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Student Visa for Italy

Updated on 08 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Numerous international students choose Italy for higher education, notably for its top-ranked institutions, research opportunities, and culturally rich society. According to reports, in 2022, close to 6,000 Indian students were already studying in the country. Hence, demand is high when it comes to getting a student visa for Italy. There are several requirements that have to be met, and these are covered in this article, along with other helpful pointers. Read on to learn more about applying for and obtaining a study visa for Italy. 

How to Get a Study Visa for Italy

Here are some of the key aspects related to getting a student visa in Italy: 

Italy Student Visa Requirements

Here are some of the major Italy study visa requirements that aspirants must note: 

  • Applicants should be 18 years of age at least. 
  • Prove that a course will be followed in an educational institution for a certain duration. 
  • Obtain a study visa before coming to the country and get a residence permit after arriving. 
  • Applicants have to provide their income certificates and letters of financial support from guardians/parents along with the bank guarantee. 
  • A photocopy of the passport is required, or the Italian carta d’identita, inclusive of the page with the signature of the holder and matching the one on the letter. This is one of the key requirements for a student visa in Italy. 
  • Students will have to submit a printout of the online student visa application form with the uploaded photograph along with copies of the passport and old passport/other nationality passport (if applicable). 
  • Documents of residence proof (more than 2 years of residence at least) or fax forms for non-residents/those residing for less than two years are required. 
  • Other student visa for Italy requirements include the original admission letter issued by the Italian institution, proof of funds for meeting costs, and a copy of medical insurance

Italy Student Visa Processing Time

This processing time is usually up to 90 days from the day of receipt of the application. In case additional documentation is necessary, the timelines may surpass 90 days as well. 

Working as a Student in Italy

Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours each week with an overall limit of 1040 working hours in 52 weeks. 

What to Do if Your Visa Application is Rejected

The rejection decision is communicated to the applicant with the reasons for the same as part of a standard form. The appeal should be lodged within 15 days of the receipt of the refusal to the Consulate that rejected the application. It should be an original appeal with the original signature and name of the applicant and the reasons why he/she feels that the refusal should be overturned. 


How much money do I need for an Italian student visa?

The Italy study visa cost is approximately 116 Euros. There are additional administrative costs to be borne by applicants along with the fees for the residence permit. 

Is a visa for Italy difficult to get?

Italy visas are not as difficult to get, according to several reports. These indicate how Italy got more than 7 lakh visa applications in 2022 from several parts of the world while rejecting just 92,186 of them. Hence, with a rejection rate of only 12.7%, it is not that difficult to obtain an Italian visa. Also, applicants from India had one of the lowest rates of rejections at 11.5%. 

Is Italy expensive for Indian students?

Italy may/may not be expensive for Indian students, depending on several factors like the type of program, tuition costs, place of residence, and so on. Tuition fees are usually around 900-20,000 Euros annually. Accommodation will be approximately 250-700 Euros per month, while food costs may be around 60-100 Euros each week. A  monthly transport pass will come for approximately 25-45 Euros.

Who is eligible for study in Italy?

International students should have health and travel insurance and furnish proof of English language proficiency if required. They should provide funds to cover living and tuition costs along with their enrolment in an institution in Italy. 

Can I work in Italy with a student visa?

You can work up to 20 hours each week with a student visa in Italy. At the same time, the overall limit is 1040 working hours within a tenure of 52 weeks. 

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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