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Cheapest Universities in Poland to Study in 2024 (with Fees and Living Costs)

Updated on 05 January, 2024

Pragya Sharma

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

Poland is Europe’s 9th largest country and home to many renowned universities. The country recorded an inflow of about 89,000 international students in the academic year 2021-2022, according to a Statista Report. This indicates its growing hold in emerging as a desirable destination to study. 

If you are searching for a budget-friendly education option, look no further! This hidden gem in Central Europe boasts some of the most affordable universities, offering high-quality education without breaking the bank. This article will guide you through the affordable and cheap universities in Poland.

Reasons to Study in Poland

Poland is a highly sought-after study destination for international students. The country has much to offer in terms of world-class universities, diverse culture, and excellent quality of life. 

Here are some of the top reasons to study in Poland:

  • Poland has many world-renowned and affordable universities, such as the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, and Adam Mickiewicz University. These institutions offer various programs at all levels, from undergraduate to doctoral studies.
  • One of the main reasons students choose to study in Poland is the wide ambit of world-class programs. Whether you want to study engineering, business, or humanities, you will be able to find a program that meets your needs and interests.
  • Poland is a culturally rich country with a long history and tradition. It is also a very welcoming place for international students. You will have many opportunities to experience the local culture while studying here.
  • Poland offers an excellent quality of life at a very affordable cost. The country has a high standard of living, and its cities are well-connected and easily navigable. You will also find plenty of green space and parks to enjoy in your free time.
  • Polish universities provide a high-quality education that is internationally recognized and respected. You can be sure that the education you receive here will serve as an excellent foundation for your future career.
  • International students can benefit from the low tuition fees when studying in Poland. This makes studying in Poland a very attractive option for those looking for an affordable way to get a quality education.

Top Affordable Universities to Study in Poland


Popular Programs


Average Tuition Fees/Year*

University of Wroclaw

Business and Administration, Biotechnology


€1650 - €4150

Polonia University

Management and engineering



University of Economics in Katowice

Finance, Administration, and Management


10,000 - 14,000 (€2181 - €3053)

Poznan University of Technology

Management and engineering


4700 - 7500  (€1025 - €1636) per semester

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University

Biotechnology and economics



*per the universities’ official websites 

Cost of Living in Poland For International Students

When we look at the cost of living in Poland, we must consider the two main aspects. One is the tuition fees incurred, and the second is the student living costs. Let’s look at them in depth.

Tuition Fees in Poland

Students from the EU/EEA/Swiss and Polish countries can study the Polish language at public universities for free. Students must pay tuition for all other study programs in affordable universities in Poland. Generally, the costs of higher education in Poland are as follows:

  • Bachelor's degrees typically cost €2997.57 per year.
  • Master's degrees cost around €2141.12 per academic year.

You can find some free programs in Poland, although they are few. But when compared to other countries, there are many cheap and affordable universities in Poland for international students. International students can take some of these courses at the Master's level, while EU citizens and others can take them only at the PhD level. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we always advise students to check if tuition fees apply to them.


Cost of Living in Poland

The economy of Poland is fairly stable and affordable for Europeans. A typical international student's monthly living expenses range between €350 and €550. You can adjust your budget accordingly if you wish to study in a certain city or area. A monthly rent of €500 - €850 is required in larger cities like Krakow or Warsaw. Per the official government site, other monthly expenses are charted in the table below. 

UtilitiesCost (in Polish Zloty)Cost (in Euros)
Groceries700 - 900€150 - €200
Rent (student dormitory)400 - 600€90 - €140 
Phone, internet, and TV subscription bills80 - 100€17 - €22
Entertainment150 - 200€35 - €45 
Public transportation50 - 60€11 - €13 
Health insurance40 - 60€9 - €13
Average total expenses1500 - 2000€330 - €430

Source: Official Polish government site

How to Apply to Polish Universities?

Foreign nationals wishing to apply to universities in Poland must first decide which type of university they would like to attend: public or private. 

  • Then, they should research the individual requirements of each institution. 
  • Following that, applicants should take any required language proficiency tests, such as the Test of Polish as a Foreign Language (TOP), followed by submission of all necessary documents, which may vary depending on the institution.
  • Public universities in Poland provide free tuition to all EU/EEA students and charge reasonable tuition fees for other international students. They must present a copy of their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or an equivalent document to be eligible. 

Private universities usually charge higher tuition fees than public ones; however, some may provide scholarships or financial aid to help cover costs.

Application Intakes

Universities have intakes when new semesters begin each year. Poland, like most countries, has two main intakes in a year. Summer and Winter are the two intakes in the country.

Preparation should begin nine to ten months before the deadline dates. Students should check the university’s website to determine the exact application deadlines.


With so many affordable universities in Poland, it is easy to see why the country has become an increasingly popular destination for international students. Not only are tuition fees relatively inexpensive, but living costs are also very reasonable compared to other European countries.

Poland is a great option to pursue a high-quality university experience at an affordable cost. Now all that remains is finding the perfect university that suits you. We hope you easily sail through this task with our recommended universities list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there affordable universities in Poland?

Yes, there are several affordable universities in Poland. However, it is important to note that the cost of living and tuition fees can vary greatly depending on your chosen city and university.

How much does it cost to study in Poland?

The average cost of studying in Poland is between €1,200 and €1,500 per academic year. This includes tuition fees, accommodation, and living costs.

Is it easy to find affordable accommodation in Poland?

Yes. Many affordable accommodation options exist in Poland for students, such as hostels, student dormitories, and private apartments.

Pragya Sharma

Sr. Content Editor

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