Masters in Psychology in UK- Crucial Tips

masters in psychology in uk

Want to do your Master’s in psychology in the UK? Psychology is one of the top courses in the country, offered by 50+ institutions. The curriculum encompasses statistics, research, and behavioral patterns of the human brain, among other aspects. 

Average course costs stand at roughly £20,000-50,000 (INR 20-50 lakh approx.). A master’s in psychology UK degree can open the doors to rewarding future careers with salaries going up to £100,000 (INR 1 crore) with experience. 

Why study Master’s in psychology in the UK? 

There are many reasons behind opting for Master’s in psychology in the UK; some of the reasons are listed below: 

  • The UK offers the world’s highest-ranked institutions for psychology. 
  • Pursuing an M. Sc psychology in the UK or a similar master’s course will open pathways for future research and lucrative employment opportunities in various sectors. 
  • Demand has exponentially increased for qualified psychologists in healthcare institutions, public health organizations, and educational institutions. 

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Master’s in psychology UK- Top universities

Here are some of the best UK universities for psychology that you should consider. Many of them are highly placed in global Master’s in psychology UK rankings.

Name of the Institution

QS Global Rank

Course Name & Tenure

Cost of the Course

UCL (University College London)


MA in Education (Psychology) for One year

M Sc in Health Psychology (One year)


£25,900 (INR 20-25 lakh)

King’s College London


M Sc in Health Psychology

£29,850 (INR 29 lakh)

University of Oxford


M Sc. in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Two years)

M Sc. in Experimental Psychology (Three years)

£47,010 (INR 47 lakh)

London School of Economics and Political Science


M Sc Social and Cultural Psychology (One year)

M Sc in Organizational and Social Psychology (One year)

£22,608 (INR 22 lakh)

University of Exeter


M Sc Social and Organizational Psychology (One year)

M Sc Psychological Research Methods (One year)

£22,500 (INR 22 lakh)

University of Edinburgh


M Sc in Psychological Research (One year)

M Sc in Social Psychology (One year)


£23,950 (INR 23 lakh)

University of Birmingham


M Sc Psychology (One year)

£20,880 (INR 20 lakh)

University of Warwick


MA in Psychology and Education (One year)

M Sc in Psychological Research (One year)


£27,160 (INR 21-27 lakh)

Cardiff University


M Sc Psychology (One year)

£21950 (INR 21 lakh)

University of Manchester


M Res Psychology (One year)

MEd Psychology of Education (One year)


£19,000 (INR 19-25 lakh)

If you closely observe the Master’s in psychology UK rankings, you will find that the UK has some of the world’s highest-ranked educational institutions for the subject. 

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Cost of studying MS in psychology in the UK

The average tuition fees range between £20,000-50,000 (INR 20-50 lakh approx.) for psychology postgraduate degrees in the UK. £348 (INR 34,800) is the average visa application charge in the UK, while application fees are roughly around £60 (INR 6,000). £602-1,200 (INR 60,000-1.20 lakh) is the average monthly accommodation cost, while £1,965 (INR 1.96 lakh) is the annual cost of food and groceries. 

Requirements for Admission

Here are the basic requirements for admission into MS in psychology courses in the UK: 

  • 60-70% marks in the undergraduate courses.
  • Work experience is required at some institutions. 
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores.
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose).
  • LORs. 
  • Official academic transcripts. 
  • Resume/CV. 

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Job Prospects after MS in Psychology in the UK

The UK offers excellent prospects after completing a master’s course in psychology. Annual salaries usually range between £63,000-81,000 (INR 63 lakh to INR 81 lakh) annually for trained psychologists in various roles such as clinical, counseling, educational, health, child, and health psychologists. With the two-year stay-back plan for international students in the country, it is easier to find employment at leading public and private healthcare institutions, wellness facilities, and educational institutions alike. 

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Visa Procedure

Here are the documents that you require for your visa application: 

  • Passport
  • Recent photograph (passport size)
  • Details of criminal records (if any)
  • Proof of funds
  • Test results for tuberculosis
  • Proof of application fee payment 

Carry the printout of your completed application, appointment details, travel documents and registration information for your personal visa interview. 

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Available Scholarships

Here are some of the scholarship options for international students to study abroad in UK:


Name of the Institution

Scholarship Amount

Chevening Scholarships

University of Warwick

Complete funding for a year

Hilde Himmelweit Scholarship

London School of Economics and Political Science

Three awards of £2,000 (INR 2 lakh)

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

University of Oxford

£13,048 (INR 13.04 lakh)

David Vowles Postgraduate Scholarship

University of Edinburgh

£2,000 (INR 2 lakh)

Dr Antony Kidman Scholarship in Health Psychology

King’s College London

£10,000 (INR 10 lakh)

Chevening Scholarships

University of Exeter

Complete funding for a year 

Know More:


Q1. How many years is a master’s in psychology in the UK?

A. A master’s in psychology in the UK will require approximately one to three years. Most full-time programs usually get completed within two years. Many full-time aspirants earn their degrees within this time frame. These programs have coursework in cognitive and behavioral procedures, social psychology, and personality theories.

Q2. What can I do with a master’s in psychology in the UK?

A. You will have several options at your disposal after completing your Master’s course in psychology in the UK. You can either set up your own practice or venture into further research and academic pursuits, courtesy of the UK’s excellent infrastructure for students. You can also take up job roles like a counseling psychologist, clinical psychologist, educational psychologist, health psychologist, high-intensity therapist, social worker, human factors psychologist, forensic psychologist, industrial-organizational psychologist, and occupational psychologist.

Q3. How much does a psychology master’s cost in the UK?

A. A master’s course in psychology costs roughly £20,000-50,000 (INR 20-50 lakh approximately) in the UK. This is the average cost and may vary across universities. You can take your pick from various scholarship options which help in lowering the costs greatly.

Q4. Can I do a master’s in psychology without a psychology degree in the UK?

A. It all depends upon the university in question. Some universities may allow Master’s degrees in psychology without a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Some institutions only permit holders of bachelor’s degrees in psychology to apply for Master’s programs in the subject. M. Sc in Psychology is a conversion course tailored to enable non-graduates to gather skills and knowledge required for registration with the BPS. GBC (Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership) is also crucial if you wish to pursue a psychology career in the United Kingdom.

Q5. Are psychologists in demand in the UK?

A. Psychologists are highly in demand throughout the United Kingdom (UK). There is a huge demand for skilled and qualified clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, counselling psychologists, forensic psychologists, health psychologists, sports psychologists, and more positions. There is a sizable demand for these professionals across public and private healthcare and wellness institutions in addition to educational institutions.

Q6. What’s the highest-paying psychology job in the UK?

A. The highest paying jobs in psychology are for service heads, senior lecturers/teachers, senior wellness practitioners, sports psychology heads, and qualified professionals in senior positions. Average salaries range between £51,500-103,000 (approximately INR 51.5 lakh to INR 1.03 lakh).

Q7. Is it worth going to the UK for a master’s in psychology from India?

A. It is always worth venturing into the UK to do your Master’s in psychology. This is because the UK is a global hub for the subject, being home to numerous leading universities acclaimed worldwide. It is also known for its excellent research infrastructure and offering lucrative career prospects in various business sectors.

Q8. What is studying psychology like at a university in the UK?

A. UK universities offer vibrant and engaging campuses that offer plenty of student activities in tandem with innovatively tailored and cutting-edge academic courses. There are numerous psychology courses at the highest-ranked educational institutions in the UK that have flexible and advanced curricula and offer great research prospects.

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