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Cost of Study in UK in 2024

Updated on 26 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

The cost of studying in the UK varies from one institution to another. Tuition fees have increased steadily over the years, and EU and UK students at English universities have to fork out roughly £9,250 annually. At the same time, tuition fees start from approximately £10,000 for international students and increase to £38,000 for specialized degrees in medicine and other disciplines. Humanities and social sciences degrees are comparatively affordable, while clinical degrees and laboratory programs are costlier. 

The average study cost in the UK is estimated at roughly £22,200 annually, and studying in London will be comparatively costlier than other cities and towns. Most UK universities, however, have shorter programs than the U.S. and other countries (3 years for average undergraduate degrees than 4 years and 1 year for Master’s degrees rather than 2 years). This may lead to sizable savings in living costs and tuition fees for a year, thereby balancing out the equation considerably. 

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Cost of Studying in UK- Tuition Fees 

The cost of education in the UK is majorly linked to tuition fees, which is the primary component of the total cost. Here is a handy guide towards leading private and public universities if you are looking for the cost of studying in the UK for Indian students and other international students. 

Here are the leading private universities with their fee structures: 

The University of Law

The University of Law is known for its stringent educational quality standards while being identified as one of the most respected and popular higher education institutions in the United Kingdom (UK). The law degrees at this university are known to equip students with unmatched knowledge, understanding, and competence in terms of legal issues and regulations. You can boost your abilities of comprehension with these courses while acquiring other valuable skills and immense knowledge as you practice as a lawyer. The University is situated at Guildford in England, and tuition fees hover around £9,000. 

University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham is another popular university for students, nestled within pristine surroundings marked by wildlife and fabulous natural beauty. There are numerous international students pursuing their higher education at this university which offers top quality education. Located in England’s Buckingham, the average costs for Indian students usually range between INR 14.3-16.1 lakh for 12-month to 1-year MBA or MIM courses and INR 17.4 lakh for 3-year BBA courses. It is the same for B.Sc Courses of 2 years. 

Regent’s University London

Regent’s University London has a high ranking in the national university index. There are numerous study modules, degree courses and employment opportunities that are available here. The institution has a stellar reputation, enticing a sizable number of global students annually. Situated in London, average tuition fees may hover from INR 18.3 lakh for 3-year B.Sc courses to INR 22.3-24.8 lakh for 1-1.3 year MIM courses and INR 21.8 lakh for 3-year BBA courses. The average tuition fee for other courses for Indian students is somewhere around INR 18.3 lakh. 

St. Mary’s University

St. Mary’s University is one of the UK’s best and most reputed private universities. It offers numerous degree programs, contemporary facilities, flexible modules for studying, and experienced staff for a more fulfilling academic journey. It is situated in London and coming with average tuition fees of £12,250-13,650 across undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is one of the UK’s best private universities, particularly if you are looking to build up your experience and knowledge in art and music. You will learn from top artists during your tenure here while getting a major fillip towards pursuing professional objectives. Located in Glasgow, average tuition fees at this university hover around US$20,000 annually. 

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Here are the leading public universities in the UK with their tuition fees: 

University of Oxford

Tuition fees stand at £11,000 annually at one of the world’s greatest universities and centers of learning. 

University of Cambridge 

Average tuition fees hover around the £13,000 per year mark here, a rival to Oxford and one of the most acclaimed global universities. 

Imperial College London

Average tuition fees at this elite public institution are around the £11,000 per year mark. 

London School of Economics and Political Science

Average tuition fees mostly vary between £14-18,000 annually at this institution. 

University College London

Tuition fees usually hover between £11,000-16,000 per year. 

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Course-Wise Costs of Studying 

If you are wondering about UK university fees for international students, there are several useful pointers that you should keep in mind. Undergraduate course fees started from approximately £10,000 for lecture-based courses in 2017-18 as per reports, and this increased to £38,000 for undergraduate medical degrees and the like. For postgraduate learners, international fees in 2017-18 for classroom-based programs stood at approximately £11,000 and increased to £32,000. Laboratory-based programs had fees of £12,000-27,200 annually. 

Many students also visit the United Kingdom (UK) to study language courses. Prices usually vary from one institution to another. However, fees are usually around £70-100 every week with regard to full-time and standard courses and roughly £1,300 for intensive courses covering some weeks or even months. £10,000-20,000 per year is the average course fee for an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree, while it is £10,000-20,000 annually for a postgraduate Master’s degree. Costs also vary between £15,000-24,000 per year for doctoral degrees. 

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Average Cost of living in UK for students 

Here are some useful pointers that will help you immensely in working out the approximate costs of living in the United Kingdom (UK) during the tenure of your course. 

1) Present visa regulations in the UK clearly state that students should have a minimum of £1,015 in their bank accounts for every month that they are planning to stay in the country anywhere outside the city of London. This is approximately £12,080 or US$17,200 annually. 

2) If you are studying in London, then you will have to keep a minimum of £1,265 every month or approximately US$1,800 per month, which is roughly £15,180 annually. 

3) You can tap into several available student discounts, i.e. students may get the 18+ Student Oyster Photo card, enabling 30% discounts on travel cards and bus/tram season tickets, while students can also apply for the NUS Extra Card by paying a nominal fee. 

4) You can also save a little more money by studying somewhere in the UK, which is cheaper than London in terms of the cost of living. Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is the cheapest city for students in the United Kingdom, and Durham follows it in north-eastern England and Aberdeen in Scotland. 

5) When it comes to accommodation, most students usually prefer to live in halls of residence in their first years prior to shifting into rented and private accommodation in subsequent years. Many universities also provide catered and self-catered halls of residence with food covered within the rental price for the former. 

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6) The biggest difference in London's living costs as compared to other parts of the UK will be the rent. Accommodation expenditure as per estimates in London, will be roughly £8,073 every academic year, although more affordable options may emerge at university halls or even through sharing flats. 

7) Students usually spend roughly £125 every week for rent in the United Kingdom, with variations being visible throughout several regions. Students spent around £91 in Northern Ireland which is half of the amount spent in  London at £182. Unless utility bills are covered as part of the package, students may spend another £70 every month on the internet and utilities. 

8) Weekly food shop will cost somewhere around £30 or US$42, while dining in a restaurant or pub will cost anywhere around £12 or US$17. 

9) You can also expect to spend a minimum of £30 or more every month on books, course materials, and academic purposes. 

10) Mobile phone bills may hover around £15 every month or roughly US$22. 

11) Gymnasium membership costs may be approximately £32 every month or approximately US$45 every month, although student discounts are readily available. 

12) Nightly entertainment outside London will cost roughly US$42 or around £30 in all. 

13) You will require a TV license for watching television in your room, which can cost you around £147 annually or roughly US$107. Cinema tickets roughly cost around £10 or US$14. 

14) Clothing costs may hover around £35-55 or US$49-77 every month approximately. 

15) Transportation and traveling costs may hover around the £32 mark every month as well. 

These pointers will help you identify approximate living costs in the UK, and you should ensure that you have the requisite sum of money in your bank account beforehand.

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Cost of Studying in UK for International Students

Each year, a significant number of students from all over the globe get enroll in universities in the UK with the ambitions of following their dream careers in the gorgeous and spirited cities of the UK such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. These areas house some of the world’s best institutions. However, the cost of studying in the UK for international students is very high. 

The expense of studying in the UK differs depending on the University you enroll at. Tuition fees at institutes have progressively risen over the years, with students from the European Union and the UK having to spend around £9,250 per year, or nearly INR 9,27,485. For international students, at the same time, tuition rates start at approximately £10,000 or INR 10,02,598 and rise to about £38,000 or INR 38,10,205 for specialized degrees in medicine and other fields. Compared to the more expensive clinical degrees and laboratory studies, degrees in Humanities and social sciences degrees are far less costly.

Compared to the United States and other countries, most UK universities have shorter programs of around three years for typical undergraduate degrees instead of 4 years and one year for Master’s degrees rather than two years. This means that you can save significantly on living expenses and school fees for an entire year, which will balance the equation of higher tuition fees.

You need to know and plan some important factors once you get an offer from a University in the UK. These factors include tuition fees, lodging, and travel expenses. Listed below are the approximate sums you will be spending while studying in the UK-

Tuition Fees£8000 to £30000 for UG programs and £12000 and £35000 for PG programs
Accommodation£350 to £550 monthly
Visa & Other Costs£348 in application fees and £470 per year as the Immigration Health Surcharge fee
Travel Expenses£40 per month
Other Costs£500 per month 

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Tips to Manage the Cost of Studying in the UK for Indian Students 

The cost of studying in the UK for Indian students can be somewhat expensive. The high tuition fees in the universities in the UK combined with the expenses of maintaining a decent lifestyle, can become significantly burdensome for Indian students. Nonetheless, there are several ways through which Indian students can save money, and some of them are listed below:

1) Student Discounts:

There are great student rebates on everything in the UK, from shopping at the supermarket to purchasing movie tickets. These discounts can assist you in managing living expenses in the UK very well, and hence, these should be utilized as much as possible.

2) Transportation cards:

To save money on transportation, you must have considered using public transport, and in that case, you should take a transport card that also gives students discounts. For instance, using a railcard or an Oyster card for your daily travel can help you save a lot.

3) Cheaper alternatives:

Although an oft-suggested thing, you must try buying cheaper substitutes when shopping in supermarkets. If your budget is tight, try not to buy luxurious or imported items.

4) Scholarships:

When it comes to covering the cost of living in the UK for students, scholarships are the best option. There are various scholarships available in the UK that may either cover your tuition expenses or the entire cost of living. Research about the different scholarships and apply for the one that suits you best. 

5) Part-time jobs:

To supplement your budget as an Indian student in the UK, you should find a part-time job that will earn you some extra money. Overseas students are allowed to work 20 hours a week in the UK and can earn around £10 – £12 per hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study in the UK?

Studying in the UK costs between £8000 and £30,000 for undergraduate degrees, while a postgraduate degree will cost you between £12000 and £35000 depending on the course you have chosen and the university you are studying at.






Is studying in the UK expensive for Indian students?

Studying in the UK can be expensive for Indian students, especially if you enrol at a reputed university. Comparing the cost of living in the UK with that of India, you will notice a huge disparity, and the idea of living in the UK with such heavy expenses can feel intimidating. But, you can avail of various scholarships, get part-time jobs, raise funds, or opt for a virtual study abroad course to help with expenses.






Can Indian students study in the UK for free?

No, studying for free in the UK is not an option for Indian students as no university waive off the tuition fee completely in the country. But there are many government and private scholarships in the UK which will help you pay for your tuition costs and, in many cases, for your other expenses as well. You can also supplement your scholarship allowance by working on a part-time basis.






How much does it cost to study in the UK for international students?

For an international student, the expense of studying an undergraduate program in the UK can cost anywhere between £8000 and £30,000, while pursuing a postgraduate course will cost you between £12000 and £35000 .






Is London expensive to study?

Compared to other regions of England, London can be an expensive study destination for international students as not only will the tuition fees be on the higher side, the cost of accommodation, food, and transport will also be more.






How can an Indian student get a scholarship to study in the UK?

The government of the UK offers various scholarships, bursaries and additional financial support to students from outside the country. A student can check their scholarship eligibility by visiting the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website. Several institutes also provide financial assistance, and one can check their websites for more information about the particular scholarships. Also, many universities offer fully-funded postgraduate courses for international students. More information about these scholarships and grants can be found by visiting the chosen University’s website or through specialist websites.






Why is the UK the best for Indian students?

One of the biggest reasons why the UK is such a preferred destination amongst Indian students is that the course durations there are shorter, allowing students to reduce tuition and accommodation costs. Another reason why the UK is best for Indian students is due to the easy work permit access after graduation. But not just this, pursuing your higher education in the UK allows you to get the best quality education while building strong connections with the best educators and students from across the world.








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