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Job Opportunities in India after MS from UK – Salary & More

Updated on 21 March, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

With each passing year, there is a significant rise in the number of Indians who wish to go abroad for their higher education. Students aspiring to finish their higher education overseas are anxious to learn about their prospects once they return home. Many Indian students opt for an MS from UK and seek to build a successful career in their respective fields. Job opportunities in India after MS from UK is a matter of debate for a while, and in this article, we shall help clear all doubts on the subject.

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Suppose you wish to pursue your higher education in the UK. In that case, you need to clearly understand what the country offers regarding the quality of teaching, the on-campus experiences, and the job prospects you have once you return to your home country, India, in the context to this article.

Why MS from UK?

 a) Learning from the best:

The UK has some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities considered elite in science. Being at the centre of the education world, the country’s universities attract the most brilliant minds on their teaching panel and boast innumerable Nobel Laureates as faculty members.  Interestingly, it was concluded by a study conducted by the British Council in 2015 that 38% of all Nobel Laureates who finished their education abroad attended a university in the UK, which is more than any other country in the world. The 2015 British Council Student Insight Survey identified the quality of teaching, job prospects, global recognition of the degrees, and reputation of the universities as the four prime factors that bring in a massive number of international students to the country each year.

b) Campus Life:

Students from across the globe aspire to enrol at a university in the UK. The country hosts the brightest minds from across borders who come and form a global community to which any student is lucky to belong. The campus life at these universities is renowned and holistically elevates your stay there.

c) Job Prospects:

A higher education degree from the UK naturally places you at the forefront when applying for jobs anywhere. Besides the theoretical knowledge you gain while in university, the intellectual grooming you receive is also sought after by recruiters from various industries.

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Top Recruiters in India for MS in the UK Graduates

In today’s world, where every second person has a graduation degree, you must set your resume apart. Hence, it is a well-known fact that a higher degree lines your career path with golden choices, and if one succeeds in achieving a post-graduate education from the west, there is an immediate enhancement of their resume. A Masters Degree from the UK is a matter of pride and is highly regarded in India when assessing a candidate for employment. Several factors play a vital role to employers in India when they choose to hire someone with such a qualification.  

Since globalization, India has always held its head high in science. It continues to thrive and make significant contributions in sectors of Information Technology, Medicine, and Telecommunication, among others. The country constantly needs bright young minds with specialized skill sets. India is rapidly becoming an international technology hub, all thanks to the abundance of highly skilled professionals that the country is home, which is growing at 7% each year.

Listed below are some of the pioneering companies in IT that hire candidates who have finished their Masters in Science from the UK:  

Besides IT, there are several other career opportunities to consider after finishing their masters in science. Below are some job opportunities after MS in India:

Research ScientistA Research Scientist plays the role of designing and analyzing the information gathered from controlled experiments and lab-based investigation. One can choose to apply for a job with a government branch or an environmental organization, etc.
Junior Research FellowThis role is often taken up by candidates after finishing their MS and pursuing a Ph.D. program. The job includes research, publishing scientific work and its conclusive results, etc.
MathematicianA mathematician makes use of advanced theories and Mathematical techniques in developing and understanding mathematical principles to solve real-world problems in engineering, government, business, social sciences, etc. 
BiochemistA biochemist’s role is key in developing medicines that fight various diseases. A biochemist is required to analyze DNA, enzymes, and other molecules for researching the effects of drugs and food on our biological processes.
Food & Drug InspectorThe primary role of a food and drug inspector is to ensure that products are safe for human consumption. They are also known as quality control inspectors. They are expected to examine food or pharmaceuticals at different stages of their manufacturing process and see that quality standards are being met.
Chemical AnalystA chemical analyst is a professional responsible for collecting information about the composition of various chemical substances, and lab processes as well as communicating this information via the mediums of science, engineering, and mathematics.
TeacherAn MS graduate can opt for a teaching job in their respective Science subject. However, one prerequisite is for them to earn a B. Ed before applying.

Job Opportunities in India after MS from the UK

Here are some of the top hiring organizations in India, besides the IT industry, that employs candidates after they finish their MS.

  • FSSAI  
  • CSIR Institutes
  • Biocon 
  • Indian Immunologicals Ltd.
  • Pepsi Co
  • Sun Pharma
  • NextGen Life Sciences
  • Coca Cola        
  • Bharat Serums & Vaccines
  • Cargo  
  • Novozymes     
  • Panacea
  • IQVIA   
  • ICAR Institutes 

Highest Paying Jobs in India after MS from the UK

We had come a long way from the days when the only high-paying jobs after an MS in India were those of a doctor, engineer, or government officer. The Indian hiring market has seen a sea of change and there now exists a plethora of jobs a candidate can seek to enjoy a successful career. With the global markets opening up and the country making steady progress towards a more technological future, India now offers plenty of opportunities to those seeking jobs after they finish their MS in the UK and wish to return to their homeland. Gone are those days when a student studying abroad was compelled to stay back in a foreign country to recover the vast expense that they had to bear.

Let’s take a look at a few high paying jobs after MS in India as of 2021. 

1. Data Science

It is one term that has gained significant popularity in the recent past. Data scientists are analytical experts who use social science with technology to establish trends and manage data—this aids in analyzing raw data available and solving critical problems in business. Data scientists also create customized statistical models and algorithms based on end-user behaviour.

Pay Scale –

A data scientist with a higher level of qualification and good years of experience behind them can expect a salary range of Rs. 60 Lac to Rs. 70 Lacs per annum, making this the highest paying IT job in the country.

2. Machine Learning Experts

AI intelligence and Machine Learning are very novel areas of IT and they are gaining a good amount of momentum in India. Today these technologies are taking over the world; consequently, there are plenty of jobs available in the market for those with suitable qualifications and skillsets. One can hope that this demand is here to stay in India shortly.

Pay Scale –

A specialist with a master’s degree can expect to land a job that pays about Rs. 7-8 Lacs and that number can go up to Rs. 20 Lac, after the professional, has gained good experience.

3. Blockchain Developers–

Another field gaining increasing popularity in the IT sector is blockchain technology. Although it may sound annoyingly complicated, a simple way of understanding Blockchain is to look at it as a digital record of transactions. It is used to keep track of transactions made with cryptocurrencies. With the current pandemic, digital payments have become popular in India and are here to stay.  So, it is safe to say that this, making a new entrant in the country, has a high demand for specialists.

Pay Scale –

While the average salary for Blockchain experts is around Rs. 8 Lac, it can exponentially grow with experience and go up to Rs. 45 Lac per annum, making this one of the highest paying developer jobs in the country.

4) Software Engineers–

While there are many new-age career opportunities, the lure and demand for a software engineer have not waned one bit. It is still one of the most sought after and is so because of the attractive pay packages that experts in the field receive

Pay Scale –

Earning a masters degree from the UK is a valuable asset that one can possess when returning to the country seeking a job. You will have the edge over your peers applying for the same role, due to the quality of education and the exposure you will have received while being a student in the UK. 

Opportunities are endless; one just has to prepare for the positions they choose, do their research about the current market trends and the companies offering them jobs, follow up proactively with the contact in the concerned company, and network with professionals already in the industry. The general work environment in India is transforming, and you should make sure to get on board. You should ensure that you have all your documents in place and furnish your resume with accurate, relevant information about your education, work experience, strengths, and skills. India is averse, and each region has a distinct social and professional culture. You should also make an effort to learn about the company’s location that you finally join. Fluency in the local language and customs will take you a long way in making a smooth transition and getting along with your peers at the workplace.

In conclusion, there is a paradigm shift in the way professionals view the Indian job market. One cannot ignore the rising demand for highly educated candidates in the country’s STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) industries. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chances of getting a job after Masters in UK?

A master from UK increases the chances of candidates getting a high-salaried job. After completing MS study in UK, the prospects improve with better career opportunities in India and abroad. With renowned universities and a well-structured curriculum, the candidates are offered exposure that helps them achieve their goals.

What is the average salary after MS in UK?

Here is a list of the average salaries in jobs in India after MS in UK.

1. Data Analyst – 32,677 Euros
2. Software Engineer – 31,846 Euros
3. Data Engineer – 32,520 Euros
4. Management Consultant – 48,146 Euros
5. Program Manager, IT – 71, 444 Euros

Which course is best for MS in UK?

Students can choose from multiple courses offered by the universities in the UK for masters.
Some of the popular courses are:

Top CoursesPopular UK Programs
Accounting and Finance
  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • MSc Accounting, Organizations and Institutions
  • MPhil Accounting and Finance
  • Master of Architecture
  • MPhil Architecture and Urban Studies
  • MA Landscape Architecture
Construction Management
  • MSc Advanced Engineering Management
  • MSc Construction Project Management
Data Science
  • MSc Health Data Science
  • MSc Data Science
  • MEng Civil Engineering
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Cyber Security
  • MEng Software Engineering
  • MA Marketing
  • MSc Marketing


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