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Top Scholarships for MS in USA in 2024: How to Apply

Updated on 11 June, 2024

Akansha Semwal

Akansha Semwal

Study Abroad Expert

While we were growing up, I remember every third child in our family wanted to study in the US. This may sound familiar to you as pursuing a higher education program, especially a master’s degree in the US is something many people dream of from childhood. However, studying at a top American university isn’t a cheap option. This was one of the major challenges we faced at our time.

Does it mean you should give up on this dream? Well, there’s always a ray of hope. Even though US universities charge one of the highest tuition fees across the globe, they offer numerous scholarships and grants to support international students financially.

Knowing about the top scholarships for MS in the US will help you ease your way to becoming a part of the world’s leading education system.

Scholarships to Study Master's in the USA for Indian Students – Available Options in 2024

Getting a scholarship for MS in the US is not that difficult, provided you do careful planning and research. An array of bursaries and scholarships for masters in the US for Indian students are also offered by the American government and a gamut of private & public establishments. When applying to any of these scholarships, you should check the criteria carefully, in tandem with the application closing date. 

Here are some fully-funded scholarships for MS in the US for Indian students:

Fulbright Foreign Student Program 

One of the most popular government-funded US scholarships for international students, Fulbright offers scholarships for graduate students to study in the US for one year or more. It is available for international students in all fields apart from medicine. 

Eligibility CriteriaAmount
Must have an equivalent of a US Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of three years of work experience; enrolled in a US universityTuition fees, living expenses, accident and sickness coverage, and round-trip air travel tickets
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USA Free Course

The USA hosts the largest number of international students from across the world. Over the past few years, it has become one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad. Reasons such as best-ranked institutions, excellent support facilities, flexible academic environment, and cultural diversity contribute to making it the most preferred destination amongst students planning to study abroad.

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

There are limited seats for those wishing to pursue an MS in the US. The eligibility requires them to be from developing countries, meritorious, and unable to cover the cost of their studies. The amount covers tuition and living costs and is decided based on individual requirements. The 50% amount is a grant, and the rest 50% is a loan. It has to be paid back with the annual service charge capped at 5%. The loan agreement has to be signed by a co-guarantor or parent. The repayment period is five years after the completion of the educational course.  Students should reside in a nation where the Aga Khan Education Services (AKES), Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), or Aga Khan Education Board (AKEB) are present. Students may obtain the application form as of January 1 each year from Aga Khan Education Services/Boards or AKF offices in their countries of current residence. Applicants below an age of 30 get more preference. 

Eligibility CriteriaAmount
Enrolled in a graduate course and must be a resident of an eligible country. For instance, India.Tuition fees and living expenses.

Generation Google Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by Google to eligible students pursuing computer science programs. Selected students will receive $10,000. Moreover, they should have high school degrees, be accepted as full-time learners in a master’s program, pursue computer science, computer engineering, or any related field, and have a bright academic track record. 

Eligibility CriteriaAmount
Must have a high school degree or an equivalent degree; must have an intent to study computer science, computer engineering, or other related fields


AAUW International Fellowship

This is given by the AAUW (American Association of University Women) to only women to promote education and equality for non-US citizens applying to study full-time. Over the last few years 3,600+ women from 150+ nations have already got this scholarship. Students applying for master’s or their first professional degree are awarded $20,000, while those  applying for doctoral and postdoctoral are awarded $25,000 and $50,000, respectively. Women should have bachelor’s degrees, and intend to go back to their home nations for professional careers. Moreover, they should prove English language proficiency and should be studying/researching for a year at least. Women should also have applied to accredited US institutions to be eligible to get this scholarship.

Must have an academic degree equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree $20,000 

Global Study Awards

This scholarship arrived in 2015 and is an initiative by the British Council. It offers scholarships of approximately $12,370. If the tuition fees are lower, the remainder will be given for a maximum of 52 weeks’ living costs. The student must possess a Test Report Form (TRF) and  a valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC)  or International Youth Travel Card (IYTC). You must enroll in a postgraduate program in the US and show the acceptance letter to get this scholarship. 

Must have an acceptance letter from a US university and demonstrate excellent IELTS score $12,370 

Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation

The foundation was established in 2002 to support academically bright students financially. Interest-free loans are given up to $25,496. Indian nationals below 30 and graduates from accredited universities in India are eligible to apply. 

An Indian national of age below 30; must be a graduate of an accredited Indian college and have enrolled in a US university for a master's degree.


University - Specific MS Scholarships in USA

Illinois State University

Students can secure the chance to realize their dreams via this merit-based scholarship. This offers partial waivers of tuition costs for international students in postgraduate programs. The amount is $5,000 for every semester. The eligibility criteria include top-notch academic records. 

Excellent academics$5,000 per semester

University of Oregon

The institution offers several scholarships based on the GPA of applicants and their scores in standardized examinations. The institution provides the Sushil Jajodia Indian Student Scholarship, where $3,000 is given every year. 

An Indian candidate with a good GPA, ACT, and SAT scores.$3,000 per year

New York University Wagner Scholarship

This scholarship program is based on merit. Those interested in applying should submit applications digitally. Selection is made based on whether the candidate meets the criteria and whether the application is a well-rounded. Some scholarships in this category include the Dean’s Scholarship, where total tuition fee coverage is provided, irrespective of the subject and degree course. Public Service Scholarship offers students half/partial scholarship options based on the application submitted and overall merit. It applies to all study fields in the US, including MS. 

Excellent academicsPartial, half, or full tuition fee

East Tennessee State University – International Students Academic Merit Scholarship

Students applying for a graduate program at East Tennessee State University can leverage the merit-based scholarship. They would be rewarded up to $11,500 per academic year. 


Michigan State University

The university offers merit-based scholarships for international students. Selected candidates are awarded $21,000,  $25,000, or $18,000 per year for eight semesters. It is awarded based on the overall profile of the student. The university takes into consideration application essay, English proficiency, academic performance, and geographic diversity. 

Merit-based$18,000 to $25,000 for 8 semesters

Requirements for Scholarships for MS in USA

Here is the list of requirements that will help you secure a scholarship for MS in the US:

  • Acceptance letter from the US university
  • A bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree 
  • Excellent academic record
  • Work experience, if needed
  • Leadership quality
  • In case of financial need-based scholarship, demonstrate the supporting documents and an affidavit
  • Good IELTS/TOEFL/PTE score for English proficiency
  • A Good score on the GRE/SAT/ACT exam
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How to Get Scholarship for MS in USA

Let’s now explore the question : how to get a scholarship for MS in the US for Indian students? Almost all major universities in the country require aspirants to demonstrate proof of funds before getting admission, and hence, there are only a few university-based scholarships for international students. Yet, several private and government scholarships may benefit international students. 

Here are some things you should keep in mind for getting a scholarship to study MS in the US: 

  • You should adhere to guidelines to secure a scholarship for MS in the USA eligibility guidelines defined by private and public universities, including those related to factors like work experience, nationality, age, and more. 

  • University departments sometimes have sufficient funds to offer grants to deserving students with pressing financial requirements. 

  • Those wondering how to do an MS in the US with a scholarship should also know that academic track records are paramount. Grades in undergraduate courses will matter immensely, along with extra-curricular activities that demonstrate overall potential and leadership. Hence, building up a solid profile should be your focus. 

  • Getting a scholarship to study in the US for Indian students means working hard to get good grades and preparing for standardized tests, doing a lot of homework on the right scholarships and eligibility criteria, and writing successful essays when required for applications. 

  • Students are considered for scholarships at their educational institutions while applying. It is, however, subject to criteria like academic score threshold or qualifying examination. 

  • Ensure you give all details accurately in your application form since incomplete forms will be rejected outright. 

  • You should strengthen your academic profile, which encapsulates leadership qualities,  publications, extracurricular activities, internships, recognition, and many more.

  • Students should submit an impeccable scholarship cover letter or essay. 


Tips for Getting USA Scholarships 

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In conclusion, securing a scholarship for an MS in the US offers a gateway for aspiring graduate students to pursue advanced education without the burden of financial constraints. With a wide array of scholarships available in the US, ranging from university-specific awards to government and private funding, candidates have a significant opportunity to support their studies.

These scholarships not only alleviate tuition and living expenses but also recognize academic excellence, research potential, and diverse talents. For students aiming to embark on this journey, thorough research, meticulous preparation of application materials, and early submission are key to enhancing their chances of success. As the competition for scholarships is intense, showcasing a strong academic record, clear career objectives, and a commitment to contributing to one’s field of study is crucial. 

Ultimately, obtaining a scholarship for an MS in the USA can transform your dream of studying at a top university into reality, setting the foundation for your academic achievement and career advancement in a global context.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to get a scholarship for an MS in the USA?

Getting a scholarship for an MS in the USA quite competitive. However, it is not impossible by any stretch of the imagination. You should certainly check the eligibility criteria carefully while applying to multiple institutions. Make sure you apply well before the deadline and submit complete applications with all necessary documents.






What type of scholarship can I get for an MS in the US?

You can get fully-funded or partial scholarships for MS in the USA. You may get a full scholarship for tuition and living costs, which may be offered for a limited duration. However, as mentioned you can also get partial tuition waivers or scholarships for a certain time.


Can I get a 100% scholarship for an MS in the US?

While there are institutions and organizations offering 100% or full scholarships, these are quite rare. The count of full scholarships is low in number. 

In most cases, you  may receive 50-80% of the costs as your scholarship amount. It can be higher or lower, depending on how well you meet the eligibility criteria.

How much CGPA is required for a scholarship in the USA?

Many organizations and institutions need students to score at least a 3.0 CGPA on a four-point scale. It is mostly the guiding criteria. Most top institutions and scholarship providers usually prefer a CGPA of 3–3.5.

However, not all scholarships take CGPA into account. Sometimes you may have a low CGPA, but if you have good GRE or GMAT scores and work experience, it is sometimes manageable to tap into other available options.

What is the average IELTS or other English language proficiency test required to get an MS scholarship in the USA?

To get a scholarship for MS in the USA, you’ll have to meet varying criteria, which may include specified English language proficiency levels. While IELTS score requirements may vary across multiple scholarships, a good score is usually between 6.0 to 7.0. 

How much GRE score is required to get a scholarship for an MS in the USA?

You must meet diverse requirements to get a scholarship for MS in the USA. When it comes to GRE scores, the requirements may differ depending on the scholarship and its type. On average, any score from 310 to 315 is usually perceived as good. 

How much money is required to study an MS in the USA?

On average, the cost of an MS degree in the USA can range between $30,000 and $120,000. It depends on several factors like the university, type of course, location, and more. 

What is the average salary after MS in the USA?

According to PayScale, the average salary after MS in the country is around $84,000 per year. The annual average salaries are $105,181 and $87,420 for data scientists and project managers, respectively. Other popular jobs include data analyst ($73,458), software engineer ($87,718), and more. 

How long can I stay after MS in the USA?

F-1 visa students can stay for up to 60 days after completing their MS degrees/post-graduation (the program's end date on Form I-20). Those who wish to stay back may consider the OPT (Optional Practical Training) route, which enables post-study work for up to one year. Those looking for employment may consider the H-1B visa, which their employers can sponsor them to work abroad for up to six years. 

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