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Cost of Living in Glasgow

Updated on 09 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

The second largest city in Scotland, Glasgow, is known for being the best for shopping. From street vendors to high-end stores, you can get everything in Glasgow.  It has also been named the world’s 2nd most affordable city (Time Out 2022). If you are planning to move here, you must keep track of the full-fledged cost of living in Glasgow. 

If you are moving for studies from India, you must get more insights on living expenses in Glasgow for Indian students. Read on to understand the cost of living in Glasgow for students. 

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Why choose to live in Glasgow

Over time, the city of Glasgow has seen a significant amount of development and growth. Its progressive allure in art, architecture, music, and education has made it a top choice for many people to shift to. Glasgow is an amazing city to live, work and study in. With tremendous opportunities and potential, Glasgow has the second-biggest student population in the UK. 

Following is a list of reasons to choose to live in Glasgow:


The city is known to have some of the most exquisite universities and schools that provide excellent education and facilities to students. It is rated as one of the top 50 cities in the entire world for students due to the immense opportunities it provides them with. 


The city of Glasgow is known for its rich culture and historical diversity. From mesmerizing galleries and beautiful museums, Glasgow has a rich culture. The city is also a live music hub; there is always something to do. Furthermore, over 70 parks make it a natural and beautiful city. 


Glasgow is an excellent place for food lovers. Scotland is famous for deep-fried junk food. It is true for Glasgow too as one can find a wide variety of cuisines and restaurants for every taste. One can relish the deliciousness of the authentic food of Glasgow, like the Haggis. 


The city of Glasgow is cold, windy, and rainy almost throughout the year. The temperature ranges between 34°F to 66°F. The temperature is pleasant, the summers are warm, and the winters are cold. 

Quality of life

The city offers high-quality living with various experiences and great potential. With high culture, a great education system, and many job opportunities, the city is a great place to begin a new phase of your life. 


Glasgow’s underground railway is the third-oldest underground railway in the world. Although transportation is easy in the city, every place is easily accessible as it is a compact city. 

Moving to a new city can sometimes get overwhelming as there are many things to consider. One of the most important aspects is to know about the living expenses. Read on to take a deeper look at the living expenses in Glasgow. 

Cost of Living in Glasgow


  • 1 bedroom flat (apartment): £450+
  • 3 bedroom flat: £900+


  • Dine-in: £15
  • Takeout Coffee: £2.00 – £3.00
  • 1L of milk: £0.50 – £1.00


  • Local Transportation: £250
  • Monthly Pass: £76
  • Taxi Fare: £3 


  • Gym membership: £17 – £39 per month
  • Movie (cinema) ticket: £8 – £10


  • Mobile Phone Plans: 0.10£
  • Basic Utilities including electricity, water, etc.: 199.96 £

The prices mentioned above are estimates and may vary depending on your preferences. If you are a student, keep reading to know more about the living expenses in Glasgow for international students. 

Living Expenses in Glasgow for International Students

UniversityAccommodation Tuition FeesMiscellaneous 
University of Glasgow£5,244.33-£5,648.37£19,920£100-£120 (Books)
University of Strathclyde£104 per week£16,750-£19,900N/A
Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)£170-£130 per week£14,500N/A

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Many of Scotland’s leading companies are headquartered in Glasgow, one of Europe’s top twenty financial centers. The cost of living in Glasgow’s beautiful and culturally rich city is affordable. Despite its rapid growth, the city is filled with energy and inspiration as it achieves more and accomplishes more. Over 80,000 students live in the area, contributing to many student discounts and promotions offered by local businesses and services. The city boasts itself as the shopping and cultural hub. 

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Is Glasgow a safe city?

Yes, the city of Glasgow is relatively safe and is considered a friendly city. There is no better place to get acquainted with true Scottish charm than in Glasgow, as Scottish people are inherently hospitable.




What is Glasgow known for?

The city is known for its architectural style, art, and musical contributions.




What is the average salary in Glasgow?

Although the salary depends upon your experience and field, the average salary in Glasgow ranges between £25,465 to £34,421.








upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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