Why study in Sweden- What you should keep in mind

reasons to study Sweden

Why study in Sweden? It is one of the most beautiful and reputed global study destinations worldwide. One of the top reasons to study in Sweden is the country’s good number of leading universities which are ranked high on several global educational lists. Sweden is steadily witnessing huge interest from international students due to its sound academic infrastructure and facilities.                           


Reasons to study 

Some of the top reasons to study in Sweden include the following: 

  • Globally reputed educational system- A key reason for choosing Sweden for studying is its globally acknowledged system of education, encompassing highly ranked universities and solid emphasis on teaching and research. Some of the top choices include the likes of Stockholm University and the Uppsala University.¬†
  • Excellent Student Life- One of the benefits of studying in Sweden is its unique and enriching student life that fuses tradition and modernity. Most people prefer to study in Sweden‚Äôs cities like Lund and Uppsala where several student events take place. Every country offers its own special environment, and students can interact with other international and Swedish students alike.¬†
  • Zero Language Hurdles- Choosing to study abroad in Sweden means zero language-related hurdles. Swedish is the official language of the country, although English is spoken widely here.¬†
  • Great Location- Sweden offers travel opportunities to several European nations. Many such countries are readily accessible via ten international airports in Sweden or through the train network which links directly to continental European regions through the Oresund Bridge.¬†
  • Charming Swedish Lifestyles- The country’s people are minimalistic and practical in their outlook. They prioritize work-life balance and value their traditions and holidays. The flexible, diverse, and welcoming ambiance is a major draw for students.¬†
  • Nature-Friendly Living- Sweden offers several attractions from the Northern Lights to unlimited summer days and lovely landscapes. Recreational activities like hiking, ice skating, skiing, camping, and fishing are always possible here.¬†

Best universities to study 

Here is a list of the top universities in Sweden based on the QS World University Rankings 2023: 

Name of the Institution QS World Ranking (2023)
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 89
Lund University 95
Chalmers University of Technology 125
Uppsala University 128
Stockholm University 153
Goteborg University 185
Linkoping University 320
Umea University 369

Cost of study

The average study costs usually range between SEK 80,000-295,000 annually.  


Some of the top scholarship options include the Swedish Institute Scholarships and the Swedish University Scholarships, along with several other universities, government and private scholarships. 

Requirements to study 

The study requirements for undergraduate programs are the following: 

  • Completion of upper secondary education.
  • English language proficiency.¬†
  • Successful completion of Mathematics course as per Swedish Mathematics Course level 1A/1B/1C.¬†

The study requirements for postgraduate programs are the following: 

  • Bachelor‚Äôs degree or the equivalent of the Kandidatexamen in Sweden.¬†
  • English language proficiency.¬†

Right cities to live and study 

Some of the major cities for students include the following: 

  • Uppsala
  • Lund
  • Stockholm
  • Umea
  • Gothenburg
  • Linkoping
  • Galve¬†

Cost of living 

The cost of living in Sweden is approximately SEK 8,568, which is inclusive of rent. Monthly rentals usually vary between SEK 2,500-6,500. Students usually spend approximately SEK 750 per month on textbooks. Average fees usually range between SEK 50-350 for each semester. 

Stay back options 

Students can stay back in the country after graduation. International students can get their residence permits extended for a maximum of six months. Upon getting an offer of employment, students may apply for work permits in Sweden accordingly. The employer prompts the work permit application in many cases. The applicant will have to obtain a work permit which can be extended in the future. 

The requirements for the work permit include the following: 

  • A valid passport.¬†
  • Higher education or 30 higher education credits in Sweden or any other EU nation before the work permit application.
  • Employment offer.¬†
  • Insurance policies within the offer of employment.¬†
  • Wage offer as per Swedish collective agreement level or the normal industry/profession wage. This should be a minimum of 13,000 SEK each month before paying taxes.¬†


Why choose to study in Sweden?

Sweden offers students a unique environment and access to robust academic infrastructure and systems. The country is home to highly reputed universities and educational institutions which emphasize strongly on teaching and research.

Is studying in Sweden a good idea?

Studying in Sweden is a great idea for international students, especially considering the overall academic environment, infrastructure, and prestigious and top-ranked institutions.

Is it good to study in Sweden for international students?

Yes, international students will find Sweden to be a great educational destination. There are numerous master’s and bachelor’s programs available in English while students from the EEA/EU get the benefits of completely free education.

Why is Sweden the best?

Sweden is globally famous for its robust and advanced educational system and healthcare infrastructure. It has one of the world’s best systems of social welfare while ensuring a higher quality of life for its residents.

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