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Cost of Living in Spain: Important Details

Updated on 26 March, 2024

Europe’s most visited country, Spain, is a hub of the best academic institutions attracting students from across the world. The globally accredited universities hold an excellent reputation among students. Spain provides high-quality education, which is a good mix of practical and theoretical. The country is affordable compared to other European countries as the living cost in Spain is relatively lower. If you are also looking forward to studying in the country, knowing all about the cost of living in Spain beforehand will be much helpful.  


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Housing or Accommodation Costs 

Finding budget-friendly accommodation is essential in a new country. However, it comes with various challenges. In Spain, student accommodation is generally offered by universities upon admission. Student residence halls are the cheapest option, and maximum students sign up for it. Here are the various housing options available for students in Spain-  

1. Residence halls

The universities offer these. They are inexpensive and help save additional travel costs as they are inside the university campus. Maximum students take up residence halls as they are the safest and most reliable option. 

2. Renting an apartment

Apart from residence halls, most students rent an apartment for privacy. There are multiple portals where you can search for apartments for rent. However, it may be a little expensive, so many prefer to find a partner to share the space and split the rent.

3. Living as a paying guest

Living as paying guest is another option that students prefer for accommodation. You can find such families online to live with at highly affordable costs.  

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Residence halls

INR 30,822- 55,651 per month

Renting an apartment

INR 17,120- 85,614 per month

One-bedroom apartment in city center

INR 55,214 per month

One-bedroom apartment outside city center

INR 42,470 per month

Three-bedroom apartment in city center

INR 86,312 per month

Three-bedroom apartment outside city center

INR 63,780 per month

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Transportation Costs 

The cost of transportation in Spain is meager, and it costs around INR 130 per trip if you use public transport. Monthly transport passes are also available for international students, which can help significant cost savings. There is also a Youth Travel Card which can help you get significant discounts while traveling anywhere in Spain. 

One-way ticket of local transport

INR 124

Monthly transport pass

INR 3,423.16

Cost of Taxi for a km

INR 8.97

One Liter Gasoline

INR 117.30

Educational Expenses in Spain 

Universities in Spain are affordable in comparison to other European countries. However, it also depends on various factors such as type of institution, number of credits, and whether you are an EU or Non-EU student. As a Non-EU/EEA student, you may encounter these situations-  

– You might be charged the exact tuition fee as EEA/EU students. 

– You might be charged 1000-1500 Euros more than EEA/EU students.

– Your tuition fee might be two to three times higher than the regular.  

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Before choosing to study at any university, always connect with them and check the rules that apply to you as a Non-EU/EEA student.  

There are public and private universities in Spain, and the fees vary. Here are the average tuition fees at public and private universities in Spain as per the course. 

Bachelor’s at Public UniversitiesINR 12,842- 1,28,425 per year
Master’s at Public UniversitiesINR 25,687- 2,99,715 per year
Bachelor’s at Private UniversitiesINR 4,28,144- 15,40,944 per year
Master’s at Private UniversitiesINR 2,56,8851- 21,40,378 per year

Healthcare Costs and Expenses 

Spain has private and public healthcare systems. The public system offers free and primary healthcare facilities to those students who contribute to the social security system. However, the public healthcare system does not include various treatments such as dental.  

There are various private healthcare insurance providers, and you can take it up as per your choice. As a non-EU/EEA student, having private healthcare insurance is compulsory. The private healthcare insurance will provide additional benefits such as quick access to treatments, dental consultations, easy access to English-speaking medical staff, and more. Here are the average healthcare costs and expenses-

Single doctor visit

INR 2,995

Tooth whitening session

INR 28,242

Tooth filing

INR 4,279

Average healthcare insurance fee

INR 8,558- 17,116 per month

Average Salaries in Spain 

The average yearly salary in the country is around INR 23,11,739 per annum, which is relatively lower than other European countries. However, the lower cost of living in Spain helps balance the income and expenditure. The employer deducts the contribution to the State Security System directly, which will help you gain additional benefits such as access to public healthcare, paternity and maternity leaves, paid leaves, pension, and more.  

Here’s the average salary offered in Spain by sector and job level- 

IT Director

INR 41,13,024 per annum


INR 55,26,534 per annum

Project Manager

INR 51,32,418 per annum

Sales Manager

INR 50,45,617 per annum


INR 1,79,999 per annum

Financial Analyst

INR 3,00,647 per annum

Business Analyst

INR 3,09,851 per annum

Graphic Designer

INR 2,39,109 per annum

Aerospace Engineer

INR 3,14,913 per annum

Construction Project Manager

INR 3,94,811 per annum

Tips to Reduce Expenses in Spain 

An international student can easily live in Spain on a smaller budget. The cost of living also depends on the program you are pursuing and the city you are staying in. Cities such as Barcelona and Madrid have higher rent whereas Granada, Valencia, and others are less expensive. The following are some tips to help you with significant cost-savings during your stay in Spain-  

1. Avoid living in expensive cities or localities: 

There are more than 76 universities in Spain and various language schools. You can enroll in programs situated in less expensive cities to save money.  

2. Apply for a scholarship to save tuition fees:  

Living expenses in Spain are already high for an international student from a country such as India, so why pay extra if you can sign up for scholarships. Apply for scholarships based on their eligibility criteria. They don’t just cover your tuition fee but also cover your living cost.  

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3. Get part-time jobs:  

If you have a student work visa, you can work for 20 hours/week. This way, you will earn money, enjoy a better lifestyle, and learn new language skills while building a better network.  

4. Buy second-hand books and furniture: 

One of the major areas where you can save a lot of money is buying second-hand furniture or books. After completing your studies and moving, you can resell it. You can do the same with clothes. Buying an entirely new product will cost you a lot.  

5. Live in a shared apartment:  

It is one of the best methods of sharing money. Renting an apartment on your own can cost a lot of money, whereas sharing an apartment will help you save as everything will be split between you and the other person.  

6. Ask for a student discount: 

Being a student has its perks. You may ask for a student discount wherever you go. You can get heavy discounts from restaurants to malls, retail stores, and technical products just by showing your student identification card. 

 7. Take good care of your belongings: 

Living in a new country or a city on your own and especially on a budget, you will have to understand that looking after your belongings is of utmost importance. Try to restore things and use them to their full potential rather than throwing them away just after one use.  

8. Save heavily on your utility bills:  

If you are not mindful, you might spend a load of your money on paying bills. Limit your phone use, switch off the electricity when not in use. Check whether you have to pay for the water you are using and keep a check on its use too.  

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What is the monthly cost of living in Spain?

To live comfortably in Spain as an international student, you will need around INR 70,000 to INR 85,000 per month. It means that the cost of living in Spain is lower than in other European countries.

How expensive is rent in Spain?

There are various options available in terms of accommodation in Spain and the rent varies accordingly. You may have to pay around INR 35,000 to INR 65,000, depending on where you choose to live. Residence halls and PG are the most inexpensive options for international students in Spain.

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