Student Visa for the UK- Complete Guide

student visa for united kingdom

Applying for a student visa for the UK is not as complicated as you think. Yes, there are some guidelines to be followed throughout the procedure, but these are easily achievable. 

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Student visa for the UK- Categories

There are several categories for student visa for the UK from India. These are the Tier 4 or General Student Visa, and this is for those students coming for higher studies to the country and the minimum age required to apply for this visa is at least 16 years. The Tier 4 Child student visa is for kids between 4-15 years coming to the country for education at independent schools. Enrolling in any bachelorā€™s degree course or higher program at an institution in the UK listed in the UKBA Sponsor List or recognized body list will enable you to work full-time during the holidays and up to 20 hours each week in general. There is also a two-year after-study work visa which has been reinstated by the Government for all international students.

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Student Visa for UK from India- Applicable Costs

Along with looking for how to get a student visa for the UK, you should keep an eye on the costs in advance as well. The student visa fees for the UK (Tier 4 General) are approximately Ā£348 or INR 35,000. Payments can be done through Visa or MasterCard or even via demand draft at the application centre and select Standard Chartered bank branches. Cash payments are also accepted at these locations. 

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How to get student visa for UK- Necessary Documents

There are several UK student visa requirements for Indian students. You will have to furnish these below documents prior to the application: 

  1. Filled up form for visa application. 
  2. Letter of acceptance to the course in the UK or CAS along with the visa letter. The visa letter must be used by a maximum of 6 months before applying. The applications where letters are more than 6 months old will be rejected. 
  3. You should furnish proof of funds or guaranteed money for covering tuition fees and living costs for the first year and a maximum of nine months respectively. The amount will depend on the location and course. You should demonstrate proof of holding this money for a period of 28 days. The conclusion of this tenure should not be a month prior to the application date. You should furnish proof of Ā£12,006 in London for 9 months or Ā£9,207 if you are studying outside London approximately. This does not include tuition fees.
  4. Other Essential Documents- Payslips, confirmation receipt of visa fee payments, original mark sheet or provisional certificate and score sheet for examinations such as IELTS, GMAT or TOEFL. 

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Student visa for the UK- Application Procedure

Here are the steps for applying for the UK student visa: 

  1. Check if you are eligible for the visa. You should have a confirmed letter of acceptance and position at the university, college, or school where you wish to pursue further education. It is known as CAS (confirmation of acceptance for studies). You should also show ample money or maintenance funds for covering the cost of tuition fees and living expenses in the United Kingdom. 
  2. Once you are sure about your eligibility, you should prepare all your supporting documents. 
  3. Apply online for the UK student visa. You must register and build your online account on the official UK Visa portal. Upon completing the application form, print it out and sign it. Thereafter, book your appointment at the application centre. The application number will be sent to you via email. 
  4. Pay the visa application charges. You can pay through four methods, i.e., paying at Standard Chartered Bank (select branches and a demand draft will be issued in favour of The British High Commission by the institution) or a demand draft from any foreign or nationalized banking institution. The charges will vary for this service. The draft should again be in favour of The British High Commission. You can also pay the fee at the application centre along with submitting your documents. You can pay online through MasterCard or Visa debit/credit cards as well. 
  5. Go to your application centre on the appointment date and at the time scheduled. You should book your appointment and turn up for submitting the facial photograph, application, and the fingerprints. 

The visa system for the UK is based on points and you should adhere to all Immigration regulations with 40 points in all. There are 30 points for students possessing a confirmation of acceptance for their studies which is valid and comes from a suitably licensed sponsor (Tier 4). There are 10 points for possessing ample money for covering costs of tuition and living expenditure alike. 

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The UK Visa Application- Dependents and their procedures

The applicantā€™s children and spouse will be eligible for dependent visas for the same tenure as him/her. This applies only for masterā€™s degree courses in the UK. Undergraduates are not allowed to take dependents along with them. The dependent applications will be done in the form of dependent on a Points Based System migrant. Every dependent will have to fill up a dedicated application form and pay fees separately. An additional amount of Ā£845 (in London) or Ā£680 (outside of London) will have to be shown per dependent for every month till a maximum of 9 months. Scholarships may be used for covering these funds for dependents if they have already been obtained. 

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Student Visa for UK- Where to Apply

You can apply for a student visa for UK online and the link is the following- You will have to visit the following VFS Global Visa application centres in Delhi for the biometrics interview: 

  1. VGS Global Services Pvt. Ltd. 
  2. Shivaji Stadium, Metro Station 
  3. Mezzanine Floor, Baba Kadak Singh Marg
  4. Connaught Place 

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Here are the contact details of Consulates and Embassies of the UK where you can apply:

  1. British High Commission- Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021
  2. British Deputy High Commission-20 Anderson Road, Chennai-600006 
  3. British Deputy High Commission- C/32, G Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai, Bandra East-400051
  4. British Deputy High Commission- 1A, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata-700071

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