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Université PSL Paris’s Acceptance Rate

Updated on 20 February, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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The Université PSL, also known as the Paris Sciences et Lettres University, is a public research university in France. The institute is renowned for research-based academics in multiple disciplines like Science, Humanities, Social Science, Arts, and Engineering.

The university is considered one of the top locations to study, with a prestigious rank of #26 in the QS World University Rankings 2023. 

The official figures for the Université PSL Paris’s acceptance rates are not released by the university. However, there are a total of 17,000 students enrolled in various undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the institute. Out of these, around two-thirds of the students have chosen the university for a master’s or Ph.D. program.

The student population is diverse, with 20% of the chosen candidates hailing from other countries. 40% of these students are enrolled in multiple Ph.D. programs.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

How to get admission to Université PSL Paris? Candidates can secure admission to the university’s programs, provided they fulfill the eligibility requirements asked by each level of study. The Université PSL Paris’s admissions criteria for the respective courses are as follows.

For undergraduate studies:

  • Possession of a valid high school diploma from accredited boards 
  • Language tests according to the requirement of the course

For master’s programs:

  • Undergraduate degree with a minimum of 3 years of study for admission to year 1 and 4 years of study for year 2
  • TOEFL, TOEIC, GMAT, IELTS, or Cambridge Certificate for language proficiency, depending on the requirements of the course

For Ph.D. programs, the following criteria are considered:

  • Master’s degree with at least five years of study
  • Quality of the research project
  • Academic excellence 
  • Command over the English Language (C1 recommended)

Documents Required

The Université PSL Paris’s admission requirements include certain documents that differ according to the level of study. 

The list of mandatory documents for undergraduate courses varies extensively according to the program. Here is a list of schools that offer undergraduate degrees.

  • CPES Multidisciplinary Undergraduate degreeDauphine – PSL
  • Sustainability sciences
  • Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Communications degrees

The documents required for graduate studies are as follows.

  • Online application form 
  • Updated curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Personal statement focusing on the candidate’s goals and aspirations
  • Academic transcripts and certificates of qualification for all years of the bachelor’s degree (for year one master’s students)
  • Academic transcripts and certificates of qualification for bachelor’s and one year of master’s degree (for year two students)
  • Letters of recommendation

Some documents are specific to certain courses. These are:

  • Personal work, including projects, portfolio, and thesis
  • Work-study contract
  • Copy of a photo ID/passport if the student is from outside the EU
  • Professional certifications
  • Language Proficiency test results 
  • Documentation for past internships, international mobility, and work experience

The list of mandatory documents for Ph.D. students is as follows: 

  • Respective transcripts and diplomas from previous educational institutes
  • Academic curriculum vitae 
  • A one-page statement of purpose
  • Research statement showcasing the candidate’s interest in a particular research area and specialization
  • References from at least two professors

The candidate can also submit proof of English proficiency (at least C1 level). The proof is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

Tests Required and Average Score

The Université PSL, Paris, does not focus significantly on external tests to assess a candidate’s ability. Depending on the course, it only requires proof of English and/or French proficiency with tests like GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, DELF, or TCF.

For students applying for Ph.D. programs, a C1 level is mandatory. Apart from that, the scores depend on the degree.

For example, admission to the master’s in Quantitative Economics might require minimum scores in one of the required proficiency tests. These are:

  • TOEFL-iBT: 90
  • IELTS: 6.5
  • GMAT: 650
  • GRE: Equivalent score of 650

The only candidates exempt from these tests are the ones who are English natives. Among non-native speakers, the ones who have followed international training in English and appeared for the corresponding exam in the last two years are eligible.

Popular Courses

The Université PSL, Paris, is home to some of the best research infrastructure in the world. The campus boasts 2,900 researchers with 140 laboratories. The institute also has over 200 grants to its name. 

While the university offers both graduate and postgraduate courses, the latter is more popular among the students, with 75% of students enrolled in postgraduate studies at the institute. 

Some of the popular disciplines at the university include:

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Earth and Biodiversity Science
  • Chemistry
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Mathematics and Applications

The institute partners with multiple renowned organizations and international universities to facilitate ground-breaking research in its courses. Their graduate programs also promise an immersive education experience, with English tracks, internships, global mobility, and inclusion in the student community.

How Université PSL Paris Evaluates Applicants

The Université PSL, Paris’s admission requirements include a candidate’s application, along with their interview, depending on the course. The candidate’s overall academic profile is crucial, especially for Ph.D. and master’s courses.

Usually, the university values the candidate’s overall capabilities to make a decision. The admissions committee may subject the candidate to one or more of the following testing methods during the admissions process:

  • Personal interview
  • English proficiency tests
  • Written or oral examinations
  • Competitions

Since the institute aims to enroll students from diverse profiles, it looks for students who have engaged in multiple activities during their undergraduate or high school years. 

Tips for Applying to Université PSL Paris

How to get admission to Université PSL Paris? Despite the information available, it can get tricky to understand the requirements and expectations of the admissions committee. Here are a few tips that can be incorporated to make a candidate’s application stand out:

  • Learn French. Although specific programs do not require proficiency in this language, familiarisation with the local language can make a positive impact on the admission committee.
  • Submit English/French proficiency test scores.
  • Get in touch with existing students from the university to clear all queries about the university life, atmosphere, and programs.
  • Spend significant time with personal statements and letters of recommendation to crosscheck every detail. The committee values the opinions of professors or managers to assess the candidate.
  • Interact with the university by attending seminars and other initiatives on social media. Subscribe to their monthly newsletter to remain informed about campus activities and admission cycles.
  • Maintain a consistent academic record and focus on improving grades for a strong profile
  • Engage in volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and non-academic endeavors

Application Deadlines

The Université PSL follows the academic cycle of France, where the academic year starts in September and ends close to May or June. Each year is divided into two semesters, with one to two weeks dedicated to examinations after the end of each semester.

The application deadlines for admission to undergraduate courses at the university depend on the program. However, most courses have a standard deadline of March 12 for incoming first-year undergraduate students.

Some of the 2020 application deadlines for master’s programs were as follows:



Master’s ProgramApplication duration
Humanities25.02.20 to 24.04.20
International Affairs and Development27.02.20 to 24.02.20
Chemistry30.03.20 to 22.05.20
Accounting, Control, Auditing27.02.20 to 24.02.20
Law27.02.20 to 24.02.20
Physics01.12.19 to 01.03.20
Control, Auditing, Financial Reporting27.02.20 to 24.02.20
Material Science and Engineering30.03.20 to 22.05.20
Economics and Finance27.02.20 to 24.02.20
Wealth Management27.02.20 to 24.02.20

The admission process for the Ph.D. Tracks for 2022 began on November 15 and lasted until December 15. The candidates were called in for an interview between January 31 to March 22, 2022. Admission results were announced in April 2022.

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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