Top Colleges in Austria – Eligibility, Universities & more

Best Universities in Austria

Austria is a coveted global study destination for aspirants, home to a relatively smaller population of 8.7 million citizens and beautiful cities. There are several reputed universities in Austria with a comparatively relaxed teaching and learning system. Working knowledge of German is par for the course while studying in Austria, and most top colleges in Austria will have additional German classes that students can choose from. The costs of living in the country are also reasonable in comparison to many other European regions. There are innumerable opportunities for experiencing activities like hiking and skiing along with exploring nearby countries like Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. Accessing Budapest, Prague, and Munich is easy through the train network. 

Eligibility and Other Aspects

Most universities in Austria have some common eligibility criteria for aspirants. International students will require residence permits for studying in the country. Some other criteria include the following: 

  • Confirmed position at the university. 
  • High school diploma or A-level, which is equivalent to the Austrian Matura examination certificate. Alternatively, students can provide proof of completing a minimum program of three years at a post-secondary institution that is certified. 
  • Fulfillment of study-linked criteria like entrance examinations in the home country. If the chosen study course is not available in the aspirant’s home country, then proof should be given on the most similar program. 
  • German knowledge is often required by many universities, and examinations may be required at times. 

Best Universities in Austria- A List

There are several top-ranked universities in Austria. Here is a list of the top colleges and universities in Austria as per the QS World Rankings for 2023.


Name of the Institution QS World Ranking 2023 Fees Popular Courses
University of Vienna 151 747.92 Euros per semester Languages, Art, Culture and Media, Education, Philosophy and Religion, Economics, Social Sciences and Law, History, Psychology, Health and Sport
Technische Universitat Wien 179 726.72 Euros per semester Computer Science, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Technical Physics 
Graz University of Technology 284 726.72 Euros per semester Biomedical Engineering, Architecture, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering 
Universitat Innsbruck 308 726.72 Euros per semester Arts and Humanities, Physical Sciences, Computer Science, Social Sciences, Life Sciences 
Johannes Kepler University Linz 350 726.72 Euros per semester Medicine, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Law, Business 
University of Klagenfurt 486 726.72 Euros per semester International Business and Economics, Cross-Border Studies, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, English & American Studies
Karl-Franzens-Universitaet Graz 651-700 N/A (tuition fees are payable by international students from third countries each semester) Austrian civilization and literature, law, European studies, American and English studies 
Paris Lodron University of Salzburg 751-800 726.72 Euros per semester Cultural science, business, law, natural and life sciences 

Academic Cycle and Intakes

The deadline is usually by 5th September or 5th February annually for the intakes. 

Cost of Attendance 

The approximate expenditure is around 3,000-23,000 Euros per year for students. Some advanced courses may also require an expenditure of 35,000 Euros or more annually. 

Cost of Living 

Housing costs are approximately 200-500 Euros each month. Meals at cafes or smaller outlets usually require 7-10 Euros approximately, while larger meals may require 12-18 Euros. Grocery costs are approximately 200-250 Euros per month. Transportation costs are usually around 30-50 Euros each month for passes, while utility costs hover around 100-200 Euros each month. 

Top Recruiters 

Some of the biggest employers in Austria include Meister, Avanade, TourRadar, Kaleido AI, Refurbed, Dynatrace, Christiane’s Farmacy, Raiffeisen Bank International, and many others. 

Career Prospects 

Here are some of the top job positions for graduates and their average annual salaries: 

  • Executive Manager- 90,590 Euros
  • Accountant- 59,000 Euros
  • Marketing, Product & Communications Professionals- 80,000 Euros
  • Financial Services Professionals- 84,300 Euros
  • Consulting, Professional Services, and Accounting Professionals- 69,000 Euros 
  • Product Managers- 57,000 Euros
  • Architects- 58,000 Euros
  • Teachers- 32,400 Euros 
  • Software Engineers- 45,000 Euros 


What are the top universities in Austria?

Some of the reputed universities in Austria include the Vienna University of Technology, the Medical University of Vienna, the University of Vienna, the University of Graz, and the University of Innsbruck, among numerous others.

Does Austria have good universities?

Austria is home to numerous reputed educational institutions that offer top-rated master’s, bachelor’s, and Ph.D. courses for aspirants. There are many institutions that have high rankings in global rankings lists.

Is university education in Austria free?

Public universities offer free education in Austria for EEA and EU nationals. Other international students have to pay tuition fees and added costs.

Is Austria good for international students?

Austria is one of the best countries for international students, offering a conducive study atmosphere, great universities, and a relaxed and charming way of life. The country is also more affordable than many other global educational hubs in terms of its living costs.

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