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Student Life in UK Colleges- Your Guide

Updated on 28 June, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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Student life in the UK offers an enriching experience for aspirants. The UK is home to renowned global universities and activity-filled campuses buzzing with students from diverse nations, backgrounds, and cultures. Student life in UK offers endless opportunities to build new friendships, learn new things and participate in wonderful experiences. 

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Student Life in UK- Academic Culture: 

Life in UK for Indian students and those from other countries mostly revolves around academics. The academic culture here is founded on the principles of independent and highly active learning. Lectures are introductions to diverse aspects, lasting 50-60 minutes in general and comprising presentations or discussions. You may get lecture materials in advance at times, while sometimes you may also have to take notes. Tutorials involve smaller groups led by tutors and help make new friends, get personal attention, and resolve queries. 

College life in UK also includes various seminars, debates, practical classes, laboratory sessions, and studio sessions for design, architecture, art, and other related fields. The international student life in UK is pretty happening and to fund the lifestyle and new experiences, many people choose to work part-time. Usually, students can work up to 10-20 hours every week. Avenues for jobs include tutoring, hospitality establishments, and student unions, among others. 

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Life in UK- Diverse Cultures & Experiences:

The Indian student life in the UK is packed with exposure to many cultures and innovative experiences. Those interested in the arts will love exploring the National Gallery and Tate Modern in London, among other famous establishments in the UK. Scotland is famous for its Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, while Salford has The Lowry. From exhibitions and fascinating prints to a mélange of events, there is never a dull moment! The UK is home to vibrant and renowned performing arts and theatrical circuits. There are several traditional plays staged at theaters along with more modern productions. These plays cover a big spectrum, right from Shakespeare to musicals and opera. 

You will enjoy visiting some of the top restaurants, bars, and pubs in the UK while participating in experiences like screenings of football matches, karaoke nights, and even pub quizzes! Live music performances are a regular affair in the UK. The country is home to the world-famous The O2 Arena in London and hosts festivals like the Glastonbury Festival every year. Every town and city in the UK comes with movie theaters or cinemas which screen movies from various parts of the world. 

Those looking for a more touristy experience should visit UK attractions like the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London, London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, and the British Film Institute and National Theatre. London and other parts of the UK have bustling nightlife circuits, comprising live music, theatre, pubs, clubs, and special events galore! Events like the Notting Hill Carnival are typical of the joyous atmosphere that the UK residents enjoy throughout the year! 

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Life in UK at a Glance: 

  • Food- The UK, especially London, is home to some of the world’s best restaurants, pubs, cafes, and other joints. Along with trying the best local food on offer, check out the diversity of items available at British supermarkets. They have ingredients and items from the UK and the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and other regions. The UK is witnessing a major push towards healthy eating, and organic produce is readily available. Do not miss the iconic English breakfast and the fish and chips, although you will find scintillating Indian food and curry houses around the corner as well! 
  • Leisure Activities- Touring the UK is one of the biggest take-aways for international students. The country is home to the picturesque mountains in Wales and Scotland, the greenery and hills spreading across Northern Ireland and England, and the beautiful Lake District and the moors in Yorkshire. The coastline is another attraction for tourists. Go walking, cycling, hiking, and engage in fitness and sports activities at a nearby center. Students may also participate in various social and charitable initiatives. 

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  • Accommodation- International students often choose to reside in university halls. These ensure convenient stays within university campuses while offering freedom from utility bills, chores, and so on. Some halls provide meals while some may not. Other options include homestays, where your rent covers everything from food and laundry to rent and utilities. Staying with a local family will help you get a real taste of the UK’s language, culture, and traditions. Private student halls are costlier and have great amenities like Wi-Fi, movie rooms, gymnasiums, and game rooms. Freshers also move into shared and rented flats with their fellow students or housemates. 
  • Transportation- The UK has a vast local and national network of trains, while students in the 16-25 age group may apply for railcards. These ensure 1/3rd discounts on each ticket price. You can explore Europe via Eurostar. You can also purchase Eurail or InterRail tickets for covering several places in Europe. The Eurail Youth Pass offers discounts up to 25%, enabling travel to 33 countries around the continent. Student Oyster cards also provide discounts up to 30% in London. The UK is also home to a vast bus and taxi network while you can affordably travel via coach to other places in the country and Europe. You can also rent bikes for short journeys in the UK. The Tube is the best option in London while the underground tram or rail networks are good choices in places like Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, and Liverpool. 

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  • Weather- United Kingdom summers are enjoyable, and although a major chunk of the year is rainy and cold, it is not as bad as you think! Summers have longer days with warmer temperatures, while spring is the most picturesque season with its flowers and wonderful weather. Winters are usually accompanied by rain, snow, fog, and a persistent chill. The days are shorter, with temperatures hovering between 0-7°C. Autumn comes in September, with temperatures starting to plunge steadily. The country does get a lot of rainfall, and you should have an umbrella stored in your backpack for combating sudden showers! 

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Cost of Living in the UK for International Students: 

While the UK can seem expensive, living costs are usually cheaper than in the USA. Approximate yearly living costs for London are £13,400 or INR 13.45 lakhs while they are roughly £12,000 for other parts of England or INR 11.95 lakhs. Wales has slightly lower costs of living at £7,300 (INR 7.27 lakhs) per year, while Scotland may be costlier at £15,000 (INR 14.95 lakhs) per year. Northern Ireland is slightly cheaper at £10,200 or INR 10.16 lakhs per year. 

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Is the UK Good for International Students?

The United Kingdom offers diverse, enriching, and multicultural experiences for students. It is hugely popular among international students for its quality of life, safety levels, and rich history. The UK offers ample scope to explore some of the most beautiful and historic regions in the world, along with some parts of Europe. International students will enjoy the best education and attractive prospects, in addition to making new friends, tasting culinary delights, and enjoying new cultural and social experiences.

How is Student Life in UK?

Student life is vibrant and pleasing in the United kingdom (UK). It is peaceful and encourages active learning with ample participation in group activities. Learning in the UK is geared towards instilling theoretical and practical knowledge in students while teaching them to ask questions, form opinions and make decisions. At the same time, cultural events, performances, student unions, activities, and exploring famous tourist landmarks are a part of student life in the UK. The happiness quotient is high in the country, with most international students vouching for the quality of life, safety, and host of attractions.

What is the living Cost in the UK for a Student?

The annual cost of living may hover around £13,400 or INR 13.45 lakhs per year in London while it is around £12,000 (INR 11.95 lakhs) for other areas in England. Scotland is the costliest as per estimates, with living costs of £15,000 (INR 14.95 lakhs) per year, while Wales is the cheapest at £7,300 (INR 7.27 lakhs). Accommodation may be close to £500 every month or INR 50,000 (approx) while transportation costs are £150-200 (INR 14,943-19,923). Food costs may also be similar to transportation costs.

How Many Hours is a Student Allowed to Work in the UK?

International students can work for up to 20 hours (maximum) each week during the session and full-time during breaks and holidays. If you end up exceeding the limit of 20 hours every week in the UK, you will commit a serious offense that breaches the conditions of your immigration. Your university’s permission is needed for working part-time throughout your study tenure.

Is London Good for Indian Students?

London is one of the best global cities for Indian students. It is slightly costlier in terms of accommodation and other expenses. However, the living standards are higher, with excellent infrastructure, leisure, recreational activities, and the best educational institutions. London is also one of the safest cities while offering a distinctly unique lifestyle for students. It is also home to numerous historical and cultural landmarks along with the world’s best restaurants, pubs, bars, shopping centers, and theaters.

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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