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Complete Guide to SAT Exam Eligibility

Updated on 17 April, 2024

Kanika Pruthi

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is an international standardized examination that evaluates the mathematical, writing, and reading skills of high school graduates. The examination assesses the readiness of high school students trying to get admission to the top foreign institutions. It measures a student’s eagerness and academic inquisitiveness and helps colleges in assessing the applicants for a particular undergraduate course. SAT exam eligibility and scores are crucial for high school graduates trying to get admission to various undergraduate courses and degrees in foreign countries.

A good SAT score also makes students eligible for scholarship programs. The examination makes it easier for the admission panels of colleges and universities to choose the right applicants. 

Eligibility for SAT Examination

The SAT examination conducted by the College Board has no official prerequisite or eligibility criteria. But there are some basic rules. 

Age Criteria

The SAT examination has no official age limit for applicants. It does not have any minimum or maximum age limit. However, the examination is mostly taken by students in the age group 16-19 years as it is intended for high school students. However, since it does not have any age limit the test can be taken by anyone aspiring for admission to top global universities.


SAT examination is conducted 7 times a year. There is no limit to the number of attempts and students can appear for multiple tests till they achieve the target SAT score.


Applicants for the SAT examination need to provide a valid passport. They need to produce a national photo ID proof or military identification card if they don’t have a passport.

English Proficiency

Fluency in English is a must. Applicants should be proficient in reading and writing English. The medium of communication and studies in most globally ranked universities is English. 

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SAT Eligibility Criteria for Students with Disabilities 

There is no additional criteria for students with disability who want to appear for the SAT exam. The only requirement for students with disabilities is that they should inform the governing body i.e., the college board about their disabilities in advance to take the SAT exam with added facilities. The approval for all the facilities has to be obtained from the college board’s services for students with disabilities unit beforehand. Once the application for the test with added facilities gets approval then it can be used for both SAT General and SAT subject tests. 

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Some of the facilities for Disabled Students for SAT Exam involve the following

  • Use of Braille and large-print question paper for visually impaired candidates
  • Allotment of extra time for SAT exam completion
  • Implementation of computer for essays and
  • Extra breaks during the exam

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SAT Registration

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SAT Eligibility Criteria for Application Fee Waiver

If you are seeking SAT fee waiver through College scholarship Service (CSS)  then the only criteria that you need to meet is belonging to a low-income group. Students in their 11th and 12th standard need to prove that they are financially backward i.e belonging to the families who make up to $100,000 a year and once they get shortlisted for the SAT exam fee waiver, the school counselor or a representative will guide them through the process. Indian students are also eligible for up to 90% SAT registration fee waiver under College Board India Scholars Program. The exam syllabus for SAT exam is designed to keep in focus the candidates that are in high school or are about to finish high school.

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Top Universities that Accept SAT

Students preparing for the SAT examination should be aware of the top-ranked colleges and universities that accept the scores. Here’s a list of the top universities worldwide that accept SAT examination scores for undergraduate programs: 

University of OxfordUK
Yale UniversityCanada
Stanford UniversityUSA
Harvard UniversityUSA
Princeton UniversityUSA
University of CaliforniaUSA
University of TorontoCanada
University of ChicagoUSA
University of ColumbiaUSA
University of MichiganUSA
University of British ColumbiaCanada
University of CambridgeUK
Imperial College of LondonUK
University of ManchesterUK
McGill UniversityCanada
University of MontrealCanada



SAT examination is an undergraduate entrance test for high school graduates to get admission to top-ranked universities and colleges globally. The SAT score makes the students eligible for admission in undergraduate courses in various disciplines. There are no eligibility criteria set by the conducting College Board. Applicants don’t need to meet any age criteria, educational qualification, or any prerequisite. However, English proficiency is a must-have for the test takers. The number of attempts is unlimited for aspirants.

The SAT exam stands as a critical milestone for students aspiring to enter undergraduate programs, particularly in the United States. Its eligibility criteria are remarkably inclusive, welcoming high school students of any nationality and background to demonstrate their readiness for college-level education. By not restricting candidates based on age or grade level, the SAT exam ensures that all aspiring undergraduates have the opportunity to showcase their critical reading, writing, and mathematical skills. This inclusivity not only underscores the SAT's role in democratizing access to higher education but also encourages a diverse and vibrant pool of applicants to pursue their academic dreams on a global stage.

For more queries related to SAT eligibility get in touch with counselors of upGrad Abroad.

FAQs : SAT Eligibility

Who can appear for the SAT?

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an undergraduate entrance test for admission in various undergraduate degrees and courses in foreign universities. The SAT examination is usually taken by high school students to be and it does not have any age or academic eligibility criteria. Students planning to study in the top Canadian and US colleges should take the SAT, as it is one of the most popular eligibility criteria laid down by the admission panels. Students must also be fluent in English.

What is the age limit for the SAT examination?

There is no minimum or maximum age criteria for College SAT. Students in the age group of 17 to 19 years usually appear for the examination for admission in various SAT-accepted colleges and universities in countries like the USA, Australia, Germany, and Canada.

What are the eligibility criteria for SAT re-attempts?

SAT is conducted 7 times a year. The tests are usually conducted in March, May, June, August, October, November, and December. There is no minimum or maximum limit of test re-attempts. Students can always prepare better to get a score that meets the eligibility requirement of their universities or colleges.

What is the registration fee for the SAT examination?

The SAT exam fee is Rs 4,207 or USD 55 . Indian students need to pay an additional non-US regional fee of Rs 3,748. Meaning, the total fee for Indian students is Rs 7,956. Applicants need to pay Rs 1,930 per subject for SAT subject examination. SAT registration is expensive and students are recommended to prepare well and then appear for the examination once or twice.

What is SAT exam eligibility?

There is no criteria for SAT exam eligibility. Anyone in high school can take this exam irrespective of their age. Also, this exam can be taken multiple times.

How one can be eligible for SAT fee waiver?

In order to be eligible for the SAT fee waiver, you need to belong to a low-income group family residing in the United States of America. US residents residing outside of the USA are also eligible for the fee waiver. 

Indian students are also eligible for SAT fee waiver under College Board India Scholars Program provided they meet the low-income group criteria (90% SAT registration discount for income less than ₹8 lakh and 50% SAT registration discount for income between ₹8 lakh to ₹15 lakh) set out by the college board. 

Once you get approved for the waiver, you would be helped by the authorized representative or school counselor to guide you through the process.

Is a passport required for SAT exam?

If you are 21 years of age or younger then you will be required to show your passport in order to suffice for the SAT exam eligibility. Indian test takers can also provide Aadhaar card for identity proof.

Is SAT offline or online?

SAT exam is conducted offline but in 2023 it will be conducted online for international students and in 2024 for US students. It was first piloted in Nov 2021 for online mode.

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