may also take up pathway courses with English language and foundation programs. 

Credit System

One credit is 10 hours of work in the UK. 

Scholarships in UK

  • A.S. Hornby Trust Scholarship
  • Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships
  • Chevening Fellowships
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
  • GREAT Scholarships
  • British Council scholarships for women in STEM
  • Global Wales Scholarships for International Students
  • Young Cell Scheme

Intakes in UK

There are intakes in September/October and also in January/February. Some institutions also have intakes in April/May. 

Tips for International Students

  • Plan your funds carefully and check out additional research scholarships
  • Prepare to interact with students and adapt to university life¬†
  • Set up your local bank account
  • Find reasonable accommodation¬†
  • Get health insurance¬†

Requirements to Study in UK

  • English language proficiency¬†
  • GCSE requirements or A-level¬†
  • Academic transcripts¬†

Reasons to Study in UK

  • World class institutions with globally acclaimed degrees
  • Cosmopolitan and diverse atmosphere
  • Great employment prospects

Access to part-time jobs and internship opportunities 

Ranking of Top Universities in UK

Here are the 2023 QS World University Rankings for UK universities: 

  • University of Cambridge- 2
  • University of Oxford- 4
  • Imperial College London- 6
  • UCL-8
  • The University of Edinburgh- 15
  • The University of Manchester- 28
  • King‚Äôs College London- 37
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science- 56
  • University of Bristol- 61
  • The University of Warwick- 64

Work Visa & PR Guide 

Cost of Living 

Students will require approximately £900-1,300 per month in the UK. 

GPA Calculation

Here is the GPA calculation system in the UK: 

  • +70% = 4.0.
  • 60-69% = 3.3-3.9.
  • 50-59% = 2.7-3.2.
  • 40-49% = 2.0-2.6.

Below 40% = 1.0-1.9 

Popular Courses in UK

  • MBA
  • Civil Engineering
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Architecture

You can apply for the Skilled Worker Visa for working in the country. Your employer in the UK should have approval from the Home Office. You should have a certificate of sponsorship from the employer, work at a position in the list of occupations which are eligible, and should be paid a minimum amount as your salary. You should also have proper English language abilities. Permanent residency requires various conditions to be met and lapses in case one spends more than two years outside the country. 


How much will it cost to study in the UK?

You should look at approximately £10,000-20,000 per year for undergraduate courses and slightly more for postgraduate courses.

Is studying in the UK worth it?

Studying in the UK is always a great option for international students, due to the abundance of highly-ranked universities, vibrant campuses, exposure to a global job market, and more.

What qualifications do I need to study in the UK?

You will require minimum academic qualifications as per your course, proof of funds, LORs, SOP, English language proficiency scores, student visa, and a valid passport and proof of identity.

Is it easy to get a UK student visa?

Getting a student visa for the UK involves going through a lengthy and extensive process, so you should be prepared for the same.

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