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GRE AWA Essays - Your Guide

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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To earn a great result on the Analytical Writing section of the GRE, you'll need to invest a lot of effort if you're not proficient at writing essays. Critical thinking and analytical writing abilities are tested GRE AWA essay. You will be assessed on your ability to articulate your thoughts clearly and think critically while maintaining an oriented and logical discussion. It is evident from these criteria that you need to go through some sample write-ups to understand the pattern.

In addition to reading GRE sample essays, you should search for topics to write your GRE sample essays and get them reviewed. GRE sample essays can be found on a wide range of websites that can help you improve your writing. Here's how to write a GRE AWA essay and get into a competitive graduate program.

GRE Section of Analytical Writing

The GRE Analytical Writing section is a significant part of the exam, and it's essential to know what this is all about and why it is important.

There are two kinds of questions in the GRE Analytical Writing section:

a) Analyze an Issue (Analytical Writing Assessment - AWA)- 30 minutes

b) Analyze an Argument- 30 minutes

The following are the objectives of this assessment:

● The ability to convey complex ideas clearly and effectively.

● An explanation or example is needed to support a concept.

● Examine assertions and supporting evidence for validity.

● Ensuring your argument is focused and well-articulated.

● Check grammar, vocabulary, and logic of written English.

Consequently, the Analytical Writing score assists in determining students who will excel in-class tasks such as presentations, projects, and papers.

In simple terms, university professors want to test that their students will generate, evaluate, and articulate complicated ideas on paper.

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The GRE essay's format is based on the idea that you must be able to develop a strong thesis statement and then defend it in a series of paragraphs.

● Each part has a time restriction of 30 minutes. This is the first portion of the exam, and you cannot skip it and come back to it later because of the way the test is structured.

● In most cases, the subject assigned is a statement of a general character.

● You'll be judged on your ability to think critically and express your point of view on the subject at hand.

● You'll need to include relevant examples and facts to support your statement, and you'll need to organize your explanation following the task's specific requirements.

● You can't get a handle on what's expected of you if you don't study GRE sample essays.

In the sections that follow, we'll go over each of these assignments in more detail:

Analyze an Issue

The "Analyze an Issue" job will provide you with an opinion. Any broad issue, such as technology, economics, health, etc., might be the subject of this viewpoint. But don't be concerned if you don't have a lot of background knowledge in these areas. If you're a regular reader of the news, coming up with an answer should be easy. This viewpoint is followed by a series of guidelines that explain how you should reply to it. All you have to do is assess the situation, form an opinion, and then back up your viewpoint with specific reasons and examples.

Analyze an Argument

On the other hand, Analyze an Argument asks you to analyze both sides of an argument based on explicit directions. As a result, you'll have to evaluate an idea rationally rather than just agreeing or disagreeing with it. If you're a regular reader of the news, you'll have no problem responding.

When it comes to grading, what exactly do they look for?

Despite their apparent similarity, graders approach these two types of essays differently. During the "Analyze an Issue" assessment, they examine if a student is proficient in doing so:

● Clearly expresses one's thoughts about the subject matter.

● Comes up with solid reasons and proof to back up their assertions.

● Can maintain an orderly, well-focused analysis that logically connects concepts.

● Effectively and creatively communicates concepts.

For the "Analyze an Argument" activity, they check to verify whether a student-created argument has been analyzed:

● Clarifies one's position on the matter at hand.

● Aspirants can present concepts in a logical, coherent, and well-connected manner.

● The ability to defend a position using well-reasoned arguments and examples

● Effectively communicates concepts via the use of appropriate terminology and a diverse range of sentence constructions.

● There are several noticeable patterns here: evaluators are looking for individuals that have a high vocabulary, clear decision-making skills, rational cognitive processes, and cogent expression.

With regards to the GRE Analytical Writing portion, here are a few pointers:

● A common essay format is, to begin with, a strong opening paragraph, followed by an explanation of the problem, an explanation of the solution, and a conclusion. 

● Each paragraph should have a certain focus, and the sequence in which they are written isn't important.

● An extended example or many examples may be used as evidence to back up your statement. Without them, your argument will appear feeble.

● The first step is to write the essay in its entirety. Now is not the time to listen to your critical mind. After you've completed your first piece, you can always return and modify it.

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