Why Study in France?

why study in france

Reputed universities, rich culture, a flexible education system, and attractive post-study work opportunities make France one of the leading study abroad destinations. Employment-focused graduate programs and degrees such as Law, MBA, MS, and various others are the reason behind the growing number of Indian students in France. But studying abroad requires sorting out things like visas, scholarships, finances, and many others. Thus, studying in France for Indian students requires learning about the top universities, jobs offered, and available scholarships. Let us know about all of these in this blog. 

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Why study in France from India? 

● Universities in France offer various popular specializations like MS, MBA, MSc, Law, and Engineering. The scope for law, information technology, and engineering courses in France are high, and graduating from a French university is considered a matter of repute. 

● The French government offers partial and full funding opportunities for Indian students enrolled in postgraduate programs. The scholarships can be availed based on need and merit. There are 100% scholarship programs that fund the entire tuition fee and some financial aid to support living costs. 

● Indian students prefer France for postgraduate degrees for the amazing university life there. Students are involved in various conferences, lectures, outdoor activities, internships, and creative activities.

● The number of international students traveling to France for higher education increases every year. It is simply because French universities are some of the top-ranked ones worldwide. 

● France is a culturally diverse country. The French government spends over 6% of its GDP on education, making it a popular choice for Indian students.

● France is a safe country. There is no significant crime rate, and ragging cases on the campus are also negligible. 

● Research and development hold an important place in the French education system. Thus, STEM courses in the country are popular among international students. 

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Available Courses for Indian students to study in France

Indian students prefer to study in France after graduation for some of the most sought-after postgraduate degrees. Students from varied backgrounds and specializations can find an appropriate postgraduate course there. After graduation, some of the most popular PG courses are law, management, information technology, MS, engineering, and finance-oriented programs. 

Listed below are some of the available courses for Indian students to study in France:

Masters in Business Administration (MBA):

MBA is a popular career option among aspirants from all educational backgrounds. Although most French B-schools prefer students with prior job experience, certain institutions provide admission based on merit and entrance test scores. French universities offer two types of MBA programs: a general MBA or a specialized MBA (Finance, HR, Marketing and others). An MBA in France usually spans 24 months and is a full-time course. Various scholarship programs are offered to MBA students like The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program and INSEAD MBA Scholarships. After completing an MBA course in France, career prospects are endless with some top multinational brands and high-salaried jobs. 

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Prospects after engineering in French universities are plenty. Master’s in engineering can be done in computer science, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering. A PG in engineering course is a full-time 24-month-long program, wherein the final year is devoted to research and internship. 

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Master of Science (MS):

Master of Science is a postgraduate degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and is one of the most popular study options. It is a two-year program. There are countless opportunities for studying MS in France as the country offers numerous specializations at affordable tuition costs. Moreover, research and development prospects in France are too many and highly regarded. Some of France’s most popular specializations under a master’s in science are architecture, international business, computer science, engineering, human resource, artificial intelligence, data science, and finance. 

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Law graduates with an LLB degree from a recognized university or institution can pursue LLM from a reputed French university. Indian students often prefer studying law at French universities with promising employment opportunities. It is a 24-month-long course, wherein the final year is devoted to legal practice and internship training.

Cost of study in France for Indian students: 

French higher education is affordable compared to another study abroad destinations in Europe. The average tuition fee for postgraduate students in France ranges between 2.5 lakhs to 12 lakhs per year, with an average of 7.5 lakhs in one year. There are both private and state-funded universities. The latter is more affordable in comparison to privately-owned universities. Meritorious Indian students can try for a 100% waiver on the tuition fee with the help of fully funded scholarship programs. The cost, however, varies depending upon the type of specialization, program, and university. 

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France education system: 

French universities consist of 2.5 million students. Out of the total, 12% are from abroad. There are over 3,500 private and public institutes for degrees/diplomas in France. Public universities are relatively affordable in comparison to privately-owned universities. The universities and the colleges in France offer undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral programs, diploma, and applied science programs to international students. There are various diploma, applied science, and certification courses offered as well, and they usually span one to two years. 

The session begins in September or October. The language of instruction is both English and French. International students opting for English language courses will need to prove English language proficiency through tests like IELTS and TOEFL. The French education system is one of the best-ranked worldwide, with some of the most prestigious universities. There are classroom, distance, and online courses available for international students.

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Student visa for France from India: 

Indian students can study in France only when they have a valid student visa granted by the French government. One needs a long-stay visa, VLS-TS, if you are opting for a study program, 

After receiving acceptance from a French university, Indian students are eligible for a student visa. To apply for a visa, students need to get in touch with the French consulate in their home country and submit the required documents such as an acceptance letter by a French university, proof of financial funds, a return ticket to their home country and proof of accommodation in France among others. 

It is recommended that Indian students start the application process immediately after receiving the application from a French university because the visa application process takes around 20 to 25 working days.

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Scholarship to study in France for Indian students: 

Based on the merit and test scores, the scholarship programs are availed by Indian students. Full scholarship programs enable a 100% waiver on the tuition fee and financial aid to manage living costs. Some of the notable scholarship programs for Indian students to study in France are listed below -: 

● Charpak Scholarship

● Raman-Charpak Fellowship


● EIT International Excellence Scholarship 

● Technical Fellowship-UICC

● The Erasmus Scholarship

● The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant

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Requirements to study in France: 

● Documents like academic transcripts, funding statements and proof, certificates and internships, statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, admission form, application fee, passport, and passport size photographs are required.

● Indian students taking admission in postgraduate courses in French universities need to have a UG degree in the relevant field from a recognized board with a minimum of 70% of marks. There should not be any study gap till graduation.

● Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an important academic requirement that Indian students must fulfil. It is a formal document wherein the aspirants need to state why they choose France, French universities, and a particular course. An SOP is a unique document wherein the student needs to discuss his career goals and achievements.

● Students need to take English language proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS. 

● Two-three letters of recommendation (LOR) are needed with the application.

● To take admission in management, science, information technology, and engineering courses, students need to attempt GRE and GMAT examinations. 

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Documents required for Indian students to study in France: 

● Academic transcripts

● National Identity proof

● Passport

● Statement of Purpose

● Letter of Recommendation

● Test scores

● Application fees acknowledge slip

● Financial proof

● Scholarship documents

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Best cities for Indian students to study in France: 

The top five best cities for Indian students to study in France are Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Bordeaux, and Lille. 


Université PSL, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Université Paris-Saclay and Sorbonne University in Paris have been rated among the top 100 universities globally, according to QS World University Rankings 2022. Additionally, the city offers the best travel and food experiences. 


The third-largest city in France, Lyon, is better known as the gastronomy capital of France. The city is also deemed the business capital and attracts aspirants who wish to be bankers and chefs. 


Located in the southern-eastern part of France, the city offers a beautiful view of the French Alps. According to Forbes, the city has been ranked fifth in the list of the Most Innovative Cities. 


The world’s wine industry capital has become increasingly popular among international students. A few reasons for the popularity include a warm welcome with the Grande Festival De Rentree in September and the ease and quality of transport here. 


It has been named the second university city of France after Paris and is a paradise for technology enthusiasts. The city’s well-connected travel network allows travel to Brussels, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and more. 

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Job opportunities in France: 

A post-study work visa in France for Indian students is important if they wish to start their careers in the country. Below are the most sought-after job opportunities in France: 

● Computer Software Designer 

● Data Scientist

● Mechanical Engineer

● Computer Operators

● IT Consultant

● Data Mining

● Computer System Specialist Supervisor

● Program Manager

● Data Analyst

● Quality Assurance Analyst

● Production Manager

● Project Manager

● Software Engineer

● Program Analyst

● Research Analyst

● Full-stack Developer

● Web Designer

● Database Manager

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Study in France for Indian Students: FAQs

Is France good for Indian students?

Yes, France is a good study destination for Indian students. France is a country with distinguished cities ideal for Indian students. Additionally, scholarship programs offer partial and full funding opportunities to Indian students based on need and merit. Indian students prefer studying in France due to relatively low tuition costs. International students in France can get employed under part-time opportunities while studying to manage the cost of living.

Is it easy to get jobs in France?

Part-time working opportunities are available for international students in France. International students can fund their education and living expenses with part-time jobs. France is a stable country with one of the world’s biggest economies. The country boasts the world’s sixth strongest economy, and in Europe, it is the third-largest. It offers endless and significant employment opportunities with a developed job market that offers the best salaries in the industry.

Does France offer free education to Indian students?

Yes, some scholarship programs help Indian students get free education. The French education system is affordable in comparison to other European study destinations. Apart from the low tuition cost, French universities and the French government provide full funding and partial financial aid programs in the form of scholarships to meritorious and needy students.

Is France expensive for Indian students?

France is affordable for Indian students in comparison to other European countries. The fee structure in France is manageable, and scholarship programs make it affordable for Indian students. The living cost depends upon the location and city that the Indian students prefer. Additionally, cities like Bordeaux enable easy and quality transport to students.

How can Indian students get PR in France?

Indian students can be eligible for permanent residency (PR) in France after completing their master’s from a recognized French university. After completing the course, students need to apply for an APS visa. This visa allows you to stay in France for an extended 24 months. Students need to have a job offer, and only then a permanent residency will be granted. Indian students need to stay in France for a minimum of five years before applying for permanent residence.

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