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Student Visa for Norway: How to Apply

Updated on 21 November, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

Are you dreaming about studying abroad in a land of breathtaking views, cultural heritage, and Nordic wonders? One option is to pursue higher education in Norway. You can have endless opportunities with your educational degree from a Norwegian university. But before you decide on a university, it is important to understand the student visa for Norway process. You can check everything in this comprehensive guide, from the documents required to the application process.

Student Visa for Norway - Necessary Documentation

Every international student, except those from countries like Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland, needs a student visa to study in Norway. Before starting your Norway study visa (or a study permit) process, you must have the university’s acceptance letter. Below are the Norway study visa requirements for Indian students:


You must attach your passport with copies of the used pages.

Student Visa Application Form

Before applying for the Norway student visa, you must complete the online application at the immigration directorate website. Once done, you must print out the Norway student visa application form.


Two passport-size photographs should be attached on white background.

Letter of Admission

The university acceptance letter should be submitted for the process. The letter should include your name, course name, level of study, and course duration.

Financial Proof

One of the Norway study visa requirements is to show enough funds to stay and sustain in the country. This will include the following:

  • Proof that you received funds or grants from the state education loan fund.
  • A Norway bank account statement showing funds. It can be opened by yourself, or the university can do it on your behalf.
  • A Norway part-time work contract stating the salary, work profile, and job duration.

As per official guidelines, you should be able to show at least  NOK 12 537 per month or NOK 137 907 per year for the living expenses for the entire academic year.  Those going to Norway for only a semester have to show NOK 62 685 for the autumn semester and NOK 75 222 for the spring semester.  This money can be demonstrated via student loans, grants, or your own funds in a Norwegian bank account. If you have already been offered a part-time job in Norway, the income from this work may be included towards these living expenses. 

Tuition Payment Proof

The tuition is separate from the money you need to stay in Norway. You can either show that you have paid the university fee by disclosing the receipts or proof you have enough money to pay the tuition fee.

Accommodation Proof

When applying for a student visa for Norway, ensure you also disclose where you will stay. It can be either:

  • A rental accommodation lease agreement
  • University accommodation is mentioned on the admission letter

Resident Proof

If you apply from a place or country which is not your home country, you must show proof that you can legally stay in that country.  

Minor Applicant Proof

For all students who are between 15 and 18 years are considered minors, they will need to submit the following documents:

  • Date of Birth Certificate
  • Norwegian universities need a Consent Application for a residence permit for children/minors to study in Norway, available on their UDI website. Your parents or guardians will have to fill out the form. They can also write a signed statement consenting to your stay and study in Norway.
  • Parent’s or guardian’s passport copies.
  • If your parents are separated & you have single-parent custody, a public authority confirming the same needs to be submitted.
  • Death certificate in case any one parent is no more.

Student Visa for Norway from India - Application Procedure

You must follow the below steps when applying for a visa from your country:

  1. First, you should gather all the documents mentioned above for your visa.
  2. Secondly, complete the online application form at the Directorate of Immigration website.
  3. You must pay the visa fee.
  4. Post paying the fee, make an appointment at the nearest Visa Application Center or Norwegian Embassy in India.
  5. Give your documents for visa application purposes.
  6. The Embassy will forward your documents to the Directorate of Immigration office in Norway.
  7. The application process will start, and you will be notified of the approval or rejection.

Norway Study Visa Fees - Applicable Costs

All international students applying for the Norway study visa should pay a fee. The Norway student visa cost is NOK 4900, equivalent to INR 37785. All minor applications can apply for a student visa without any charges.

You must pay the fee online to the Directorate of Immigration website while submitting the application form. The fee can be paid via credit or debit card. If unable to pay, you can pay at the Embassy during application submission time.

Norway Student Visa Processing Time

The Norway student visa processing time depends on the student’s application. Generally, it may take up to 15 calendar days after submitting the documents. But in some cases, it may take up to 45 calendar days.

Norway Student Visa - Where Should You Apply?

You can apply through the Norwegian Embassy in your home country.


Norway is a great study-abroad option for international students. Many excellent universities offer courses and special international-level education to international students. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get a study visa for Norway?

Applying for a study visa for Norway is very easy and simple. You need to gather all the documents mentioned in the article, fill out the online form and make an appointment at the Norwegian Embassy for document submission.

How much money will a student need for a Norway study visa?

You must pay NOK 4900, equivalent to INR 37785, as a student visa fee for Norway. All minor applications can apply for a student visa without any charges.

Do Norwegian universities accept Indian students?

Yes, Indian students are welcome to study in Norwegian universities. After getting the admission letter to stay and study in Norway, they will need to apply for a study visa.

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

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