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Part Time Job Opportunities in Switzerland for Indian Students

Updated on 02 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Being an expensive country to live in, part-time jobs in Switzerland become necessary for students to budget their living costs. If you are thinking of studying in Switzerland, a key highlight to note is that international students are allowed to take up part-time work in the country. However, getting part-time jobs for students in Switzerland has some rules and restrictions, and it is crucial to know what these are. 

Rules for Getting Part-Time Jobs in Switzerland

There is no work restriction for working part-time for the students belonging to EU/EFTA countries. Students having residence permits from countries like France, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland face no restrictions in finding part-time jobs in Switzerland. However, if you do not come from any of these countries, then there are some guidelines you need to follow to get part-time work.

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To get a part-time job in Switzerland, it is always recommended to learn at least one of the languages that are widely spoken in the country, including German, French, and Italian, so you can communicate efficiently with peers and colleagues.

15 hours per week rule

If you are not from one of the EU/EFTA countries, you are allowed to work only up to 15 hours per week during a semester. However, during the holidays, you can do full-time work. As per rule, this must be reported in all cases to the responsible immigration authorities. 

6 months residence rule

As an international student, you must have lived in Switzerland for at least six months before finding work as a student, as immigrants on student visas are not allowed to work in the country before 6 months of their stay. 

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How to Find a Part-Time Job in Switzerland?

Despite its restrictions regarding immigration policies to work, finding part-time jobs in Switzerland for Indian students (or any international student) is not that difficult if you choose to be determined. Here are some guidelines for finding part-time work in Switzerland:

1. Via the Internet

Generally, students in Switzerland find part-time work through career and employment websites. Social media is also good support in finding work opportunities for international students. You can also use the various job sites, including – job.ch, JobScout24, Indeed, etc.

2. Via University

Often work opportunities in Switzerland come through your networks. Professors and fellow students at the university are of great help in finding part-time jobs. Some universities also facilitate their students with job searches via job boards. University campuses in Switzerland also have work opportunities on the campus itself, including at libraries or gyms. 

3. Via Recruitment centers

Switzerland has several private organizations to facilitate job searches that strive to help Switzerland’s rich industrial landscape find worthwhile and efficient young talent. Reaching out to such agencies can be a good start. You can visit them online or offline, and they will help you find the right opportunity that matches your restrictions and skills at the same time and boosts your growth.

Eligibility Criteria for Part-Time Jobs in Switzerland

To get part-time jobs in Switzerland, students need to fulfil certain eligibility criteria. The students can apply for on and off-campus jobs after meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  • The candidate must have a valid study visa and a residence permit for Switzerland. 
  • The candidate must have lived in Switzerland for a period of at least six months. 
  • The employer must apply for a work permit at the cantonal Officer for Economy and Labor.
  • The working hours for part-time jobs should not exceed 15 hours per week, per semester. 

Types of Part-Time Jobs in Switzerland with Minimum Wages

Switzerland has no official rules for minimum wage. However, the average minimum wage is around 23 CHF per hour. The law in Switzerland incorporates clauses on minimum allowance for workers that depend on the skills and expertise of the worker. Currently, the wages lie between CHF 2,200–4,200 a month for freshers and CHF 2,800–5,300 for experienced and skilled workers. 

Here’s the following list of some of the best part-time jobs in Switzerland for students one can find while attending university.

1. Campus Tour Guide

As mentioned, the universities in Switzerland also provide ample opportunities to work part-time on-campus only. A campus tour guide is one of them. You are expected to offer a joyful visit experience to future students and their families in this job. To become a tour guide, you need to possess strong communication skills.

2 Call Centre Agent

International students find this job excellent to support themselves financially while attending a university in Switzerland as it meets their work time per week rules.

3. English language tutors 

This is a prominent part-time job in Switzerland for English speakers as they can take up tutoring kids. 

4 Freelance worker

The popularity of working freelance is growing, and Switzerland is no different. Students in Switzerland can take up content-writing jobs if they have the writing skills, become part-time social media managers, or take up any other flexible roles. 

Apart from these, some other typical part-time jobs in Switzerland for students are a waiter at a restaurant or as housekeeping staff in hotels, delivery partner, and part-time security guard, to name a few.

How Much Do Part-Time Jobs in Switzerland Pay?

For those looking for a part-time job, should expect about 20-26 CHF per hour for several part-time jobs in Switzerland, which amounts to about 2,200 – 2,800 CAF per month. Here are some of the job and the average pay per hour that you can take:

Job FieldAverage pay per hour
Teaching Assistant24 CHF
Library Assistant22 CHF
Private Tutor21 CHF
Housekeeper18 CHF
Tourist Guide20 CHF

Benefits of Part-Time Jobs in Switzerland

For those opting for part-time work in Switzerland, knowing how it can benefit them during their tenure in the country will be very helpful. Here are some benefits of part-time jobs in Switzerland that international students must know while working in the country.

Cover cost: 

The most significant advantage of working part-time in Switzerland is it helps add a source of income and bear the expenses. As an international student, you will already be bearing a high cost, but the income generated through part-time work opportunities will help you manage your finances and develop responsible habits. 

Work experience: 

Whether you opt for a paid or unpaid job, it will ultimately add meaning to your resume and offer you some exposure to a professional setup.  

Skill enhancement: 

Your education, course, and curriculum are important; however, working part-time in a professional environment will add value to your skill set and offer you better exposure.

Taxes Applicable for International Students

International students are liale to  pay taxes in Switzerland. For students with L permit or B permit and not working, they will be required to pay residency tax. The taxes are applicable on the income the students earn. The employers calculate and deduct the tax themselves. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are part-time jobs available while studying in Switzerland?

Yes. Part-time jobs in Switzerland are available while studying. However, before applying for part-time jobs, it’s better to have an overview of your syllabus, as you must have a perfect balance between your studies and work.

Is it easy to get a part-time job in Switzerland?

Not easy, but it’s not that difficult to find a part-time job in Switzerland for students. Students with good networking skills and the right approach often find work opportunities easily.




Do fresher get jobs in Switzerland?

Yes, freshers can get the job in Switzerland, but you need to be an active learner and meet the job requirement criteria.

In Switzerland, how much can a student make working part-time?

Switzerland has no official rules for minimum wage; however, the average minimum wage is around 23 CHF per hour.

Can I cover my study expenses and living expenses through part-time jobs in Switzerland?

You may not be able to cover 100% of your education and living costs through part-time employment. But can very well manage the expenses with some side income. Working an hour pays you at least 23 CHF collectively high per month, and you can easily cover many of your expenses.

How many hours can an international student work in Switzerland?

An International student is allowed to work part time for 15 hours per week and full time during holidays.

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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