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How to get a scholarship for MS in the UK?

Updated on 18 April, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

A scholarship for MS in the UK is not impossible for international students, neither is it some rocket science. Yes, eligibility criteria are there across multiple scholarship-awarding bodies and institutions. However, that does not mean that you will never be able to get through.



Sometimes, studying in the UK may be a costly affair, especially for international students. Hence, applying for, and getting a scholarship for MS in the UK for Indian students will automatically lift the financial burden on your shoulders. 

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How to get a scholarship for MS in the UK? 

Wondering how to get a scholarship for MS in the UK? You should first check all scholarships available, and whether your country is eligible for some, if not all of them. Secondly, check the application timelines and eligibility since institutions have varying deadlines for granting scholarships. Once you have narrowed down a list of scholarships, Commonwealth funding schemes, or special options like Chevening scholarships, start the application process directly. 

A scholarship is often the best option to study abroad for international students unable to pay the entire tuition fees at one go. If you plan properly, you can apply for several scholarships in advance. Some of the top choices include British Chevening Scholarships, A.S. Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship, GREAT Scholarships, Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship, Felix Scholarship, Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships, Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships, Scotland Saltire Scholarships, Inlaks Scholarships, and more. 

Scholarships in UK

Scholarships in the UK for International Students

There are multiple options if you are looking for a scholarship for master’s in the UK for Indian students. There are several scholarships, grants, and bursaries available from the UK Government as well. You can go to the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) site for more information on your eligibility. Many universities also provide full funding for students. 

Here’s taking a look at several categories of scholarships: 

  • GREAT: 300+ GREAT scholarship programs are provided by 40+ universities in the UK for international students. 
  • Scotland Saltire Scholarships: Postgraduate scholarships in fields like technology, science, healthcare, creative fields, medical sciences, and renewable/clean energy. 
  • Commonwealth Scholarships: Available for master’s courses at various institutions. 
  • British Council: STEM scholarships for women pursuing master’s courses in engineering, science, technology, or mathematics. 
  • Young Cell Scheme: Scholarships for postgraduate courses within the European Union (EU). 
  • Marshall Scholarship: Funding for master’s courses at almost all the UK universities. 
  • Chevening Scholarship: Those eligible can apply with undergraduate degrees, two years of work experience, and the English language requirement. 

Tips to get UK Scholarships

Here are some points that you should keep in mind: 

  • Do your research on the universities where you are eligible and their criteria. 
  • Start searching for scholarships available for Indian students. 
  • Scholarships may be course, program, background, or even location-based. Do your homework likewise. 
  • Scholarship applications are only possible after you get your letter of acceptance. You should always have minimum funds to cover the initial tuition and travel costs. 
  • You will find scholarships at several institutions, foundations, and websites along with Government organizations. Go beyond your university or institution for finding available scholarships. 
  • Even if you can get a smaller grant for study materials or tertiary costs, go for it right away. It will reduce some costs when you are in the UK.
  • Apply for multiple scholarships after making a list. Have all the suitable documents at hand and write compelling essays to support your claims. 
  • In your application essay or letter, state why you are deserving of the scholarship. List all your academic credentials, extra-curricular achievements, work experience details, prizes, and information about your background, if required. 
  • Always keep the application deadlines in mind. Stay in contact with the international office of your university and your counselor. 
  • Keep multiple records and copies of your documents including proof of sufficient funds. 
  • Always have a backup plan without depending solely on getting a scholarship. 
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List of Scholarships for Indian Students

Here are some of the top options for Indian students to consider: 

  • Anglia Ruskin University: £1,000 as a discount for early payments of complete tuition fees. £400 as a discount if paid within a particular duration. £1,000-2,000 or INR 1-2 Lakh as International Merit Scholarship for those securing First Class in Bachelor’s programs. International Excellence scholarship of £4,000 or INR 4 lakh (approx). Same amount for MBA scholarship (one-year course) or £2,000 for MBA courses of two years with placements (approx INR 2 lakh). 
  • Aston University: £2,000 and £5,000 as Global Excellence Awards or roughly INR 2 lakh and INR 5 lakh respectively. The student should meet CGPA criteria in the undergraduate course. 
  • Brunel University: £1,500, £3,000 and £6,000 as scholarship amounts in various categories. This is equivalent to INR 1.5 lakh, INR 3 lakh and INR 6 lakh respectively. 
  • Durham University: £4,000 or INR 4 lakh (approx) as the Vice Chancellor’s India Scholarship. 
  • Cardiff University: £5,000 or INR 5 lakh (approx). 
  • Glasgow University: £8,000 or INR 8 lakh (approx). £1,600 and £2,600 are offered for one and two years respectively (INR 1.6 lakh and INR 2.6 lakh) in the case of PG students. Postgraduate scholarships for MSc in Fashion Marketing up to £7,500 (approx. INR 7.5 lakh). Postgraduate Ambassador Scholarship of £15,000 or INR 15 lakh (approx) as coverage for total tuition costs. 
  • Kingston University: £2,000 or INR 2 lakh (approx) as scholarship amount. 
  • Longborough University: 10-20% of scholarships for postgraduate courses and students should get 60-70% in their undergraduate courses. 
  • Manchester Metropolitan University: £3,000 (INR 3 lakh approx) for postgraduate students. 
  • Middlesex University: £500 (INR 50,000) to £3,000 (INR 3 lakh). 
  • Newcastle University: Fully funded scholarships, seven of which are available in a year. 
  • University of London: Computer Science, RHBNC Trust, Manju Mehrotra, Bedford Society, and other scholarships. Amounts vary between £2,000 and £12,000 (INR 2 lakh to INR 12 lakh approx). 
  • Sheffield University: £3,000 or INR 3 lakh (approx) as VC’s awards and 50% discount for postgraduate students under the Transform Together program. 
  • Staffordshire University: £2,000 or INR 2 lakh (approx) as a SMART scholarship. 
  • University of Brighton: £2,500 or INR 2.5 lakh (approx) in international scholarships. 
  • University of Bristol: Think Big Scholarships with funding going up to £20,000 or INR 20 lakh (approx). 
  • The University of Exeter-Great Scholarship: £10,000 or INR 10 lakh in scholarship amounts. 
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Some other options for Indian students: 

  • The University of Gloucestershire: £1,200 or INR 1.2 lakh approximately in funding. 
  • The University of Reading: £4,000 or INR 4 lakh as scholarship amount. 
  • The University of Surrey: £2,500 or INR 2.5 lakh (approx). 
  • University of Sussex: £1,500-5,000 or INR 1.5-5 lakh in scholarship funding. 
  • The University of Westminster: £2,000 or INR 2 lakh in the International Postgraduate Part Fee Scholarship. 
  • The University of York: £7,500 or INR 7.5 lakh in scholarship funding (Be Exceptional scholarship program) and £20,000 or INR 20 lakh in the Vice Chancellor’s scholarship. 
  • University of Salford: £3,000-3,500 or INR 3-3.5 lakh in scholarship funding. 
  • University of South Wales: Chancellor’s International Development Scholarship up to £2,500 (INR 2.5 lakh approx)
  • The University of Bradford: £3,500 or INR 3.5 lakh (approx) as Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Indian applicants. MA Filmmaking Scholarship up to £5,000 or INR 5 lakh (approx). 
  • The University of Bath: £5,000 or INR 5 lakh (approx) in Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence and also for Global Leaders Scholarship.
  • The University of Stirling: £4,000 or INR 4 lakh (approx) for PG students. 
  • University of Dundee: £5,000 or INR 5 lakh (approx) for PG applicants. 
  • The University of Essex: Master’s scholarships available for international applicants. 
  • Goldsmith University: PG Scholarships including India Creative Economy scholarships in association with the British Council. Full tuition costs are covered and eligibility criteria include those who are pursuing programs like MA in Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship, Arts Administration & Cultural Policy, Tourism & Cultural Policy, and Cultural Policy, Relations & Diplomacy. 
  • The University of Lancaster: £2,000-8,000 (INR 2-8 lakh approx) for scholarships in business school. Up to £5,000 or INR 5 lakh (approx) for Master’s courses as per FHM, FST and FASS faculties at the institution. 
  • The University of Chester: £2,000 or INR 2 lakh (approx) for postgraduate scholarships and an additional £1,000 or INR 1 lakh (approx) upon merit. £2,000 (INR 2 lakh approx) in guaranteed funding for international MBA students with the same £1,000 (INR 1 lakh approx) available for meritorious students. £2,000 or INR 2 lakh (approx) + £1,000 or INR 1 lakh (additional) for meritorious students of MA in Social Work.

The same system is followed for granting scholarships in M.Sc in Wildlife Conservation and MA in Art Therapy. An international scholarship of £2,000 or INR 2 lakh (approx) is also available for all students in PG courses. 

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How difficult is it to get a scholarship for MS in the UK?

Obtaining a scholarship for studying MS in the UK is not a cakewalk by any means. It is difficult to get a scholarship under various eligibility criteria and other requirements. Some scholarships are granted only for specific courses or for fixed periods. At the same time, scholarship recipients cannot change to other courses or fields of study in many scenarios. With proper planning, a good academic record and meeting the eligibility criteria, international students, including aspirants from India, can obtain scholarships for studying MS in the UK.

How much scholarship can I get for MS in the UK?

The scholarship amount varies from one institution to another. The minimum amounts may be £500 or INR 50,000 (approx) or £1,000 (INR 1 lakh approx). The amounts may also increase to £20,000 or INR 20 lakh, as coverage for tuition and living costs in some cases. In many scenarios, institutions usually grant scholarships to cover at least a year of study.

Can I get a 100% scholarship for M.S. in the UK?

100% scholarships are not always available for studying MS in the UK. In most cases, tuition fees for a year are covered along with living costs. Some institutions do offer 50% scholarships, while some offer up to 25%. At the same time, a few scholarships do offer funding up to 85-90%, although it is subject to various criteria, including the length of the course, nature of the course, institution, and other factors. There are other differences as well; some scholarships may cover your tuition costs only, while some have provisions for funding airfare and living costs too.

How much CGPA is required for scholarship in the UK?

Many countries evaluate degrees through GPA or grade point averages. This is the average score obtained by the student in all courses within the overall educational program. British universities have a system known as degree classification. The final degree is given on the basis of the following criteria:

1. An honors first-class degree is the highest one in the slab, usually indicating 70% marks at least 2. Upper second-class Honors degrees indicate marks of at least 60%. 3. Lower second-class Honors degrees usually indicate 50% of marks at least. 4. A third-class Honors degree means 40% of marks as a minimum score. 5. Pass degrees note marks of 35% at least. For getting admission into MS courses in the UK, you will need a score equivalent to at least 50% in some courses. For most popular and acclaimed courses, you will need 60-70% marks or a score equivalent to upper second class or first class honors degree scores. You can work out your CGPA scores accordingly for matching them with the classification system followed in the UK.

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