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Cost of Studying MS in Switzerland for Indians

Updated on 09 April, 2024

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

The average cost of doing MS in Switzerland is roughly 3-13,000 CHF for master’s programs, including tuition fees. Some universities have costlier courses which cost around 30,000-85,000 CHF. Before mapping the average cost of doing MS in Switzerland¸ you should know that the tenures of these courses usually range between 1-2 years, with the academic year between September and June. 

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Cost of Studying MS in Switzerland

The cost of MS in Switzerland for Indian students and even the cost of doing MS in Switzerland for international students from other countries has been explained here. 

Cost of Living in Switzerland

You can use this guide to track total living costs for students. The main heads include the following: 

  • £1,000-1,500 per month (INR 1-1.5 lakh) is the average living cost for Switzerland, with cities like Geneva and Zurich being costlier than affordable options like Basel for instance. 
  • Accommodation will cost you roughly £400-800 per month for campus halls which is roughly INR 40,000-80,000. Renting or sharing your apartment (one bedroom) will cost around £600-800 (INR 60-80,000). Staying with a host family (if possible) will be cheaper at £200-400 (INR 20-40,000) each month. 
  • Food bills at supermarkets may be around £200 (INR 20,000) each month. You should look to shop after 5 PM in the evening when perishables are sold at discounts of 25-50% by supermarkets. Restaurant meals are priced at roughly £20 (INR 2,000) while canteen meals are affordable at just £7 (INR 700). 
  • Transportation costs via monthly student passes will be just £50 (INR 5,000) on average. You can also rent bicycles for easier access to various areas. One pass will help you access buses, trams, and trains alike. 

Tuition Fees for MS in Switzerland

The total cost of MS in Switzerland for Indian students may be calculated by adding the living costs and miscellaneous expenditure with the tuition fees. The average cost of MS in Switzerland is anywhere between £650-1,000 (INR 65,000-100,000) annually in tuition for international students, while it may increase to £1,600 per year (INR 1,60,000) for medical students. Master’s courses are taught here in English. Public universities charge much lower fees, thereby attracting a major portion of international students from other countries. 

Here are some of the fees at leading universities in Switzerland: 

  • The University of Geneva- £900 (INR 90,000) per year. 
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts/Northwestern Switzerland FHNW- £1,300 (INR 1.3 lakh) per year. 
  • The University of Bern- £1,500 (INR 1.5 lakh) per year. 
  • ETH Zurich- £1,600 (INR 1.6 lakh) per year. 
  • The University of Lausanne- £1,500 (INR 1.5 lakh) per year. 
  • The University of Basel- £1,600 (INR 1.6 lakh) per year. 
  • The University of Zurich- £1,400 (INR 1.4 lakh) per year. 
  • Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne- £1,100 (INR 1.1 lakh) per year. 

Other Costs

Students should budget up to 600 CHF each month in health insurance (depending on various aspects) which works out to roughly INR 48-49,000. Health insurance is compulsory in the country although there are options to apply for exemptions if you hold international health coverage equivalent to this amount. You may have to spend roughly INR 30,000 on average. Books and supplies will necessitate £100 (INR 10,000) per year while CHF 88 (INR 71-72,000) is payable or the student visa D in general. The English-language proficiency tests like IELTS/TOEFL cost around INR 14,700 (approx). The Swiss student visa D fee is INR 7000 approx. 

Disclaimer: All course fees/salaries/expenses are indicative.

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