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Cost of Living in Amsterdam

Updated on 08 November, 2023

Neha Uppal

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

Amsterdam is one of the best places for students if you are considering studying overseas. While it is known for its picturesque canals, historic architecture, and cultural offerings, the cost of living in Amsterdam can be relatively high compared to other cities in Europe. The city is an international hub for business, tourism, and education, which can have an impact on the prices of goods and services. However, with some planning and budgeting, Amsterdam can still be an affordable and enjoyable place to live.

Even though the cost of living is high, there are many benefits of living in Amsterdam. The estimated cost of living in Amsterdam for a family of four, a couple, and a student is EUR 3,500 and EUR 800-1200, respectively. But wait, that's not it!

Keep on reading to learn more about essential living costs in Amsterdam, such as housing, transportation, utilities, educational fees, and more.

List of Necessary Items with Costs

While calculating your budget to stay in Amsterdam, you must consider more than your educational and university expenses, including books, stationery, tuition fee, etc. There are a lot of other things that would make up your cost of living in Amsterdam for Indian students. Read on to learn all about those!

Monthly Expenses in Amsterdam 

Let's examine what constitutes the typical cost of living in Amsterdam per month. 

Visa (one-time fee)

EUR 210


EUR 50 - EUR 100


EUR 650 - EUR 1200


EUR 150 - EUR 170


EUR 40 - EUR 100

General living expenses

EUR 400 - EUR 500

A good thing, if you decide to study in Amsterdam, is that you have much to see and do in your leisure time. It is a treasure trove of parks, museums, and festivals to explore. Here's a list of what those leisure expenses will cost you: 

Gym membership/Sports activities

EUR 46

Tennis court (1-hour rent)

EUR 19

Cinema (1 seat)

EUR 13

A meal in an inexpensive restaurant for 1 person

EUR 15.50

Mid-range restaurant three-course meal

EUR 65



Average Cost of Living in Amsterdam 

Here are the expenses that make up the average cost of living in Amsterdam:

Private Room with Utilities and Furnished (ideal for Students)

EUR 649


EUR 4 - 60


EUR 3 - 32


EUR 30 - EUR 120

Average Rent in Amsterdam 

The cost of rent in Amsterdam is high. Depending on your degree, the university may provide you with a room if you are an international student. But students often have the choice of living on or off campus. The following list shows the different types of rent in Amsterdam on an average:

Types of Rent 


University dorms

EUR 400 - EUR 600

Shared Apartment

EUR 400 - EUR 1200


EUR 1300- EUR 1634


EUR 1200 - EUR 3000


EUR 2021 - EUR 2718

Transportation Costs in Amsterdam 

Cycling is quite popular in the Netherlands. The cities have dedicated bicycle lanes, making it one of the safest places to utilize bicycles as a form of transportation.

New cycle

EUR 250 - EUR 600

Electric cycle

EUR 1,500 - EUR 3,000


EUR 50 - EUR 100


EUR 10

Moreover, there are several modes of public transportation, such as trains, trams, and buses, that would be a part of your monthly expenses in Amsterdam. The costs are as follows.

Public transport (one-way ticket)


Public transport (monthly pass)

EUR 100

Taxi (per kilometer)


Diesel (as of 1st May 2023)

EUR 1.56

Gasoline (as of 17th April 2023)

EUR 1.93 (it has since dropped)

Cabs (per kilometer)

EUR 3.19

Cost of Utilities and Bills in Amsterdam 

Essential services like the power connection, internet package, prepaid mobile fees and gas supply also impact the cost of living in Amsterdam. 

  • Electricity, heating, cooling, garbage collection, water: EUR 177
  • Unlimited internet package: EUR 47
  • Local prepaid mobile surcharge: EUR 0.13 (1 min)

Education Costs in Amsterdam 

Amsterdam has world-class educational institutions that draw students from all over. International students should budget between €15,000 (for undergraduate courses) to €20,000 (for postgraduate courses) per year for tuition.

Cost of Living in Amsterdam for International Students

Your monthly costs include housing, meals, transport, textbooks, clothes, and recreational activities. EUR 935 - EUR 1,500 each month is what you will need to budget for these costs apart from rent.

Study Cost and University Tuition Fee

For International students, tuition fees are slightly on the higher side compared to EU/EAA students:

  • Bachelor's degree: EUR 15,000 per year 
  • Master's degree: EUR 20,000 per year 

Affordable Areas to Live in Amsterdam 

The best neighborhoods in Amsterdam for students have brilliant accommodation options for a safe, peaceful and memorable experience. De Pijp is a popular choice as it is home to many colleges and universities. It is also a relatively cheaper area which makes this an attractive option for local and international students alike. Other affordable locations are:

  • Jordaan
  • Amsterdam Noord
  • Uilenstede

Tips to Save Money in Amsterdam

Follow these tips to manage your cost of living in Amsterdam:

  • Stay on campus or near to the university, in dorms or shared homes. 
  • Many places offer student discounts. Don't miss an opportunity and carry your ID always.
  • Rent cycles or bikes for travel.
  • Learn to cook and don’t depend on restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amsterdam expensive for international students?

Yes, the average cost of living in Amsterdam is EUR 800 to EUR 1200 for a single person, which is a bit higher than other cities. However, you can manage your finances effectively if you plan and budget wisely. 

What is the 30% rule in Amsterdam?

The 30% rule in Amsterdam is a tax benefit where employers provide a tax-free allowance of 30% of an employee's pay to compensate for higher living costs abroad.

Which area is best for Indians in Amsterdam?

The best neighborhoods in Amsterdam are as follows:

  • Amsterdam Zuid
  • Amsterdam De Pijp
  • Amsterdam Noord

Apart from these, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein are two of the best places to consider living in Amsterdam for Indian students.

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

Neha Uppal is a passionate content creator and editor. She carries 7.5+ years of experience working with leading edutech companies where she worked as a Faculty, Community Manager, and Content Marketeer. At upGrad, she is helping out people keep informed about the scopes and opportunities of studying abroad via informational articles/blogs.

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