Best Universities in Denmark- Eligibility Criteria, Career and more

Best Universities in Denmark

Are you thinking of studying in Denmark? This may be a great decision, considering the countryā€™s livability, safety, and happiness quotients. There are many reputed universities in Denmark and aspirants can look forward to a robust educational system that prioritizes hands-on learning along with research. Thousands of students apply for the top colleges in Denmark every year, attracted to the cutting-edge educational infrastructure here, along with the friendly and welcoming people of the country.Ā 

Eligibility and other aspects

Applying to the best universities in Denmark is not as difficult. The qualifications of applicants should be at par with upper secondary school-leaving certificates in Denmark. For shorter programs, the certificate should be at par with vocational qualifications in the country. There could be individual program requirements at top universities in Denmark for bachelors programs or top universities in Denmark for masters programs, including grades/marks, subjects studied, average of marks, and so on. Students will also have to fulfill English or Danish language proficiency requirements.Ā 

Once they choose the university they are interested in, candidates can visit the institute website to submit their application.Ā 

Top Ranked Universities in Denmark

Here is a list of top colleges and universities in Denmark as per the QS World University Rankings for 2023:Ā 

Name of the Institution QS World Ranking (2023) Fees Popular Courses
University of Copenhagen 82 10,000-17,000 Euros per 60 ECTS/academic year Psychology, public health, anthropology, theology, economicsĀ 
Technical University of Denmark 104 7,500 Euros per semester Aquatic science and technology, biomedical engineering, advanced materials and healthcare engineering, civil engineering
Aarhus University 161 8,000-14,800 EurosĀ  Law, Management, Business Development and Technology, Social Science and Business, Political ScienceĀ 
Aalborg University 330 3310-6897 Euros per semester Communication Technology, Marketing, International Business, Finance, Management EngineeringĀ 
University of Southern Denmark 347 6640 Euros per term Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies, Brand Management and Marketing, Accounting and FinanceĀ 

Academic Cycle and Intakes

Students have to submit applications prior to 15th March for courses starting in the fall or September. Some institutions may have extra spring semester intakes where applications can be submitted prior to the 1st of September.Ā 

Cost of attendance

Students will require approximately 6,000-16,000 Euros annually to study in the country. Some programs like medicine may require up to 35,000 Euros annually as well.Ā 

Cost of Living

The cost of living is usually around 1,000-1,800 Euros each month for students. Restaurant meals cost around 18-20 Euros while monthly rentals for one-bedroom apartments hover around 500-1,350 Euros on average. Monthly transportation costs range between 50-80 Euros.Ā 

Top Recruiters

Some of the leading employers/recruiters in Denmark include the following:Ā 

  • Region Hovedstaden
  • Aarhus Kommune
  • Salling Group A/S
  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Kobenhavns Kommune

Career ProspectsĀ 

Some of the popular career positions for students are listed below, along with their average salaries:Ā 

  1. Mobile Developer- $104,534
  2. Fashion Designer- $112,719
  3. Dentist- $132,637
  4. IT Manager- $88,475
  5. Accountant- $83,171
  6. Project Manager- $81,793
  7. Electrical Engineer- $70,572
  8. Civil Engineer- $68,784
  9. Industrial Designer- $69,773
  10. Data Analyst- $64,747


What is the best uni in Denmark?

Some of the top institutions in Denmark include the University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, Aarhus University, and the University of Southern Denmark.

Does Denmark have good universities?

Denmark has several institutions which rank highly in the QS World Rankings for 2023 and other global educational ranking lists. Denmark is known for its reputed institutions and high-quality teaching and learning.

Is Denmark good for international students?

Denmark is a great study destination for international students, offering reputed educational institutions, reasonable costs of tuition and living, and also great masterā€™s courses which are taught in English.

How hard is it to get into the University of Copenhagen?

The University of Copenhagen has an acceptance rate between 40-50%. While it is challenging, with the right preparation and attitude several students find a place at this reputed institution every year.

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