Low Cost Universities in UK for International Students – Comprehensive List

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the best destinations to study abroad for its educational prowess, interactive and innovative teaching methodologies, and highly-ranked institutions. Education in the UK can be expensive sometimes but there are also universities that offer courses with lower tuition fees. There are many low-cost universities in the UK for international students that offer a variety of programs and specializations. You can consider either undergraduate or postgraduate courses at these institutions which enable pocket-friendly education along with global exposure in the UK which many aspirants desire.

To provide relief to students, the UK Government announced that the tuition fee cap for undergraduate students for the academic year 2022-23 would remain at £9,250. While universities can charge below this level, most charge the maximum, and the average annual fee loan is over £9,000.

Tuition fees are comparatively expensive for international students although there are some colleges that offer the most affordable options as you will find below.

Low-Cost Universities in the UK for the International Students

1. University of West London

The institution is known for its low tuition fees starting from £12,750 (~INR 13 lakhs) onwards. It is known worldwide for its academic excellence and superlative rankings.

2. Leeds Becket University

This institution also offers competitive fees between £13-14,000 (~INR 14 lakhs) for varied courses including undergraduate, postgraduate, research, and other programs.

3. Anglia Ruskin University

This institution lies in East Anglia and attained university status in 1992. It charges fees of £13,900 (~INR 14 lakhs) on average.

4. University of Greenwich

This university was founded in 1890 and is known for its three beautiful campuses. Average costs start from £14,500-18,000 (~INR 18 lakhs approx) for international students.

5. University of Wolverhampton

£12,950-15,500 (~INR 16 lakhs) is the average fee range at this reputed educational institution. The university has four campuses with 500+ programs at the undergraduate, doctoral and postgraduate levels.

6. Coventry University

Students have to pay anywhere around £15-20,100 (~INR 20 lakhs) at the institution which started its journey in 1843 with the Coventry College of Design.

7. University of Cumbria

The institution was founded in 2007 and has five core departments including several prestigious institutions. The average fee structure is £12,800-14,500 (~INR 15 lakhs) for international students.

8. Bedfordshire University

The institution was founded in 2006 after the fusion of De Montfort’s University and the University of Luton. It charges roughly £12,650-14,250 (~INR 15 lakhs approx) for courses.

9. Wrexham Glyndwr University

Founded in 2008, it is one of the youngest and most vibrant institutions in the United Kingdom (UK). The average fee structure is between £11,750-13,000 (INR 11.75-13 lakh).

10. University of Teesside

The institution is a leading UK public university, offering various undergraduate, postgraduate and research-based programs. The average fee structure ranges between £11,750-13,000 (~INR 13 lakhs).

11. University of Stirling

The University of Stirling was founded in Scotland in 1967 by the Royal Charter. It has 14,000+ students at various academic levels, while the average fees range between £15,100-16,775 (~INR 17 lakhs).

12. Bath Spa University

£13,300-14,045 (~INR 14 lakhs) is the average fee structure here at Bath Spa University. The public institution was founded in 2005 and is known for its plethora of postgraduate and graduate programs.

Some other affordable universities in the UK

Here are some other low cost universities in UK for international students that you can take a closer look at:

Name of the Institution 

Location  Average Fees 
University of Central Lancashire Preston, England

£14,500 (~INR 15 lakhs)

The University of the West of England

Bristol, England £13,250 – £15,750 (~INR 16 lakhs)
Sheffield Hallam University Sheffield, England

£7,230 (~INR 8 lakhs)

Plymouth Marjon University

Plymouth, England £11,000 (~INR 11 lakhs)
Liverpool Hope University Liverpool, England

£11,400 (~INR 12 lakhs)

University of Westminster

London, England £12,000 (~INR 12 lakhs)
Ravensbourne University London London, England

£10,800- 13,500 (~INR 14 lakhs)

University of Sunderland

Sunderland, England £10,500 (~INR 11 lakhs)
University of Wales Trinity Saint David Wales, UK

£11,000 (~INR 11 lakhs)

Buckinghamshire New University

Wycombe, England £11,000 (~INR 11 lakhs)
Royal Agricultural University Cirencester, England

£10,000 (~INR 10 lakhs)

Suffolk University

Suffolk and Norfolk, England

£10,080 (INR 10 lakh)

Now that we have discussed the tuition fees of low-cost universities in UK for international students. There are other expenses like miscellaneous fees and cost of living which you need to know before applying in the UK.

Disclaimer! All course fees/salaries/expenses are indicative.

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