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Master’s in Marketing in the USA – Top Colleges & Cost

Updated on 05 April, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

A master’s in marketing in the USA spans 10-12 months, available in diverse specializations like marketing analytics, digital marketing, and marketing science. Approximate tuition costs hover between $28,500-64,000 (INR 21,11,950-47,42,624) in the USA. 

 Applicants can have a bachelor’s degree in any field of study, though work experience and marketing degrees give candidates an edge. 200+ USA universities have post graduate marketing programs. It is also available as an MBA specialization in the country. 

Master’s in marketing in the USA- Top reasons for studying 

 Doing an MS in marketing in the USA is a good move for the following reasons: 

  • Marketing is indispensable for any global business. 
  • Reports estimate skyrocketing growth in marketing sectors over the next decade, outstripping the national average. 
  • Jobs like marketing managers, promotions and sales managers, and advertising executives will grow swiftly. 
  • Marketing managers working in technical and scientific fields may earn the highest salaries in the future. 
  • Public relations, advertising, and related sectors pay handsome salaries to those looking to complete their master’s in international marketing in the USA
  • There is high demand for master’s in digital marketing in the USA and master’s in marketing analytics in the USA
  • Demand is fast-growing for STEM marketing courses in the USA, which leads to fulfilling jobs in diverse business sectors. 

Master’s in marketing in the USA- Top Universities

There are several options for doing your master’s in marketing without GMAT or even with GMAT. It all depends on institution-wise eligibility criteria. Regarding master’s in marketing in the USA rankings, at least 20-25 leading institutions have entered the QS News Ranking list for 2020 (MS in Marketing). On that note, here is a list of the top marketing masters’ programs in the USA for your perusal.

Name of InstitutionName of Business SchoolCourse & TenureFees & Charges
University of Southern California (USC)Marshall School of BusinessMS in Marketing; 1 year$54,900 (INR 40,68,282)
Florida International University (FIU)FIU BusinessMS in Marketing; 10 months$31,500 (INR 23,34,260)
The University of Texas at AustinMcCombs School of BusinessMS in Marketing; 10 months$48,000 (INR 35,56,968)
Michigan State UniversityBroad College of BusinessMS in Marketing Research; 1 year$37,500 (INR 27,78,881)
Texas A&M UniversityMays Business SchoolMS in Marketing; 10 months$28,572 (INR 21,17,285)
Purdue UniversityKrannert School of ManagementMS in Marketing; 10 months$31,350 (INR 23,23,144)
The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)UIC BusinessMS in Marketing; 1 year$47,800 (INR 35,42,147)
The University of AlabamaUA Faculty of MarketingMS in Marketing; 1 year$30,250 (INR 22,41,631)
Columbia UniversityColumbia Business SchoolMS in Marketing Science; 1 year$64,320 (INR 47,66,337)
Johns Hopkins UniversityCarey Business SchoolMS in Marketing; 1 year$74,500 (INR 55,20,710)

The above-given master’s in marketing in the USA universities list is not all-encompassing. Some institutions have MBA degrees in marketing too. They include Pace University, Southern Connecticut State University, Liberty University, and The City University of New York, to name a few. 

Best Marketing Masters Programs in the USA

MS in Marketing is what most aspirants choose to study in the USA, although MBA degrees are also available. MBA in Marketing or MBA in Marketing Management are names of degrees available in this category. Many applicants remain confused about the right educational program to choose and a suitable specialization. MS in Marketing helps in garnering insights about the field and techniques of marketing. 

The subject is domain-centered, and research-oriented professionals may go into PhDs as well. MS in Marketing helps in landing managerial positions at companies, PhD and research opportunities, or jobs at research firms. MBA in Marketing is more concentrated on management. This program helps aspirants get a feel of actual finance, marketing, HR, and other corporate functions. 

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Course Highlights

  • Duration- 10-12 months. 
  • Specializations- Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing, Marketing Science. 
  • Approximate Tuition Costs- $28,500-64,000 (INR 21,11,950-47,42,624) 
  • Average Salaries Expected- $134,290 (INR 99,51,359) after course completion. 
  • Eligibility- Bachelor’s Degree in any field. 

Master’s in marketing in the USA- Admissions

 Doing MS programs in the USA requires an educational curriculum of 10+2+4 or 16 years. You should have a 4-year bachelor’s degree and submit GMAT or GRE scores. International students should furnish TOEFL or IELTS scores. You can directly apply through the official websites of universities. 

MS in Marketing in the USA Eligibility

  • Bachelor’s degree in related disciplines with core subjects of English and Mathematics. 
  • GMAT or GRE testing scores. 
  • At least 83-86% or GPA 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. 
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores. 

The minimum scores needed at leading business schools are the following:

Business School

Cut-Off for GMAT or GRECut-Off for IELTSCut-Off for TOEFL
FIU College of BusinessGMAT: 500 or an equivalent GRE score6.580
McCombs School of BusinessVerbal/Quant: 159 (class average)7.0100
Marshall School of Business

GRE: 321 (class average)

required: 300 or higher

Eli Broad College of Business

Needed, no minimum score

GMAT average: 670 or GRE equivalent required

UIC BusinessNeeded6.580
Columbia Business SchoolVerbal/Quant: 156 or higher7.5100
Mays Business SchoolGMAT: 600 or GRE: 1526.0100
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

GRE: 310 (class average)

required: 300

Krannert School of ManagementGMAT: 500 or an equivalent GRE score needed7.593
UA Faculty of MarketingGMAT: 550 or GRE: 3006.579

Documents for a master’s in marketing in the USA

  • Marksheets of 10th and 12th standards along with a bachelor’s course. 
  • Updated resume with work experience details. 
  • LORs (letters of recommendation). 
  • SOPs (Statement of Purpose). 
  • Essays based on university guidelines. 
  • Proof of work experience. 
  • Funding proof with minimum account balance being sufficient to cover first-year living and tuition costs. 

Cost of Studying for a master’s in marketing in the USA

 The cost of study is a vital aspect for marketing aspirants. Here’s taking a closer look: 

  • GRE Costs– $213 (INR 15,800)
  • Application Fees- $1,200 (INR 88,924)
  • TOEFL Costs- $185 (INR 13,780)
  • IELTS Costs- $250 (INR 14,700)
  • F-1 Visa Costs- $160 (INR 11,915)
  • One-Way Flight Ticket- $700 (INR 51,873)
  • SEVIS Costs- $350 (INR 26,063)
  • Tuition Fees- $28,500-64,000 (INR 21,11,950-47,42,624)  
  • Accommodation– $9,600-14,400 annually (INR 7,12,000-10,67,090)
  • Transport Costs- $1,440-3,000 per year (INR 1,06,710-2,22,311)
  • Health Insurance- $2,000 annually (INR 1,48,207)
  • Electricity & Gas Costs- $2,000 annually (INR 1,48,207)
  • Food & Groceries- $3,000 per year (INR 2,22,311)
  • Study Materials- $2,400 annually (INR 1,77,849)
  • Entertainment Expenses- $2,500 per year (INR 1,85,259)
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Scholarships for MS in Marketing

USA study costs are higher than many other countries. However, financial support comes from several organizations and institutions via loans, scholarships, and bursaries. Here are some of the available scholarships for students:

Scholarship Name

Institution NameAmount
FIU Online Academic Merit ScholarshipFIUMay Vary
AAUW International FellowshipAmerican Association of University Women (AAUW)$18,000 – $30,000 (INR 13,33,863-22,23,105)
SGA Residential ScholarshipFIU$2,000 (1,48,207)
Partial-Tuition FellowshipColumbia Business SchoolWaiver of Tuition Costs
Dean’s Alumni Advisory Board (DAAB) ScholarshipsCarey Business SchoolMay Vary
Graduate School FellowshipUniversity of Alabama$15,000 (INR 11,11,553)


Jobs after a master’s in marketing in the USA

 Graduates in marketing usually get employment in promotions, sales, marketing, and advertising departments of corporations. Digital marketing is one of the fast-growing specializations with analytics, marketing management, and more. Average marketing graduates earn $72,000 (INR 53,35,452) per year in the USA, with leading corporate companies recruiting skilled graduates in large numbers. 

 Successful graduates get jobs as Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Marketing Specialists, Marketing Analysts, Marketing Coordinators, Digital Marketing Managers, and more. Average salaries may hover between $46,000 (INR 34,08,761) and $100,000 (INR 74,10,350) 

Pursuing an MS in Marketing for a Rewarding Career

An MS in Marketing will pave the foundation for a rewarding global career ahead, especially across various businesses and corporate sectors. It will help aspirants understand functions like analytics, research, campaigns, digital marketing, and more. The USA is also home to some of the best universities for marketing degrees in the world. Studying here will be a good decision indeed. 

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Popular Masters Programs in Abroad

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MBA in GermanyMS in Computer Science in Germany
MS in Data Analytics in USAMasters in Business Studies in Ireland
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Is it worth getting a master’s degree in marketing?

It is certainly worth studying for a master’s in marketing since you will get invaluable finance, consumer, and corporate social responsibility-linked insights along with growing professional networks alongside. Global average tuition fees and rapidly increasing employment opportunities make MS in Marketing a rewarding option.

Is digital marketing a STEM major?

Across many institutions, digital marketing has turned into a highly popular course for STEM learners, comprising almost 50% of overall admissions. It comes before business communications, Excel training, and other courses. Some Master of Science in Marketing courses have also garnered STEM designations in the USA.

Does marketing analytics come under STEM?

Marketing analytics is a program with a STEM designation, and international graduates can apply for Optional Practical Training extensions in the USA. The program is designed to provide students with advanced training. Core subjects in the curriculum are, however, math and technology.

Is market research considered STEM?

Market research is a STEM-designated course with several avenues for research and insights. Operation of data, market intelligence, data warehouses, data mining, and others are an important part of the curriculum under market research. Some of the best US universities for courses in market research are Purdue University, Fordham University, Loyola University Chicago, and others.

Is a master’s in marketing a STEM degree?

Some MS in Marketing degrees have obtained a STEM designation in the USA. These programs come with a strong focus on data analytics offered by Columbia Business School, University of Pittsburgh – Katz, University of Texas – McCombs, and others. A STEM degree enables candidates to work for at least 36 months after course completion.

Is the USA good for marketing?

The USA is a leading destination for those willing to pursue a master’s course in marketing. It is home to some of the world’s leading marketing and business institutions, offering flourishing career prospects and global networking opportunities. Other countries that are good for courses in marketing are the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and others.

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