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What is Political Science?

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Political Science is the systematic study of political institutions, behavior, & dynamics within societies & across nations. It delves into the theoretical & practical aspects of politics, addressing questions about power, governance, policies, & their impact on society. As a field of academic inquiry, political science explores the complex relationships between individuals, governments, & the global political landscape.

Popular Political Science Courses

Bachelor's Programs:

  • Bachelor of Political Science (B.A./B.Sc.): A bachelor's degree in political science offers a comprehensive understanding of the discipline. Students study topics like political theory, international relations, comparative politics, & public policy. Graduates often pursue careers in government, public administration, or advocacy.
  • Bachelor of International Relations (B.A./B.Sc.): International relations programs focus on the global political landscape, including diplomacy, international law, & conflict resolution. Graduates can work in foreign affairs, international organizations, & global business.
  • Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA): Public administration programs emphasize the management & operation of public institutions & government agencies. Graduates are well-prepared for careers in public service & government administration.

Masters Programs:

  • Master of Political Science (M.A./M.Sc.): A master's in political science allows students to delve deeper into specialized areas of the discipline, such as political theory, public policy analysis, or comparative politics. It is often chosen by those aspiring to work in research or academia.
  • Master of International Relations (M.A./M.Sc.): International relations at the master's level explores advanced topics in global politics, international law, & diplomacy. Graduates often pursue careers in diplomacy, international organizations, or policy analysis.
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA): The MPA program equips students with advanced skills in public management & policy analysis. Graduates often take on leadership roles in government & public administration.

Best Universities for Political Science

Here are the top 10 universities globally, known for their political science programs, based on QS/THE rankings, along with the popular courses they offer:

Harvard University:

  • Popular Courses: Political Theory, International Relations, Comparative Politics

University of Oxford:

  • Popular Courses: Political Philosophy, Public Policy, Global Governance

Stanford University:

  • Popular Courses: Political Behavior, Security Studies, Public Policy Analysis

Yale University:

  • Popular Courses: Political Psychology, Conflict Resolution, Public Administration

University of Cambridge:

  • Popular Courses: International Political Economy, Environmental Politics, Public Policy

Princeton University:

  • Popular Courses: Comparative Political Institutions, Political Economy, Public Opinion

London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE):

  • Popular Courses: Global Politics, Public Policy & Administration, Political Sociology

University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley):

  • Popular Courses: Political Behavior, International Security, Public Policy Analysis

Georgetown University:

  • Popular Courses: Foreign Policy Analysis, International Law, Public Administration

University of Chicago:

  • Popular Courses: Political Theory & Philosophy, Comparative Political Economy, Public Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of Political Science?

Political science offers a wide scope, with career opportunities in government, public administration, international organizations, academia, policy analysis, & advocacy. Political scientists often work as policy analysts, diplomats, researchers, & educators.

Is Political Science easy to study?

Political science can be intellectually challenging, as it involves analyzing complex political systems, policies, & global relations. However, it is a rewarding field for those passionate about understanding politics & governance.

Which is the best country to pursue Political Science courses?

The best country to study political science depends on your specific interests & career goals. Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, & Canada have renowned programs. Consider factors such as the curriculum, faculty, research opportunities, & location when making your decision.

Which subject is best for Political Science?

There is no specific subject requirement for studying political science, as it is an interdisciplinary field. Strong analytical & critical thinking skills are valuable, as is an interest in politics, government, & international relations. Students from diverse academic backgrounds can pursue political science studies.

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