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GMAT Preparation Books: Guide to GMAT Study Materials

Updated on 12 October, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Best Books to Prepare For GMAT

Manhattan Prep Complete GMAT Strategy Guides

The set of books contains all the information and preparation material relevant to the GMAT exam. The ten guides in Manhattan Prep Complete GMAT series range cover all the GMAT segments. From integrated reasoning to writing assessment, you can quickly strengthen your skills and score high. You can buy the books individually or in a bundle and gain access to one year of web study material along with practice tests. If you want to build your reasoning foundations, get a Manhattan guide, and start preparing.

GMAT Official Guide 

GMAT is one of the most detailed books that will help in understanding the basic concepts. The guide consists of more than 950 questions, including verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and more. The books are updated as per the syllabus and pattern, so you will not miss any new changes. Along with the GMAT official guide, you will access online learning material consisting of additional essay questions to practice, advice, and tips from previous candidates in video format.

Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus series

Rated as the best book for GMAT quantitative section, the books include the exam content only, excluding unnecessary concepts and questions. The math and verbal guide will help you strengthen your basics fundamentally. The quantitative section is quite strong and easily explained in this book. Overall, the Kaplan GMAT book is the most sought-after and highly reviewed book by all the previous test-takers.

GMAT for Dummies

As the name suggests, GMAT is one of the best GMAT books for self-study of every test-taker interested in knowing every GMAT exam detail. The books put forth extra focus on the strategies and tips on eliminating wrong options and tackling the questions without losing any score. The set includes online practice sheets and flashcards. The GMAT for Dummies book is the best pick for referencing and starting your practice from the scratch.

Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set

Veritas is a household name among GMAT test-takers. The book explains each section and questions in utmost detail. The practice questions are complex and provide a fair idea of the questions asked in the exam. With Veritas Prep Book, you will get access to practice tests, 1000+ practice questions, and an in-depth guide to different business schools around the world.

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GMAT exam structure- exam format, questions, and score breakdown

The GMAT is divided in four sections-

  • Verbal Skills
  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative
Verbal Skills3665 minutes
Analytical Writing Assessment130 minutes
Integrated Reasoning1230 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning3162 minutes


GMAT Score Structure

SectionGMAT Score
Integrated Reasoning1-8
Verbal Skills6-51 scaled score
Analytical Writing Assessment0-6 half point increments
Quantitative Reasoning6-51 scaled score


GMAT Exam Pattern

Verbal Skills

This section of GMAT gauges a candidate’s comprehension and grammatical skills. The questions are related to critical reasoning, sentence correction and reading comprehension. 

Verbal Section1
Total Questions36
Duration65 minutes
Score range6-51


Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative section of the GMAT measures a candidate’s mathematical skills. It analyzes problem-solving skills, questions related to algebra, interpreting graphic data, reasoning ability and more.

Quantitative section1
Total Questions37
Duration75 minutes
Score range6-51


Analytical Writing Assessment

This section helps to gauge the candidate’s writing skills. The candidate must write an essay within a fixed time limit. The essay is mostly related to economy or business as the test is for enrolling in business schools. Make sure to follow the guidelines while attempting the essay.

Total Questions1
Score range0-6 half point increments


Integrated Reasoning

The integrated Reasoning section checks the candidate’s ability to develop different strategies, scrutinize information received by several resources and then reach a decision. 

Total Questions12
Duration 30
Score range1-8


Study Abroad Preparation Course

What does the Course include:

  • 12 Weeks of Dedicated Coaching to Build a robust profile for Top 1% Universities
  • SOP & Personal Statements For Academic Writing
  • 25 hours of live online classes with mock tests for IELTS
  • Visa, University Application & Submission
  • Country-specific Support with Education loan Guidance
  • International Faculty Masterclass

Important Resources For Duolingo & TOEFL Exam

Duolingo Exam Eligibility

The Duolingo English test does not require any academic transcripts or certificates for qualification. Anyone willing to assess his/her English language proficiency can take the test from any part of the world.

Duolingo English Test Eligibility

Duolingo Exam Pattern

The Duolingo English test pattern is planned and designed using Data Forensics and Artificial Intelligence technology to maintain the clarity of the test.

Duolingo English Test Pattern


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