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MBA In Hospital Administration In UK – A Guide

Updated on 10 October, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

Hospital Administration encompasses overlooking the smooth operation of a hospital or healthcare system. Individuals who opt for this specialization need to master management, leadership, and communication skills.


To pursue this field, students consider several foreign universities. The United Kingdom is one such popular destination given it is home to world-class universities.

With exceptional career prospects and a prospering economy, studying MBA in hospital administration in the UK remains the first choice for students. Additionally, the fact that international students receive benefits from various government programs is a bonus.

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Course brief

The areas of study under MBA in hospital administration in the UK vary based on the university and curriculum. Both local and international students can anticipate exploring fields such as:

1. Finance, Marketing and Accounting

2. Strategy Healthcare Management

3. Leading and Managing Healthcare Organization Resources

4. Advancing Professional Decision Making

The courses provided by universities offering MBA in hospital administration in the UK thus help students in building several industry-specific skills. These include time management, team management, flexibility, and more that are needed for a successful academic life in Hospital Administration.

Top universities offering MBA in Hospital Administration in the UK

As a universal pharmaceutical leader, UK’s Healthcare industry is unmatched. As such, a few of the best universities that offer MBA in hospital administration in the UK are:

1. University of Bedfordshire

2. Anglia Ruskin University

3. University of Exeter

4. Coventry University

5. York St John University

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Specialization programs for MBA in Hospital Administration in the UK

A specialization program for MBA in Hospital Administration leads students towards strategizing business frameworks for the healthcare industry.

It is the ideal course for individuals looking for a multifaceted career that involves saving lives. Generally, most Hospital Administration programs require two years for completion, but it may vary across universities.

Additionally, universities offering MBA in hospital administration in the UK provide numerous specializations such as:

1. Hospital Services Management

2. Health and Social Care MBA

3. Healthcare Management

4. Global Healthcare and Leadership

Levels of education

Most Hospital Administration courses in the UK, also called Healthcare Management, are primarily available as Master in Business Administration (MBA). However, several programs are taught also as a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree or an apprenticeship.

MBA in Hospital Administration course fees in the UK

The fee for Hospital Administration in the UK varies across different colleges in the UK. Some of the fees for the top universities in the UK are as follows:

Name of institution

Course name

Fees in GBP (INR)

University of Bedfordshire

MBA in Hospital and Health Services ManagementGBP 14,550 (INR 14,55,800)
Anglia Ruskin UniversityMBA in Healthcare Management

GBP 17,200 (INR 17,20,900)

University of Exeter

Master in Public Health

GBP 23,000 (per year)


(INR 23,01,200)

Coventry UniversityMBA in Global Healthcare Management and Leadership

GBP 20,500 (per year)

(INR 20,51,100)

York St John University

MBA in Healthcare ManagementGBP 10,800 (INR 10,80,600)
University College LondonMBA in Health

GBP 45,000 (INR 45,02,300)

Job Opportunities

Job prospects for an MBA in Hospital Administration are vast in the UK. Graduates of this educational program primarily find employment in the healthcare industry. Their skillset authorizes them to bag jobs in different fields, including Social Welfare, Public Health, and Management.

Traditionally, MBA graduates in Hospital Administration pursue roles like that of Healthcare Administrators, Healthcare Managers, Epidemiologists, Facility Managers, Biostatisticians, Health Information Managers, and Public Health Educators.

In terms of job opportunities, apart from NHS, Greenwich Council and Global Data, the graduates of this degree can work with major brands and organizations such as:

1. Siemens

2. Apollo

3. Abbott

4. WHO


6. Cipla

7. Glenmark

8. Pfizer

9. J&J

10. Portea

11. Fortis

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Expected remuneration

On average, an MBA in Hospital Administration in UK earns around GBP 1,11,000 (INR 1,10,96,800) per year. Needless to say, this figure is estimated based on an individual’s experience. For instance, a clinical director can expect to pocket an amount of GBP 2,20,000 (INR 2,19,93,500) each year, at least.

Other than that, here are a few other roles and their estimated average salaries:

1. Community Relations Manager: GBP 90,400 (INR 90,37,400)

2. Emergency Management Director: GBP 2,07,000 (INR 2,06,93,900)

3. Food Services Director: GBP 1,04,000 (INR 1,03,97,000)

4. Medical Administrator: GBP 88,900 (INR 88,87,400)

5. Practice Manager: GBP 1,62,000 (INR 1,61,95,300)

Thus, with exceptional opportunities for students coming from abroad and government measures that ease their stay, the UK is the best place for an academic aspirer. Furthermore, high living standards and a prospering economy comfort those seeking to relocate for educational purposes.

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Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

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