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List of Top Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada for 2024

Updated on 14 June, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Is Duolingo your preferred English language test too for studying in Canada? Will it surprise you, if I tell you that Indians formed the biggest group of aspirants who took the Duolingo English Test (DET) in 2023?
Maybe not, considering the DET is accepted by over 5,000 universities and institutions worldwide, including the top Duolingo-accepting universities in Canada.

Given below is the brief description of the Duolingo English Test:

ExamDuolingo English Test (DET)
Conducted ByDuolingo
Duration45 minutes
Test Fee$49
Mode of ExamComputer (Online)
Result48 hrs after submitting the exam

What is the Duolingo Test

The Duolingo English Test is a popular online exam designed to assess English proficiency. The computer-adaptive test lasts 60 minutes, and scores range from 10 to 160. Results are available within  48 hours of testing, and the test can be taken anywhere, anytime.

You can take the Duolingo test up to three times within a 30-day period. After payment, you have 21 days to attempt the test. The DET certificate is valid for 2 years.

Over 400 universities and colleges in Canada accept DET scores, with 125 being considered a decent score for admission. 

What is the Importance of Duolingo Test

Taking the Duolingo test is vital for students planning to study in Canada. Here are a few reasons why the Duolingo English Test is important: 

  1. Accepted by Top Universities: There are over 400 Duolingo-accepting universities in Canada, including top QS-ranked universities like the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, and many more.
  2. Convenience: Duolingo is entirely online. You can take it from home or anywhere, eliminating the need to visit a test center. 
  3. Simple Format: The Duolingo test is straightforward, with two sections: an adaptive test and writing and speaking skills.
  4. Quick Results: The Duolingo test result is out within 2 days, which helps students meet the strict university application deadlines even at the last minute. 
  5. Flexible Scheduling: There is no fixed date for the Duolingo exam. You can take it anytime, with up to three attempts within a 10-day period. 

How Can I Take the Duolingo Test

If you want to enroll in Duolingo-accepted colleges in Canada, you need to pass the DET with a certain score range.

Do you want to know how to take the Duolingo English Test? Follow this step-by-step guide to take the test:

  1. Sign up for your account: Visit the Duolingo English Test website and sign up for an account.
  2. Understand the test format: Familiarize yourself with the test format, scoring system, and question types. Start preparing for the test. 
  3. Buy the test: After signing up and preparing, click the “Buy Now” button to purchase the Duolingo exam test. 
  4. Make the payment: Complete your payment. You can take the exam within 21 days of payment.
  5. Schedule your test: Ensure you have a laptop or desktop, mic, webcam, ID, and a reliable internet connection. 
  6. Take the test: Find a quiet location and take your test. Results will be available within 2 days. 

Eligibility to Take Duolingo Test

The official DET website mentions no set eligibility criteria. Therefore, it’s safe to say that students don’t need to meet any specific age or academic requirement to take the test. Anyone interested in studying abroad can take the Duolingo test. 

Duolingo Test Requirements

There are certain requirements that students need to fulfill while taking the Duolingo Test. The test includes a writing section and a video interview. To take the test, students must have:

  • A government-issued photo ID such as a passport, driver's license, or any government ID. 
  • A quiet area with good lighting
  • A strong internet-connected computer with a built-in front-facing webcam, microphone, and speakers (students must note that no earphones are allowed to prevent cheating) 

Duolingo English Test Rules & Regulations

There are some rules that you need to follow if you wish to take the test. An examiner who will administer the test will ensure you follow the following requirements:

  • You must be alone in the well-lit room.
  • Your face and ears must be visible and uncovered.
  • No headphones or earphones. 
  • You are not allowed to communicate with anyone.
  • You aren't permitted to exit the test window on your web browser for any reason.

Duolingo-Accepting Universities in Canada

Below are the colleges and universities that accept the Duolingo test for both bachelor's & master's degrees. 

Top Duolingo-Accepting Universities in Canada for Bachelors & Masters

University Name

Popular Courses

( Bachelors)

Popular Courses (Masters) 
University of Toronto
  • BSc Nursing
  • BS Computer


  • MSc Anthropology
  • MA Developmental Psychology and Education
University of Alberta
  • Bachelor of Science with specialization
  • Bachelor of Science with Engineering


  • MSc Urban and Regional Planning
  • MSc Statistics
University of British Columbia
  • BSc Economics
  • BSc Computer Science


  • MSc Craniofacial Science
  • MSc Experimental Medicine
University of Calgary
  • BBA
  • BTech


  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Science with Physics and Astronomy
University of Ottawa
  • BA Philosophy Honours
  • BSc Social Science


  • MSc Earth Sciences
  • MA Economics

Source: University Websites

University of Toronto  

  1. The University of Toronto is the #1 University in Canada, with 160+ institutional partners and a QS World Ranking of 25. 
  2. It has 3 campuses: St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough, offering extensive support services, including over 1,000 student clubs and organizations. 
  3. The University offers  700+ undergraduate and 175 postgraduate programs.
  4. Besides admission scholarships, the university provides more than 5,900 in-course scholarships annually.
  5. Nearly 13,000+ companies hire students from the University of Toronto every year, offering significant employment opportunities. It is also #1 in Canada for graduate employability. 
  6. The minimum DET score is 120.

University of Alberta 

  1. The University of Alberta has 18 faculties and offers 200+ undergraduate and 500+ graduate courses.
  2. It provides various scholarships for international students, including admission-based, application-based, and transfer scholarships.
  3. The university has North and  South campuses,  offering facilities related to sports, health, fitness, and more.
  4. The University of Alberta is a leader in open online courses.
  5. It offers career support services, including employment opportunities, alumni-to-alumni mentorship, professional and continuing studies, and many more.
  6. The minimum DET score is 120 for English language proficiency and 140 for spoken English proficiency.

University of British Columbia  

  1. The University of British Columbia has 85 academic units with 85 course-based master’s programs and 250 research-based courses. 
  2. UBC has 2 primary campuses (Kelowna and Vancouver) with regional bases in India and Hong Kong.
  3. With a UBC card, students can borrow books, use it as a debit card, go sightseeing freely, and link them to their U-Pass Compass Card.
  4. UBC has over 350 student clubs and offers regular sports, social and cultural, sightseeing, and recreational activities.
  5. The University provides extensive support services for students related to careers, health, safety, holidays, and more.
  6. The minimum DET score is 125.

University of Calgary 

  1. The University of Calgary has 5 campuses and 14 faculties, offering 250+ study programs. 
  2. Students can obtain a my student plan card, which covers mental health, dental health, medicines, and more.
  3. The employment rate after graduation is 94%, promising ample job opportunities for graduates.
  4. The University offers many paid internships, practicums, and co-ops for hands-on experience and networking.
  5. First-year students can apply for on-campus accommodation, and the university offers an All You Care To Eat meal plan. 
  6. The minimum DET score is 110.

University of Ottawa 

  1. The University of Ottawa offers a total of 550 undergraduate and graduate programs.
  2. It provides the French Immersion Stream with 75 programs and separate scholarships.
  3. The employment rate for graduates is 97%. 
  4. The University of Ottawa has numerous on-campus residences and over 100 student clubs and organizations. 
  5. The minimum DET score is 120.

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Duolingo Syllabus
Duolingo test pattern

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Top Duolingo-Accepting Colleges in Canada for Bachelors & Masters

Note that only universities offer master's degree programs in Canada.

College NamePopular Courses
Centennial College
  • Business Administration
  • Nursing
  • Media Studies
  • Computer Engineering Technology
Humber College 
  • Data Communications Engineering Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Business Accounting
  • Graphic Design
Douglas College 
  • Business Law
  • Marketing
  • Bachelors Of Performing Art
  • Hospitality Management
George Brown College 
  • Computer Programming
  • Applied A.I. Solutions Development
  • Financial Services
  • Practical Nursing
Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Animation(Advanced Diploma)
  • Broadcasting - Television and Radio
  • Computer Programming
  • Practical Nursing

Source: University Websites

Benefits of Taking Duolingo Test 

Given below are the benefits of taking Duolingo test:

  1. Affordability The DET test is cost-effective and affordable compared to other English language tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.
  2. Convenience Students can take the test online anywhere, anytime—no travelling to a test center or appointment is needed
  3. Fast Results Students can get results within 48 hours of completing the test, and share them with anyone, immediately.
  4. Easy to Understand The Duolingo English test is designed to be easily understood by the test takers and accessible to anyone, regardless of background or language proficiency level.

Duolingo Exam Score Breakup

After taking the Duolingo English Test, you will receive an overall score and sub scores that assess your proficiency in specific areas of English. The scores range from 10 to 160. A higher score indicates greater proficiency. If you want to get admission to any Duolingo-accepted university in Canada, like the University of Alberta, aim for a score of 120 or more.

 For every Duolingo test, there are 4 different sub-scores which include: 

  • Literacy: Assesses your reading comprehension and grammar skills.
  • Production: Evaluates your writing skills, including grammar, vocabulary usage, and sentence organization.
  • Comprehension: Examines your ability to read and listen to English.
  • Conversation: Tests your fluency and speaking skills.

Visa Requirements for Duolingo-Accepted Universities in Canada

If you want to study at Duolingo-accepted universities in Canada, here are the requirements you need to fulfill to obtain the Canadian student visa: 

  • You should have a valid passport. 
  • Submit an acceptance letter from the DLI.
  • Evidence of financial support.
  • Have Duolingo test scores.
  • Take the medical exam and prove that you are in good health.
  • You should follow the rules and should not have any criminal history.
  • You should prove to the authorized officer that once your student visa expires, you will leave Canada.

Some Tips for Scoring Well on the Duolingo Test

Obtaining a high score on the Duolingo test is crucial for enrolling in Duolingo-accepted universities in Canada for master's and bachelor’s. Check out the below tips for scoring well on the Duolingo test:

  1. Practice Regularly: Set aside time every day to improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.
  2. Expand Your Vocabulary:  Learn new words and practice using them in your daily life. Talk in English as much as possible to strengthen your skills.
  3. Engage With English Media: Watch English movies and TV shows and listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Pay attention to pronunciation and accents. 
  4. Take Practice Tests: Attempt mock tests and identify the areas that need improvement.
  5. Manage Your Test: Practice managing your time during mock tests. As the Duolingo test is time-based, getting comfortable working with the time limits is crucial.


In conclusion, the list of top Duolingo accepted universities in Canada for 2024 signifies Canada's progressive approach towards inclusive and accessible higher education. This acceptance marks a shift in recognizing diverse methods of English language proficiency, catering to the needs of a global student body. For international students, this provides a flexible and convenient option to fulfill English language requirements, especially beneficial for those facing challenges in accessing traditional tests like TOEFL or IELTS.

FAQs on Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada

Which colleges accept Duolingo in Canada?

Several high-ranked Canadian colleges and universities accept Duolingo scores, including Humber College, Centennial College, George Brown College, Douglas College, and many others. A DET score of approximately 125 is considered good enough for admission.

Is the Duolingo English test accepted in Canada?

Yes, Duolingo English test is accepted in Canada for admission by several universities. It is even accepted when issuing the study permit.

Is Duolingo test valid for Canada study visa?

Yes, the Duolingo test is accepted by the Canadian government to issue study permits. However, it may vary on a case-to-case basis.

For example: If you have applied for your study permit via the traditional visa method and your DLI (Designated Learning Institute) has issued you an acceptance letter based on your Duolingo score, you will not be required to take any other English language test. 

But if you have applied through the SDS (Student Direct Stream) route, you will need to furnish your IELTS score card. 

Does the University of Toronto accept the Duolingo Exam?

Yes, the University of Toronto accepts the Duolingo English Test for admissions!. They require a minimum overall score of 120, with no sub score falling below 100.

Does Canada accept the Duolingo exam for PR?

No, Canada does not currently accept the Duolingo English Test for permanent residency (PR) applications. IRCC only accepts scores from specific in-person tests like IELTS or CELPIP.

How can I take the Duolingo test?

Follow these steps to take the Duolingo test -

Step 1: Create a Duolingo account and sign in

Step 2: Click on ‘Take the Test’ button

Step 3: Select your desired language, set a start time, and pay for the test.

Step 4: On the test day, Click on the unique test link and follow the instructions

Step 5: Answer multiple-choice questions, written responses, and record yourself speaking.

Step 6: After completing the task, submit your answer.

How much Duolingo score is required for Canada?

While the Duolingo score ranges from 10-160, Canadian universities typically require 120 or higher. However, it can vary depending on the institution or program.

Is a passport required for the Duolingo exam?

No, a passport isn’t mandatory. When registering for the test, you can use any valid government-issued ID with a photo.

What are the popular Duolingo-accepting universities in Canada?

Some of the popular Duolingo-accepting universities in Canada include the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta and many others. You can have a deeper understanding of the Duolingo-accepting universities by going through the section ‘Top Duolingo-Accepting Universities in Canada for Bachelors & Masters’.

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